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Ángel Cervera Claudio

Senior Software Developer

Profileimage by ngel CerveraClaudio Senior Software Developer from Midleton
  • P25DX45 Midleton Freelancer in Ireland
  • Graduation: Technical Engineer Bachelor Degree (4 years) in Computer Systems / Extremadura University.
  • Hourly-/Daily rates: 100.00 €/hour 650.00 €/day
    Depends project location duration and tech stack
  • Languages: English (business fluent) | Spanish (first language)
  • Last update: 19.09.2017
Profileimage by ngel CerveraClaudio Senior Software Developer from Midleton
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Personal profile

I’m passionate about new technologies, since my very first contact with my Spectrum 64k and her BASIC tutorial.

I’m a Java Expert and a Senior GIS developer. Since 1998, I have worked on more than 50 large scale projects, mainly all in Java and related technologies.

No one is more of a Java / JavaEE evangelist and advocate than me.

Recently, I have been in technical positions as senior software developer and tech lead, sometimes shared with team manager, software architect and project manager responsibilities.

I’m looking for challenges in large projects for big companies and visionary startups. I bring to every project agile methodologies and desire to be with a great team.

My motto is that good software is only possible with happy developers in a great work environment.
Skills summary

Expert (All that can be) in Java EE stack and Java technologies, as well as rich experience in Unix/Linux environments and databases.

Experience in Test Driven Development (TDD).

Great experience in integrations with external platforms.

Listed below, a resume about the principal technologies used for me in different projects:

JavaEE stack (Java / JPA / JAXRS / EJB / Jsp / Servlets / etc)
GIS: Postgis / PGRounting / OpenLayers / Leaflet / Geotools / GeoServer
TDD and testing: TestNG / Junit / Selenium / Qunit
CI and build tools: ant / maven / Jenkins / Hudson / Continuum
SQL Database: Oracle / MySQL / Postgresql
NoSQL Database: Cassandra / Elastic Search / Hstore / Infinispan / BigMemoryGo / Trove / BerkeleyDB / Tinkerpop stack / Titan / OrientDB / Neo4J
BigData: Hadoop ecosystem
Other Java related: Apache commons libraries / J2ME / Threads / JDBC / Applets / Swing / XML / XML-RPC / Struts / Spring (spring-code, spring-security, spring-dao, spring-mock, etc.) / JavaMail / EJBs / JDO / Ibatis / Java WebStart / Web Services / jasperReports / Eclipse BIRT / Hibernate / etc...
Front end: JavaScript Client, Jquery, dustjs, bootstrap / XHTML 5 / HTML 5 / CSS 3
Application servers: Glassfish / Jboss / Tomcat / WebSphere / WebLogic / iPlanet / OC4J
Integration with OAUTH 2.0, LDAP, Amazon, social networks, privates security systems, digital payment systems (4B, Servired, Paypal, etc) etc.
Portals: SimplexPortal
Operating System: Unix / Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Gentoo, etc)
Other languages: Scala / C / C++ / JavaScript Server / Nodejs

Experience in team management and interaction with people, with customers, suppliers and employees.
Key achievements

My more meritorious project has been my own startup project: www.simplexportal.com/en/index.html, a CMS / ecommerce SAAS platform developed from the scratch, where I demonstrate that usability and simplicity are compatible with flexibility, powerful and performance, and It\'s possible using standard technologies.

In last years, my key achievements have been develop large cost software for startup projects with very low resources and in short time, using technologies considered expensive, like GIS frameworks / platforms and JavaEE, using opensource tools and frameworks.

In 2001 I was the Java tech lead in the first enterprise project base in Java/J2EE in an important bank company (Santander Bank). My share in this project was recompensed with a 2 year contract in this company as Java tech lead in one of the more important departments (The Treasury Department).



And also OpenSource projects:


Other connections:
skype: angelcervera
google + : angelcervera@silyan.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/angelcervera/
Professional web site: http://www.acervera.com


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