Embedded Linux Software Eng for Ethernet/PTP/NTP Product

California, Sunnyvale


We have a product that is in development but had to divert some resources to other projects. The product is using an embedded MPU based on the Arm Cortex-A5 processor from Microchip using Linux distribution package provided by Microchip. It interfaces with an FPGA which is used for specialized functions along with an Ethernet switch/phy from Microchip. The switch is used in order to provide the MPU network port access (2 ports) along with providing the PHY PTP timestamping and VLAN for different application services such as PTP, NTP and management. The system is using embedded Linux and the software development environment is using GitHub as its repository. The NTP is using open-source Chrony and the system can either be a server or client.

Looking for a software engineer who would develop the VLAN capability / configuration for all services using the Ethernet switch along with developing the CLI for configuration and status. There are potentially other development tasks as although the NTP and PTP (which used open source ptp4l) the configuration, status, configuration options and cli have not been fully developed.

The development can be done remotely either by setting up remote access to lab setup with the product accessible and other network elements needed to test and verify. In addition, the product could be provided for local development efforts.
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3 months
Luminous Cyber
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Philip Kruzinski
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