Programmer php - javascript - mysql

Job type:
remote work
flag_no India

Project description:
This project is archived and not active any more.
You will find vacant projects in our project database.
We are looking for developers with extensive experience in php javascript html css sql at least I repeat ... with years of experience, I say this because your knowledge will be measured in an access test that we clearly know if you have experience in pure php and without a framework.

The position is as a remote freelance senior programmer, working exclusively for our company.

The person must have an internet connection and a computer to program.

Knowledge about other topics related to plugin, apis, data migrations is valued ......

The salary should be set by you and it should be a salary per month worked and in US dollars.

If you are interested in the position you should send us your CV, explaining projects and experience about these languages.

The project is indefinite in time, we have been developing for 15 months now and it will be more of the same ... It is not just a tool and the collaboration is closed, it is a continuous work ... And the way to work that we have to date, is for vpn against our server .....

You would have a senior programmer that would facilitate the use cases that must develop with all the necessary guidelines and that you should be developing with the guidelines / rules to define that senior ...... Daily at the end of the senior review the work and assess its content ........

We are looking for staff all over the world, but mainly countries such as Venezuela, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Colombia , Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, ......

Because we demand great mastery of Spanish to have a good communication between the remote programmer and the one in our headquarters.