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Alexey Malozemov


Last update: 06.09.2022

Senior SAP S/4HANA and ECC 6.0 FI consultant, ABAP Developer

Graduation: Master's degree, Applied Informatics in economics
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Languages: English (Full Professional) | Russian (Native or Bilingual)


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SAP, SAP FI, SAP systems, SAP Activate methodology, FI, ABAP, UAT, data migration, business process models, SAP ERP, SAP ERP 6.0, SAP S/4 HANA specifics, Blueprint, Implementation, Roll-outs, ABAP development, HANA Calculation view, CDS View, OpenText ECM, Business process modeling

Project history

04/2019 - Present
Senior SAP FI consultant (freelancer)
Deloitte (>10.000 employees)

Participation in project of SAP S/4HANA implementation (v. 1809 SP2), based on SAP Activate methodology.
Client (Customer):  Salym Petroleum Development (Shell and Gazpromneft joint venture)
On this project, I am Responsibilities the design and configuration of the following FI modules: AP, AR, BL, VAT (including Advanced Compliance Reporting based on Fiori interface) and FS-BP module:
•    Run a fit-gap workshops with key-users;
•    Create Design Solution Document based on SAP Best Practices diagrams, scripts and fit-gap workshops;
•    Сreating TO BE business process diagrams in SAP Solution Manager Focused Build
•    Communication with internal SAP team of the client and business-users;
•    Create relevant standard customizing in SAP S/4HANA System (including settings based on Fiori interface);
•    ABAP development;
•    Writing technical specifications (Including specifications for integration with external systems);
•    Create data-migration metodics.
•    Manage of test data migration on accounts of creditors, debtors and VAT;
•    Create step-by-step integascripts;
•    Run relevant integra scripts tests with with business users;
•    Solve relevant incidents, created while running integra  scenarios tests;
•    Create projects for data-migration Cockpit (for chart of accounts etc)
•    Run user acceptance tests with business users and solve relevant incidents, created while running user accepted tests;
•    Recording user instructions via SAP Enable Now;
•    Go-live support and post go-live support.

01/2019 - 03/2019
Senior SAP FI consultant (freelancer)
Deloitte (>10.000 employees)

Participation in the rollout project SAP ECC 6.0.
Client (Customer) : Mammoet RUS (Head Office in the Netherlands).
Senior SAP FI consultant (Deloitte freelance).
•    Demonstration of functionality FI module SAP key-user (FI-Gl, FI-AP,FI-AR,FI-BL, VAT, Russian ADD`on)
•    Participation in testing with key-users and users in the direction of FI module and related module
•    Communication with the clients to clarify the additional requirements critical to work in a productive system
•    Additional customization for FI module due to lack of necessary settings / Additional business requirements - cash, VAT (book of purchases / sales, export, import, recovery, separate VAT, declaration, optimization and the creation of new tax codes), printed forms, bank statement, program of payments and unloading to the bank-client
•    Communication with the global mammoet team of SAP for the distribution of responsibilities for setting up the system and on issues of migration (e-mailing, skype meetings, live chat)
•    Development (ABAP) of an automatic postings for non-deductuble VAT on losses accounting (with cost center and WBS element analytics)

06/2018 - 01/2019
Senior SAP FI consultant (freelancer)
ASG (Alcohol Siberian Group) (>10.000 employees)

