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Thomas Boor


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Thomas Boor UNIX-Systemprogrammierung

Company: Thomas Boor UNIX-Systemprogrammierung
Graduation: Elektrotechnik (FH)
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Languages: German (Native or Bilingual) | English (Full Professional)




Curriculum Vitae

name: Thomas Boor

born: 08.08.1959

education: electrical engineering studies
education as business programmer

it experience since: 1988

design methods: Objectoriented analysis & design with UML a.o.
Structured Analysis and Design with ISOTEC,
Databasedesign (ER-Modelling)

hardware: IBM DataBlades, Sun Fire, Sun Netra,
SNI RM- & MX-Series,
IBM RS/6000-SP2, SUN SPARCstation10/20

operating systems: AIX (up to 6.3), Sun-Solaris 10, Linux (Ubuntu 10.04),
SINIX SVR4 (up to Rel. V.4.3),
UNIX SVR3, DG-UX 5.4, SCO-UNIX 3.2, SunOs 5.4,

programming languages: C++, C, Python 2.6, Java 1.7, php, Cobol

Protocols: SIP, SDP, RTP, RTCP, Radius, SNMP, http, Soap

networking: TCP/IP, BSD-Sockets, ONC-RPCs, RMI/JNDI, CMX

database-systems: DB2, Informix Online up to 10.0, Oracle 7.3, Postgres, mySQL, ddb4, CICS, VSAM, MS-SQLServer, MS-Access

development tools: Eclipse-SDK, Sun-Forte-IDE, Together, Rational Rose, dia
(UML-Tool) SNiFF+/Emacs, div. UNIX-Shells & tools, idle

publications: PolarPlot - Plotten von Funktionen in Polarkoordinaten
mit Sharp PC-1500/CE-150
Würzburg, 1987 (Vogel-Verlag, NE: T.Eikenkötter)

vi-Referenzhandbuch -
Das Lehr- und Nachschlagewerk zum UNIX-Standardeditor
München, 1996 (Verlag Prentice Hall, NE: Hutter/Pribas)


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Testsuite to prove and measure RTP-Connections over Media-Gateways
Writing of a toolset, that proves the availability of such a RTP-Connection (with D/A – and A/D-Conversion) and that measures runtime, latency and usage of jitter-buffers.
Duration: 3 Weeks (09/2012)
Operating systems: Linux
Hardware: Standard-PCs
Programming language: perl
Versioning: cvs

Rewrite of a LDAP-Client with authorization module
Rewrite with new authorization module, Test against a open-ldap server with private and global dictionary.
Duration: 2 Wochen (08/2012)
Operating systems: Linux
Hardware: Standard-PCs
Programming language: C++
Versioning: git

Writing of a function-set to reduce rsp. to expand SIP-History-Info to ensure topology-hiding
Reducing of History-Info to forwarding-related information to the targeted principal, excluding forking- and simring-informations regarding targetetd or other users.
Duration: 2 Months (07/2012- 08/2012)
Operating systems: AIX, Linux
Hardware: IBM blades, Standard-PCs
Programming language: C++
Versioning: git

Design and implementierung of a SIP-SUBSCRIBE-Servers in python to do cyclic notifications of MIB-Counters via SIP-NOTIFY
Subscribe-Server in python using packets like Zope, Twisted and SipSimple. Retrieving MIB-Counters via snmpbulkwalk. Definition of two Event-Packages to send valid bodies with \'MIB over SIP\'-content.
Duration: 1 Months (06/2012)
Operating systems: AIX, Linux
Hardware: IBM blades, Standard-PCs
Programming language: python
Versioning: git

Design and implementation of a PHP-Framework for easy creation of web-based text-adventures with support for graphics, video-clips and sound.
Framework written in In php, which reads php-stylish configuration files and creates interactive web-applications.
This framework was written as a tool for the students of the university of Darmstadt.
Duration: 1 Month (05/2012)
Operating systems: Windows-7, Linux
Hardware: Standard-PCs
Programming language: php

