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Alfredo Mendoza Barquero


Last update: 19.06.2019

Developers WEB and Desktop Developers

Company: QmasCore
Graduation: Ingeniero en Computación y Sistemas.
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Languages: English (Elementary) | Spanish (Full Professional)




I have developed as a programmer analyst, start my career at 18, programming in an environment under MS-DOS, with the passage of time, studies, dedication, training, migrate to the windows environment, working on desktop platforms such as VB.Net and C #.

Continuing with this giant step of the technology, I began to program or develop in WEB environment, according to the needs of the client, in languages ​​such as Microsoft ASP.NET MVC and environment like PHP, work either on the client side or on the side of the server. (Front End or Back End) more known.

In addition to programming I have held positions as systems manager, IT manager, IT manager, in the course of my career, I have had up to 4 employees, performing functions of Analyst, DBA, coordinating the work of my staff in charge, at the same time exercise support functions or work on developments for the company.

I have courses or certifications of administrator of Windows servers starting with NT 4 version and to date as Windows Server 2012R2 or 2016, I have configured I have installed these, to work the applications or have the performance in the company.

And I always try to keep up with the rhythm of technological advancement with the latest cutting-edge technologies or the highest demand in the market, being self-taught, continuing to date in a constant training or self-study although it is difficult to keep this pace, but I always try.


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