Participation in project of SAP S/4HANA implementation (v. 1709), based on agile methodology
Client (Customer): ASG (Alcohol Siberian Group)
•    Communication with the clients to clarify the requirements, maintaining the status of tasks in JIRA and documentation of settings \ developments in SAP JAM;
•    Creating diagrams TO BE in SAP Solution Manager (implementation of SAP, including closing period diagrams in FI);
•    Customization \ testing, then participating in the demonstration of functionality:
a)    Business partner (FS-BP) with creation of roles, views, filling views by required fields, etc. + small modifications in BADI while creating business partners
b)    Transport \ property tax
c)    Customization reports and printing forms for Fixed assets and Intangible assets
d)    Outgoing payments – uploading to Bank-client (customization the dmee tree for 1C format + required abap improvements in the standard extensions for the file upload with the correct data, as well as for payments consolidation)
e)    Incoming payments-customization conversion from 1C format into multicash format with subsequent loading and interpretation (with the necessary development for correct data in standard BADI)
•    Participation in development of master-data migration algorithm, creation of data migration/update projects in SAP Cockpit for different data types. 
•    Creation of universal program to download the FI transactions according to case-sensitivity and analytics of ESD.
•    Creation of necessary FI-substitutions
•    Participation in the development of various integra-scenarios
•    Go-live support.

04/2018 - 06/2018
Senior SAP FI consultant (freelancer)
Ramax Group (>10.000 employees)

Participation in the Tax Compliance Reporting project including data showcases.
Client (Customer): Aeroflot - Russian Airlines

The creation of new / adaptation of the standard functionality of SAP ERP for the purpose of Tax Compliance reporting, based on data showcases (on Fiori interface) by uploading data of balance sheet report , P&L report and VAT-reporting.

•    Communicate with main users in order to clarify the requirements;
•    Standard report finalization for the balance sheet report , P&L report and VAT-reporting formation to provide possibility of uploading data into the extract for data array subsequent formation for tax monitoring, the creation of calculation view for integration with BI, the creation/development of algorithms for the source data interpretation for tax monitoring;
•    Interaction with BI consultants.

06/2011 - 06/2018
Senior SAP FI consultant (freelancer)
Ramax Group (5000-10.000 employees)

Support and development system, based on SAP ERP ECC 6.0
Client (Customer): Aeroflot - Russian Airlines: 
The development and refinement of the system because of change of Russian legislation requirements, change of business processes in the company, expanding the scope of processes with SAP solutions to improve the quality of current FI reports.

•    Pre deployment testing of business processes.
•    Analyzing issues, improving work arounds
•    Writing Design Documents;
•    Issues tickets in Solution Manager;
•    Supporting interfaces to related SAP modules;
•    Setting objectives for development;
•    Integration with external systems;
•    Development in ABAP;
•    Testing;
•    User training, creation of user instructions.
•    System customization:
FI-GL, FI-AP, FI-AR, FI-AA, FI-BL, VAT, RCM, MM, integration with SAP Portal, integration with SAP Sirax system, integration with SAP Cargo system, integration with SOPHIE system, integration with BI, integration and customization of RCM objects (payment process, contracts) and creation of new functionality on RCM (maintenance of reconciliation act cards)

10/2016 - 08/2017
Senior SAP FI consultant (freelancer)
Ramax Group (>10.000 employees)

Rollout Blueprint solution to branches (Based on SAP ECC 6.0).
Client (Customer): Aeroflot - Russian Airlines
Development of functionality for automatic additional transactions during moving from/to branch / head office and rollout solution to branches

•    Pre deployment testing of business processes;
•    Writing technical specifications;
•    ABAP Development.
•    Revision of standard SAP functionality for automatic creation of additional items to the account of on-farm settlements (depending on the branch, based  on Business Area object) in the relevant FI documents (depending on different conditions).
•    Testing.

10/2016 - 06/2017
Senior SAP FI consultant (freelancer)
Ramax Group (>10.000 employees)

Report control on own sale and accounting of proceeds from sale for cash and bank payments payment in foreign branches (Based on SAP ECC 6.0).
Client (Customer): Aeroflot - Russian Airlines

Development of billing's functionality for payment in SAP for non-cash on the basis of data from the Portal, the creation of SAP reports that control the payment of previously created accounts \ the use of deposits, taking into account already booked flights tickets.

The implementation of positions evaluation of Bank statements (with the creation of relevant FI documents) under accounts for payment and acquiring.