Planing, Design and implementation of a graphical Supervisor-app for a distributed VoIP-Solution
Design of an android-app according to the MVC-Paradigm(Model-View-Contoller) with
and underlying TransportAbstractionLayer for http and SIP-SUBSCRIBE to receive MIB-based-Information from the distributed system like SIP-Status-Codes, Dialog-States a.o..
Visualization of Live- and History-Data with android-typical-haptic (Finger-Zoom, Slider, long-tabbing-popups) with different Displaymodes (Polygons, Bar- and Piecharts and others) for1 to n Server-Nodes.
Development of: Model- and Transport-Layer.
Duration: 4 Months (01/2012 - 04/2012)
Operating systems: android 3.1, Linux, AIX
Hardware: Motorola XOOM, Linux-Cubes, IBM-Blades
Programming languages: Java 1.7 (app), python 2.6 (Serverside)
Versioning: git
Tools: eclipse (Indigo)

Concept and Implementation of an internal ApplicationServer for a VoIP-System
Development of an internal Application-Servers (AS) to remove, insert or change Sip-Headers according to a given configuration.
(E.g.: insertion of a \'Accept-Language\'-Header acc. to the configuartion of the caller.)
Using RadixTrees to do best matches for number ranges or domains in conf.
Duration: 2 Months (11/2011 - 12/2011)
Operating System: Linux, AIX
Hardware: power6, Linux-Cubes
Programming language: C++
Versioning: git
Tools: asciidoc, oodraw, umbrella, eclipse

Concept of a IMS-conformant SIP-MMTel-AS (Multi-Function AS)
Writing of a concept for a MMTel-Server, to provide multiple application-functions with only on SIP-Call. Adressing of the application-frunctions by meta-service-keys.
Tracking the invocations of the functions for requests and responses by so called chain-objects, respecting the functions needs of invocation (only initial request, initial transaction oder complete dialog).
Duration: 2 Months (09/2011 – 10/2011)
Tools: asciidoc, git, oodraw, umbrella

Writing of lua testscripts for a VoIP-Solution
Development of testscripts to simulate complex scenarios in a VoIP-Platform incl. Forking, Call-Forwarding and Simutaneous Ringing using a C++-coded SipStack providing transactions, dialogs and call-handling.
Duration: 2 Months (07/2011 - 08/2011)
Operating System: Linux
Hardware: Linux-Cubes
Programming language: lua, C++
Versioning: git

IPv6-Support for applications
Introducing of an INET-Adress-Object that manages IPv4 and Ipv6-Adresses.
Testing of extened applications in mixed mode, using applications and clients with
IPv4 and Ipv6-Adresses.
Duration: 1 Month (06/2011)
Operating System: AIX, Linux
Hardware: power6, Linux-Cubes
Programming language: C++, perl
Versioning: git

Design and implementation of an application-supervising tool
tool, to do cyclic
gathering via SNMP MIB-based Informations with formatting tables and substitution of magic OIDs with human readable text
creating diffs between syslog-output to previous ones
Delta-Monitoring of applications memory-management do allow measuring of memory needs of specific operations (indicated by the MIBs) and to detect memory-leaks
Duration: 1 Month (05/2011)
Operating System: AIX, Linux
Hardware: power6, Linux-Cubes
Programming language: python
Versioning: git

Design of a CSTA-Servers as a gateway to a SIP-platform
Softwaredesign (Components, Moduls, Interfaces) of a CSTA-Server to access single SIP-UserAgents (e.g. Phones) from CTI-Clients.
Phone-Setting (Mute, Volume-setting, ...)
Call-Functions (Call, Calltransfer, Hold, ...)
Provisioning (DoNotDisturb, Call-Forwarding, ...)
Component-orientierted architecture with small Interfaces (Facettes)
Role: AD (Architect of development)
Duration: 1 Month (04/2011)
Tools: OpenOffice, git

