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Angus Pratt, Drupal Implementer from Surrey

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Angus Pratt

Drupal Implementer

Surrey Freelancer in Canada

partly available
Hourly-/Daily rates: 85.00 $/hour 850.00 $/day
Last update: 04.06.2015 00:07

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Language skills
English (first language)French (basic knowledge)Spanish (good)

Abilities, knowledge, experiences of Angus Pratt

At Pratt Web Services, we build business websites that are powered by the Drupal content management system. Utilize the value of working with an experienced Drupal implementer who is passionate, professional and focused on your web success.

A passionate member of the Drupal community, I have made presentations on various aspects of Drupal upgrading and implementation locally and regionally. I have contributed to Core for Drupal 8.

I have built Drupal sites for colleges, training schools, small online businesses, as well as numerous other projects. I currently manage 17 Drupal sites including regular upgrades and hosting.

References of Angus Pratt

Direct Sports - Brad German -
An online Golf and logo-ed products store built with Drupal commerce.
Purcell Mountain Lodge - Sunny Sun -
One of my oldest clients (15 years) - I recently rebuilt the site to be responsive.
Blusynthetic.com - Pietro Passarelli -
A product information site for specialized engine lubricants in the process of being rebuilt.

Location flexibility of Angus Pratt

The majority of my business is conducted remotely with a few clients who are local to Vancouver.