•    Pre deployment testing of business processes;
•    Writing a project solution;
•    Writing technical specifications;
•    Setting objectives for development;
•    ABAP Development;
•    Automatic creation of outgoing TAP documents (invoices for payment) based on data from the portal.
•    Development of billing control using reports in SAP (in order not to issue tickets for an amount greater than payment of the previously issued invoice) using the booking data and tickets issued from the portal (booking data in turn comes to the portal from SABRE booking system).
•    A similar control report has been created for deposits to ticket statements.
•    Implemented automatic parsing of the statement for the previously created accounts for payment file loading electronic bank statements or bank statement post processing (if for some reason autoevaluation during the download did not happen) when you make the account number the payment is autocompletion of all necessary attributes for the transaction.
•    Implemented auto-analysis of bank statement positions on acquiring.
•    Testing;
•    Writing user instructions.

12/2013 - 02/2015
Senior SAP FI consultant (freelancer)
Ramax Group (>10.000 employees)

Support and Development of implemented solutions based on SAP ECC 6.0
Client (Customer): Aeromar (In-flight catering)
Senior SAP FI consultant.
•    Pre deployment testing of business processes;
•    Writing technical specifications;
•    System customization (FI-AA, FI-AR, FI-AP, FI-GL, MM);
•    Preparing technical specifications for developers;
•    ABAP Development.
•    Improvement of current functionality such as unloading of standard regulated F1(balance) / F2(P&L) - reports, fixed asset forms, accounting for amounts of revaluation in standard reports, support for users engaged in the analysis of bank statements, accounts receivable / payable, reporting participation in local projects (sky shop – sale on board, accounting of accounts payable), development of new reports.
•    Testing;
•    User training.

10/2013 - 07/2014
Senior SAP FI consultant (freelancer)
Ramax Group (>10.000 employees)

Integration SAP ECC 6.0 with SOFI system (system of retail sales/exchange/return of air transportation taking into account cash and non-cash payments).
•    Pre deployment testing of business processes;
•    Writing a Design Document;
•    Writing technical specifications;
•    System customization;
•    Data exchange using the web service's functionality for online-transfer of relevant data on non-cash payments from SAP in SOFI systems, reconciliation report balances from SOFI systems through the web service's interface with the balances in SAP system to counterparties and accounts;
•    Testing;
•    Users training.

07/2012 - 03/2013
Senior SAP FI consultant (freelancer)
Ramax Group (>10.000 employees)

Integration SAP ECC 6.0 with the SIRAX system (an integrated platform that optimizes the financial processes of the airline, including detailed to level of ticket accounting of revenues from air transportation).
Client (Customer): Aeroflot - Russian Airlines.

•    System customization;
•    Development:
a)    Revision of the standard functionality for interpretation (construcztion of accounts' correspondence) FI-documents using the BADI standard (because in the  FI-documents, that were received from SIRAX, can be more than 100 positions).
b)    Development of an algorithm for automatic numbering of FI-documents of invoices imported by SIRAX.
c)    Development of rfc-report on monitoring charter flights from SAP according to SIRAX's data, etc.

10/2010 - 06/2011
Senior SAP FI consultant (freelancer)
Ramax Group (>10.000 employees)

Transition from SAP ERP 4.7 to SAP ECC 6.0 version.
Client (Customer): Aeroflot - Russian Airlines.

•    Pre deployment testing of business processes;
•    Writing design document;
•    System customization;
•    Data migration (FI) from SAP ERP 4.7
•    Setting objectives for development;
•    Development, configuration, implementation of conversion and interpretation of electronic bank statement:
Customization by the standard DME Engine functionality conversion of external 1C formats (1C ClientBankExchange), BSS (Bank soft systems), RFB (format for Raiffeisen Bank), RBS ( Royal Bank of Scotland), SWIFTMT940, etc. into multicash format in order to download standard tools in SAP, with writing specifications for further development of the download (extension using BADI), development of the functionality under the new requirements.
•    Integration with the treasury module.
•    Development of various new reporting forms for FI
•    Migration and adaptation of z-reports from SAP 4.7
•    Configuration of sites FI (GL,AP, AR,BL,FM) and related modules such as MM, SD, CO, FS-BP, RCM.
•    Creating / modifying PDF(Excel) forms (and printing programs for them)
•    Testing;
•    User training
•    Creation of user instructions.
•    Go-live support;
•    Post implementation support and development of SAP-systems.