Design and Implementation of an IMS-Media-Ressource-Function
IMS-conformant MRF to stream audio-/video-Assets, DTMF-detection, RTCP- Detection and proxying of voice data to a Voice Recognition system.
Streaming targets can be single user agents or a collection of those (e.g. to feed a
matrix of video displays).
Mutlipexing of Live-Streams (aquired via RSTP) for IP-TV.
Asset provisioning with a utility developed within this project.
Split of mrf functions acc. to IMS standards into controller and processor layer which
may run in n:m relation.
Acces to this MRF via SIP-INVITE or with a library-function.
Role: AD (Architect of development) with four developers
Duration: 6 Month (10/09 – 03/2011)
Operating System: AIX, Linux
Hardware: power6, Linux-Cubes
Programming language: C++
Versioning: git
IDE/Tools: scons, OpenOffice, asciidoc, doxygen, ClearQuest/Case, gstreamer, vlc

Developement of a graphic tool for the Internet-Domain
Developemnt of a tool to convert still images in jpg-format into different resolutions
with applying (visible) watersigns (indicating cc-sa-licence) and (invisible) steganografic
authentification stamps to proove publishers ownership.
Duration: 1 Month (12/2010)
Operating System: Linux
Hardware: Linux-Desktop
Programming language: C
Versioning: git
IDE/Tools: vi, libjpeg

Design and development of a dynamic Memory-Managements
An existing Media-Resource-Server (MRS) had to be extended by a dynamic memory-management to acess assets partially in a multi-user-environment.
Slice-wise memory-access to read ahead lots of packest at once.
posix_fadvise-calls to animate the Disk-Controller ro prefetch soon needed data into the filecache.
Duration: 2 Months (09/2010 - 10/2010)
Operating system: AIX 6, Linux
Hardware: AIX-Power-PC auf Blade-Center, Linux-Desktop
Programming language(s): C++
Versioning: git
IDE/Tools: vi, scons, gstreamer, vlc, wireshark

Extension of an existing AS to provide Dialog-Susbcriptions on groups
An existing Application-Server, which provided DIALOG-Subscriptions acc. to
RFC-4235 had to be extended to provide DIALOG-Subscriptions on groups of principals.
Definition of groups by new database-tables. Evaluation of group-profiles instead of single principal-profiles to control access on information.
Duration: 2 Months (07/2010 - 08/2010)
Operating system: AIX 6, Linux
Hardware: AIX-Power-PC on Blade-Center, Linux-Desktop
Programming language(s): C++
Versioning: git
IDE/Tools: vi, scons, VoIp-Phones (snom, OpenStage, Grandstream)

Developement of an application to read mifare-classic-RFID cards
Developemnt of a program to acces a Pegoda-Reader via usb and use it to read RFID-Card-Data of mifare-classic-chips. Reader compiled with a MIPS-crosscompiler to run embedded in a FritzBox (internet/wlan router).
On statechange a info html-page is updated and a SOAP-request to a WebApplicationServer is submitted.
Duration: 1 Month (06/2010)
Operating system: Linux
Hardware: Linux-desktop, fritzbox with MIPS-CPU
Programming language(s): C
Versioning: git
IDE/Tools: make

Development of a Back2Back-Useragents to Communicate with an IMS-MRF
To use an IMS (Internet-Multimedia-Subssystem)-conformant
MRF (Media-Resource-Funktion) to play announcements and to collect user-responses (via DTMF or speech) had a minimal b2bua to be created, to seperate the dialogs from the application to the MRF from the dialog held with the caller. This had to be done, as the MRF only can operate with established dialogs, while the communiaction with the caller had to take place in Early-Dialog mode.
Develpoment of a Sip-InviteClient to contact the MRF. Once the SIP-Dialog is establiched, the application controls the MRF via in-dialog INFO Requests with the MRF responding as well using in-Dialog-INFO-Messages.
Early-Media-Simulation within the b2bua
Duration: 1 Month (05/2010)
Operatin System: AIX 6.1
Hardware: IBM power6 blade center
Programming language: C++
Versioning: git
IDE/Tools: scons, OpenOffice, asciidoc, doxygen, ClearQuest/Case

