Seeking Dev Ops / Historian Admin within the US

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Seeq Corporation
Anywhere in US
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Project description:
This project is archived and not active any more.
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Seeq is a data analytics startup. What makes us different is that we’re going after a big market that’s often overlooked by tech companies: industrial process data. Think pharmaceutical manufacturers, wind farms, and energy companies with tons of equipment and sensors. We’re applying a unique mix of technologies and a deep understanding of the problems faced by these industries to build and refine a product that's a huge leap over existing tools and methodologies.

Our company is 100% remote. You can work anywhere in the US (we're staying in compatible timezones for now). We use a variety of collaboration tools, like Zoom and Slack, which makes us feel like we’re in the same building together. We have a stacked team of kind-hearted, talented engineers that love to collaborate, teach each other new tricks, and build products that far exceed our customers’ expectations.

Seeq needs an information technology rockstar with experience and knowledge of networks, databases and plant historians (OPC experience is a big plus). This position will work closely with the Seeq Analytics Engineering team on installing and configuring Seeq software and historians. Connectivity requires working through network topologies, firewalls, and authentication issues.

Skills & Requirements:

You like to work closely with customers, solve their problems and make them happy.
You are a natural when it comes to troubleshooting network issues, authentication problems, and operating system idiosyncrasies.
You already know or are excited to learn about cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.
You wield command line tools for Bash and Powershell like swords, and you know or are excited to learn about programming languages like Python, Java, and Javascript.
Experience with or excited to learn how to use tools like Wireshark and Fiddler for debugging connections.
You’re disciplined with a high attention to detail. You are constantly finding ways to perfect your craft, be a better teammate, and come up with cool stuff.
You love to learn, and you learn things quickly. You’re usually the one suggesting new technologies and raising the bar for the whole team. You listen really well, and you know how to make your ideas be heard without turning people off.
You have a degree in Computer Science or Engineering.
You are up for traveling periodically to hang out with your colleagues and get some face-to-face time.
You know how to balance life & work, and you don’t want a job that forces you to choose between them.
You want to work with a bunch of really smart people that love working together. And you want to work for a startup with good investors and a bright future.

The ideal candidate would likely have some background in one or more of the following systems:

OPC Historical Data Access
OSIsoft PI Data Archive, Wonderware, GE Proficy
Inductive Ignition

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