The freelancer survey 2017 results are in!


At freelancermap, we have the wonderful opportunity to connect with freelancers around the globe every single day, providing them and employers with the opportunity to collaborate on projects and sharing our best freelancing tips and tricks with you all along the way

Last year we conducted our first ever freelancer survey, and now, the results for the second round of the freelancermap survey are in! We asked the freelancing community over 40 questions about their lifestyle, with the aim of getting to know this enormous network better and to further help our freelancers in the future.

After months of promoting the survey across social media and our network, a huge 1,386 of you responded to our questions, ranging from your average salary rates to your typical working hours, and now we’ve collated the results for you all to see.

However, along with the high working hours, the majority of freelancers are also earning a very attractive hourly rate, with the average hourly rate at $78.89. We can also tell you that out of all IT industries, the highest earners are freelancers in consulting and management roles, with SAP freelancers coming in a close second.

Want to find out how the rates change depending on age, location, experience or background? Then download our PDF to check out the complete study!

Non-members have access to a short version of the study. If you are a blogger, a journalist and need the full study or any graphic material, please get in touch to

Enjoy the reading!