Design and Implementation of a distrubuted IMS-Application-Server for CallCompletion in a VoIP-System supporting non-SIP equipment
IMS-conformant AS for network based CallCompletion (CCBS, CCNR, CCNL) supporting equipment from PSTN-world according to
with agent- and server-side.
Communication with other SIP-Servers to track user busy states acc. Rfc-4235 and
registration states acc. to rfc-3680.
Using of an IMS-conformant Media Ressource Function to do Announcements and a
Third Party Callserver to fullfill call completions connecting caller and callee.
Role: AD (Architect of development) with nine developers.
Duration: 9 Months (08/09 – 04/2010)
Operating system: AIX, Linux
Hardware: power6
DB: DB2 Version 9
Programming language(s): C++
Versioning: git
IDE/Tools: scons, OpenOffice, asciidoc, doxygen, ClearQuest/Case

Design ans implementation of an IMS-conformant Application-Server
IMS-conformant AS for user-related Features with flexible Service-Orchestration. Dialog-Status-Tracking according to RFC-4235. First Features: Dialog-Subscriptions to enable Call-Completion, storage of Call-Lists to feature \'Spit-Blocking\'.
High availability and dynamic load balancing.
New Design-Patterns: ComponentRepository and ComponentMediator.
Role: AD (Architect of development) with 8 developers.
Duration: 6 Months (01/09 – 06/09)
Operating system: AIX, Linux
Hardware: power6
DB: DB2 Version 9
Programming language(s): C++
Versioning: git
Tools: scons, OpenOffice, asciidoc, doxygen, ClearQuest/Case

Design and implementation of a Media-Resource-Server for RTP-Streams
Design of parallel and fast working media-server to provide more than 1000
RFC-3550-compatible RTP-Streams with one process under Linux.
Povray-rendered demo video-clips to be copyright-free.
Duration: 4 Months (08/08 – 11/08)
Operating system: Linux
Programming language(s): C++, python
Versioning: git
Tools: OpenOffice, asciidoc, doxygen, povray

ETSI-Application Server for Dialog-Subscriptions according to RFC-4235
Design and implementation of an etsi-compliant application server for Dialog-Subscriptions to provide functions like call completion, call pickup and informational notifies.
Documentation with asccidoc, held in the git-repository of the project.
Duration: 6 Months (02/08 – 07/08)
Operating system: AIX 5.3
Programming language(s): C++
Versioning: git
Tools: OpenOffice, ClearCase, asciidoc, doxygen

Extension of a VoIP-Proxy/-Server to a PBX
Implementation of pbx-functions for the existing VoIP-Server-Solution like Display-Rewriting, Geo-Services and others.
Writing of Design-Papers with OpenOffice, Sourcecode-documentation with doxygen.
Duration: 5 Months (09/07 – 01/08)
Operating system: AIX 5.3
Programming language(s): C++
Database: DB2 Version 9
Versioning: git
Tools: OpenOffice, ClearCase

Security Module for german telcos
Design and implementation of a ......-Modul to meet latest lawful restrictions.
Feed of the interception orders with a SOA-server.
Duration: 3 Month (06/07 – 09/07)
Operating system: AIX 5.3, ubuntu-Linux
Programming language(s): C++
Database: DB2 Version 9
Versioning: git
Tools: OpenOffice, ClearCase

Serverprogramming for VoIP, Instant Message and Presence
Design and implementation of system- and networking-software in C++ under AIX and Linux.
Establishing a wikitool (mediawiki) as documentation-root.
Implementation of a testdriver for a SOAP-Server, validating the SOAP-responses against multiple XML-schemes (.xsd-files).
Duration: 9 Months (09/06 – 05/07)
Operation system: AIX 5.3, ubuntu-Linux
Programmin language(s): C++, Python 2.4
DB/DC: DB2 Version 9
IDE/Tools: cvs, git, OpenOffice, ClearCase

Development of an Intranet-Tool for a Web-based payment-system
Design of the user interface as a part of the technical documentation. Standalone-Tool in python to invoke the functions ‘authorize’, ‘commit’ and ‘retrieve’ with http or https.
Definition of the database relations for retrieval.
Duration: 2 Months (05/06 – 06/06)
operating system: debian-Linux, Windows XP
programming languages: Python 2.4
Database: mySQL 5.0
IDE/Tools: Idle, cvs