06/2010 - 10/2010
Senior SAP FI consultant
Noviy impulse 50 (Consumer goods and retail, >10.000 employees)

Participation in the project of support system based on SAP ERP 4.7
Client (Customer): Noviy impulse 50 (retail) 

Senior FI consultant.
•    Responsibilities:
•    Support and development of existing project (system version 4.7), survey of current processes in the system with partial transition to standard functionality;
•    Customization;
•    Participating in period closing FI, FI-AA, FI-SL.

09/2009 - 07/2010
Senior SAP FI consultant
Praud Busines (5000-10.000 employees)

Participation in Implementation project based on SAP ECC 6.0 system.
Pre deployment testing of current business processes AS-IS and the description of business-processes TO-BE with the specifics of the implementation of SAP, writing Design Solution Document for FI-AP, FI-AR, FI-SL (profit tax, PBU 18), FI-BL,FI-FM, the VAT, the implementation of improvements according to written Design Document and technical specifications.

•    Pre deployment testing of business processes:
a)    Business processes implementation in SAP AS-IS with the description of the models in ARIS, optimization and reengineering of business processes in SAP.
b)    Examination of the implementation of business processes AS-IS systems "not SAP" with a description of the models in ARIS, a description of business processes implementation "as is" (TO-BE) in SAP system with the description of the models in ARIS and writing the relevant design decisions.
c)    Writing Design Solution Document.
•    Writing technical specifications and customization SAP-system:
a)    data customization for purchase/sales books, accounting journals of invoices, tax codes, etc., implementation of separate VAT accounting for general expenses (according to Art. 170, Chapter 21 of the tax code): FI-AP, FI-AR, FI-SL (profit tax,  PBU 18), FI-BL,FI-FM, FI-AA, VAT.
b)    Writing development specifications for various FI reports (regulated and management reports)
•    Development of functionality for downloading electronic bank statements, etc.;
•    Testing;
•    Writing user instructions.

10/2008 - 09/2009
SAP FI-AA consultant
CARCADE Leasing (1000-5000 employees)

Participation in Implementation project based on SAP ECC 6.0 system.
Client (Customer): Aeroflot - CARCADE Leasing

•    Pre deployment testing of business processes
•    Full configuration of the FI-AA module with modifications for leasing specifics 
•    Interaction with customer;
•    Writing Design Solution Document;
•    Writing technical specifications and customization:
a)    Customization fixed assets (including transport tax, property tax) and leasing items, development of a program for a massive monthly decrease in the cost of leasing items according to the schedule of payments in the contract (in integration with the sales contract + accrual of receivables with SD-invoice release according to the schedule).
b)    Customization a FI-FM report on cash flow.
c)    Finalizing standard FI reports and developing new ones, customization incoming/outgoing tax codes and customization reflection in purchase/sales books.
•    Testing;
•    Writing user instructions;
•    Post implementation support.

03/2008 - 10/2008
​​​​​​​Junior consultant/Intern SAP FI-SL.
Optima exchange services (>10.000 employees)

Participation in the internal project.
Participation in the internal project of writing typical design solution for the implementation of profit tax and PBU 18 (description of formation processes of tax base, base differences, declaration/amended declaration, opening/closing of reporting period, tax accounting of fixed assets and IA (with sub-processes) with the construction of BP schemes in Visio).

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Profileimage by Alexey Malozemov Senior SAP S/4HANA and ECC 6.0 FI consultant, ABAP Developer from Moscow Senior SAP S/4HANA and ECC 6.0 FI consultant, ABAP Developer