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We are a distributed design/build/operate agency with broad and deep experience: frog design, innovative iPad apps pre-loaded in the Apple retail store, a groundbreaking HTML5/hybrid mobile group management system, stealth mode health care startups, numerous scaled web applications, and so on. 

We are working on a project with a well known media company (OK, a really well known one, like globally known, one with three capital letters) and are looking for someone with some serious mobile dev chops, someone who can integrate a mobile app with a highly scalable back-end. This is an opportunity to bring something really exciting to life, a media forward app with strong interactive and streaming components. This is a chance to work on something pretty groundbreaking, and we’re really excited by it! 

We are committed to doing the job right, which means providing great tools and guidance, and giving you all the rope you need to do your job without checking in every ten minutes (i.e. lots of rope, but not enough to hang yourself). We use a lightweight but structured development methodology and have QA baked into every project from the get-go.

You are a highly experienced iOS developer who can create deeply polished apps that conform to design documents. You love thinking about the interactions and making things butter smooth. You like working with other developers and have integrated into complex back ends before. Game experience would be awesome, as would experience with streaming media.

This is what we would like to see from you: something freaking amazing.  

This is the obligatory bulleted list:

  • Demoable iOS apps in the App store
  • High comfort level working with distributed teams
  • Daily sit-downs (or stand up, your choice) on Google Hangout
  • A GitHub account with code we can review
  • Willingness to take a quick iOS dev test

Footnote: We’re always looking for that hook to get you to read to the bottom, and we’re sort of run out of ninja/rockstar/badass synonyms. Smurfs are blue and they get stuff done. We don’t what color you are, but getting stuff done is definitely part of the job description.