Development of a gateway to transmit RFID-carddata to an admittance system
Design of the interface, UML-design papers, Programming of an asnychronous
gateway to transmit the RFID-Data as whitelist data.
Duration: 1 Month (05/06)
operating system: Sun-Solaris 10
programming languages: C++
Database: Postgres 10
IDE/Tools: Eclipse 3.0, cvs

Design and implementation of a WebService for an internet distribution system
Design of the WebService-Interface according to the features of the distributing system.
Setup of the technical infrastruture with tomcat-webcontainers and axis-SOAP-engines.
Programming of the WebServices as an ejb-client to an ATG-web- and EJB-container.
Testdrivers in java and python. Unittests with java, loadtesting with python-clients.
Writing of an executive summary, interface description, testcase collections and installation guide with openoffice.
Duration: 13 Months (02/05 – 03/06)
operating system: Sun-Solaris 8, Windows XP
programming languages: java 1.4, Python 2.3
Database: Informix 9.1
IDE, tools: Eclipse 3.0, ant, tomcat, axis, xerces, versioning with cvs

Software development for an internet application, search and payment modules
Development for an internet application, programming of a fast searchengine with different search criterias and flexible handling of the search results.
Programming of all components from the JSP-sceendefinitions down to the database.
High performance due to the absence of any EJBs.
Enhancement of the payment solution for an access to the Swiss Post.
Duration: 4 Months (10/04 - 01/05)
Operating system: Sun-Solaris 8
Programming languages: java 1.3.1
IDE/Tools: Sun-Forte, ant, CVS

Design and implementation of a document generator
Design of a meta-language to be embedded into programm code of different languages to generate program documentation out of the sources.
Imbedding of external images and textual information. Output as pdf documents.
Duration: 4 Months (05/04 - 09/04)
Operating system: MS-Windows-XP
Programming languages: Python 2.2
IDE/Tools: Python-IDE “Idle”,
Reportlab-Toolset for PDF

Programming of an videograbber with motion detection
Coding of a videograbber (cyclic grabbing of still images) with persistance in the filesystem with the jpeg-library for a security company.
Includes motion detection with several strategies for edge detecting, each realized as a decorator to be chained as configured.
Edge detectors included: binomial laplace filter, roberts-cross-operator, erosion and dilatation.
Configuration with a web-interface (python-scripts as cgi)
Duration: 6 Months (11/03 - 04/04)
Operating system: Suse-Linux
Programming languages: C (due to customers requirement), python-cgi-Scripts

Porting and enhancement of a gateway between an inventory system and a distribution system
Porting from Sinix to Solaris, enhancement of the design due to higher performance requested. Use of a new, fast cache-mechanism.
Duration: 8 Months (08/02 - 03/04)
Operating system: Sun-Solaris 8
Programming languages: C++ incl. STL
IDE/Tools: no IDE, Standard-UNIX-Tools, cvs

Design and Implementation of a high speed cache under Solaris 8
Design of a cache-mechanism usign ipc-ressources for administrative information and largefiles for the data. Combining of conventional hashing and of closed hashing.
Access to the cache via api or network (tcp).
Testprograms in C++ and python.
Documentation of concepts, program and installation with html.
Duration: 3 Months (04/02 - 06/02)
Operating system: Sun-Solaris 8
Programming languages: C++, Python 2.0

Implementation of a gateway between an inventory-system and the internet
Design of a distributed system with parallel access via tcp to the inventory system.
Multiple communication processes on different hosts for easy scalability.
Programming language independend interface (used wirh java, C++ and python-frontends).
Programming in C++ (incl. STL) using different design patterns
Duration: 9 Months (07/01 - 03/02)
Operating system: SINIX V.4
Programming languages: C++

Design and implementation of a multiplexer to connect more than 8000
Windows-Clients to an UNIX-application
Design with UML of a multiplex-system to meet the needs of the quantity structure with lowest ressource-usage (less than 50 communication processes).
Programming in C++ without STL, some java-applets to visualize the systems state.
Python scripting to manage the documentation.
Duration: 6 Months (01/01 - 06/01)
Operating system: SINIX V.4
Programming languages: C++, Java, Python

