Customer Service Manager - ICT Service Delivery consultant

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3 months
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Customer Service Manager - Service Delivery Manager


Within Customer Operations for professional customers (COP EIS), the service management teams ensure "best in class" Service Management while achieving high customer satisfaction.

In order to reinforce our team, we are looking for a (m/f): Customer Service Manager (function code : ICT Service Delivery Consultant).

You ensure "best in class" Service Management while achieving high customer satisfaction:

Act as single tactical point of contact during the operational life cycle of a project; ensure an efficient relationship between the customer and the different departments that are involved in the delivery of the services.
Coordinate the delivery of the solutions to the customer, via regular review meetings with the customer and the internal organization.
On the basis of the agreed SLA with the customer and analysis of the reports, the CSM will ensure that the services are delivered as contractual agreed. If necessary the CSM will start corrective action plans to respect the SLA and continuous improve our services.
Timely treat the questions of the customer according to the conditions of the contract and conform the change management processes

Required Profile and skills

Drive for results:
oDelivers results consistently and on time.
oDemonstrates persistence and determination to take on and finish tasks and stay effective over extended periods of time.
oIs always motivated and positive - speaks in terms of 'solutions' rather than in terms of 'problems'.
oTakes E-2-E ownership of his/her work.
oIntegrity and trust
oIs trusted by a wide range of people in the organisation at different levels and in various departments.
oShows consistency in his/her behaviour.
oCan be counted on to stick to his/her promises, obligations and beliefs
oMotivating each other
oSeeks for solutions that are in the interest of all involved parties, is able to create a win/win situation.
oIs a good communicator, manages to settle problems with diplomacy.
oIs not afraid of giving honest and constructive feedback.
oEnergizes the other with his/her positive attitude
oCustomer focus
oHas good knowledge of customer's needs through active listening and dialogue.
oDelivers services and goods in time; is timely in responding to requests and customer calls.
oStays broadly informed on market needs through networking with his/her customers.
oCreates an atmosphere of accessibility; gives the impression of always being available for the customer
oIs trusted by his/her customers.
oActs and reacts based on the customer's point of view and not his own.
oIs good at systematically challenging traditional thinking in constructive manners.
oRespects and challenges other's ideas in a constructive manner

Industrial engineer, or equivalent by experience