Design and development of a systems library as an easy to use framework
Design of a library with the six packages:
Event (for event driven programming)
InterProcessCommunication (OO-Wrapper for the operating system mechanisms)
Network (TCP, UDP and Stream-Sockets for C++ in a class hierarchy)
Communication (universal communication classes for different layers)
Processing (Framework to flow control)
Contextdatabase (network database, realized with the above packages)
UML-Design, programming in C++ under Linux and ReliantUnix.
Contextdatabase and other testprograms to demonstrate the usage of the framework.
HTML-documentation with Together
Duration: 4 Months (09/00 - 12/00)
Tools: Together 4.1
Operating system: Linux, ReliantUnix 5.4
Programming languages: C++

Implemetation of a UNIX to host connection for the EXPO-2000
Design and implementation of a gateway between a BS-2000 host and an UNIX-Ticketing-Systen.
Communication via TCP/IP; Process model with a Dispatcher and multiple Co-Processes, running on a server-cluster.
High performance requirements managed successful.
Duration: 10 Months (11/99 - 08/00)
Operating system: SINIX V.4
Programming languages: C++

Writing of the WebPages for a horse-ranch
Writing of the static HTML-Pages, Converting of photos and movies from older media to electronic media.
Managing of all the stuff from requesting the domain up to maintain the site in the first month. Training of the users.
Duration: 2 Months (09/99 - 10/99)
Tools: vi, PhotoImpact, RealVideoGen, ws-ftp

Systemprogrammíng in a client-server project
Design and implementation of different libraries to use UNIX-Mechanisms in C++, like record locking, streams, sockets and others. Programming of wrapper classes.
Design of a tool to measure the program flow to analyze the performance of C and C++ leagcy systems.
Writing the documentation as HTML for an intranet.
Duration: 4 Months (05/99 - 08/99)
Operating system: Linux, div. UNIX SVR4
Programming languages: C++

Design of a POS-Gateway
Design of the gateway to connect an existing POS-Solution to a Ticketing-System. Definition of the interfaces.
Production of UML-Diagrams for the system.
Duration: 4 Months (01/99 - 04/99)
Tools: Paradigm-Plus, Visio

Implementation of communication gateways
Design and implementation of a framework library to connect a UNIX-System
to a BS-2000 host according to RFC1006 (ISO over TCP).
Programming of some gateways based on that library.
Leading the team of four developers.
Duration: 3 Months (10/98 - 12/98)
Operating system: SINIX SVR4.3
Programming languages: C++ mit STL

Systemintegration and regressiontest in a telecom project
Definition and writing of automated regression tests, programming of a generator to generate EDIFACT-datasets with the shell.
Problem reporting with IBMs TeamConnection.
Assessment of architecture and programming of an external partner.
Duration: 9 Months (01/98 - 09/98)
Operating system: AIX 4.1, Windows-NT 4.0
DATABASE: Oracle 7.3
BK-System: LotusNotes 4.6, TeamConnection V2.0, MS-Office 95

Buildup of the quality management for a software development project
Definition of a software engineering process model specific to the company.
Writing of the UML-based documentation templates for each phase.
Constitution of quality rules, templates for testscenarios in four phases.
Defining the programming styleguide for C++ and embedded sql.
Conceptual design of a problem reporting tool.
Management of the activities of the QM-group (6 staff members),
Setup and leading of workshops and reviwes.
Duration: 6 Months (07/97 - 12/97)

Design and implementation of a distributed message passing system
Design of a distributed OLTP-system for UNIX-Systems.
TCP/IP-network communication, inter process communication with shared memory (lockes with semaphores), process oberving and loadbalancing for parallel services.
Design of an api-collection (with three abstraction layers) for the application programmers.
Analysis and design with UML. Source-Management with SNIFF+, versioning with rcs.
Writing of html documentation, shell generator to create man pages.
Duration: 12 Months (07/96 - 06/97)
Operating system: SINIX SVR4.3, SunOs 5.4, SCO-3.2, LINUX
Programming languages: C++

Design of a clearing system for multiple mandators
Analysis in cooperation with the product management.
Design of a light-weight-paradigma to realize clearing programs with C++ and esql-c.
Programming of some clearing programs.
Documentation in html.
Duration: 9 Months (10/95 - 06/96)
Operating system: SINIX SVR4.2
DATABASE: Informix-Online 5.0
Programming languages: C++, (INFORMIX-) ESQL/C

Integration of PointOfSales-Terminals into a ticketing system
Analysis and Design with the Coad/Yourdon Model.
Connecting the POS-Terminals via the serial interface, network communication with the acquirer via X.25
Duration: 9 Months (01/95 - 09/95)
Operating system: SINIX SVR4 (bis Rel. 2), SCO-3.2
Programming languages: C++

Implementation of an adress administration for a local tourism organisation
Implementation of an adress administration based on an existing midrange solution.
Using MS-Access as database system with storage of the database on an unix host.
Access of the Windows frontends to the database via PC-NFS.
Design and programming of the MS-access application.
Duration: 4 Months (09/94 - 12/94)
Operating system: SINIX SVR4, MS-Windows
Programming languages: MS-ACCESS-BASIC

Design of the cubical pricing system for a ticketing system
Design of the pricing system with sales and cancellation transactions.
Objectoriented analysis and design with the Coad/Yourdon model.
Definition of Classes and Interfaces, implementation of the system.
Duration: 7 Months (02/94 - 08/94)
Operating system: SINIX SVR4
DATABASE: Informix-Online
Programming languages: C++

Shellscript programming and setup of the software packaging with pkg
Programing of shell scripts. Writing of the pkg metafiles and of somes scripts to collect dynamically created files of the system.
Duration: 4 Months (09/93 - 01/94)
Operating system: SINIX SVR4 (bis Rel. 2), SCO-3.2

OLTP-System for several applications for a travel organizer
Design and programming of a distributed OLTP-System with ist own ORB.
Communication via TCP/IP and remote procedure calls.
Duration: 18 Months (02/92 - 08/93)
Operating system: SINIX SVR4, DG-UX SVR4, SCO-Unix
Programming languages: C++

User interface for a logistic system
Design of the user interface with an 3GL tool
Duration: 2 Months (12/91 - 01/92)
Operating system: SINIX V.2
Programming languages: Rosi-SQL

Clearingsystem for an airline
Design and implementation of an clearing program to clear affiliated airlines.
Duration: 3 Months (08/91 - 11/91)
Operating system: AIX
Programming languages: C
Tools: Quantum-Catcher, UniScreen, DR-GEM

Marketing-Information-System for an airline
Design and implementation of an customer information system with integrated adress marketing and mail services.
Training for the users, Writing of an user guide.
Duration: 9 Months (01/91 - 01/91)
Operating system: UNIX SVR3, AIX
Programming languages: C
Tools: UniScreen, DR-GEM, Standard-UNIX-Tools

Clearing system for telecom services
Writing and executing of systemtest scenarios,
programming JCL, CLISTs and Edit-Macros on an IBM /370
Duration: 12 Months (01/90 - 12/90)
Operating system: MVS/ESA, VM/SP

Maintenance Tool for telecom services
Programming in Cobol, writing test scenarios, documentation
Duration: 6 Months (07/89 - 12/89)
Operating system: MVS
Programming languages: DELTA (Cobol)

Clearing system for DATEX-P
Programming, testing.
Duration: 2 Months (05/89 - 06/89)
Operating system: MVS
Programming languages: DELTA (Cobol)

Administration software for construction projects (DB)
Design and programming of an PC application
Duration: 5 Months (12/88 - 04/88)
Operating system: MS/PC-DOS
Programming languages: CLIPPER, dBase III+
Tools: SPF/PC, Saywhat!?, R&R-Reportgenerator

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Only available for the countries Germany und Austria
ab 01.01.2013, vorzugsweise Rhein/Main, Köln


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Profileimage by Thomas Boor UNIX-Systemprogrammierung, OOA/OOD SW-Design, Entwicklung in C++ u.a. OO-Sprachen from ElsenfeldRueck Thomas Boor UNIX-Systemprogrammierung