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Last update: 11.09.2023

DevOps & Cloud engineer

Graduation: Master of science
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Languages: English (Full Professional) | French (Native or Bilingual)




Cloud, aws, s3, CSV, SaaS, GCP, data warehouse, analytics, web application, VueJS, API Gateway, DynamoDB, Gitlab, Terraform, Gitlab CI, Devops, kubernetes, sql, unit testing, open-source tool, backend, API, Django, Test Driven Development, database schema, microservices, database, docker, REST API, NodeJS, Python, PostgreSQL, TDD, programming, AngularJS, Git, JS, Angular, React, Unix/Linux, codebase, MySQL, UI/UX

Project history

02/2023 - 08/2023
DevOps Engineer
LVMH (Other, >10.000 employees)

  • Went from 20 critical security issues on the cloud to 0 via a tool called Wiz. It involved sharing the best practices on the cloud with the team managing the applications with vulnerabilities
  • Help the new cloud operators to work with LVMH cloud and devops standards by
    • developping terraform modules
    • doing workshop with the cloud operators to show them how to use the terraform modules
    • managing IAM accesses on the cloud
  • Automate actions with servicenow form and servicenow integration hub:
    • User creation on Gitlab
    • Managing users in AD
    • Create GCP / Azure project with a gitlab project filled with standard terraform files

05/2022 - 04/2023
DevSecOps engineer
Santevet (Insurance, 250-500 employees)

  • Prepare a whole CI/CD and the components required via terraform for the butterfly application which was one of the top priority for the board management.
  • Implement a RUM in datadog which enables to replay a user session
  • Implement the monitoring, logging, tracing with datadog on the butterfly application
  • Add application security analysis with sonarqube
  • Check our infrastructure compliances rules with Checkov
  • Tags all the resources in AWS automatically with Yor
  • Add cloudfront and setup the correct settings in order to improve performance for the front-end applications
  • Automated the user creation, roles creations and assignment on AWS
  • Evangilize DevSecOps practices to the developers
  • Automated the certificate generation and deployment for the whole santevet organization
  • Import the AWS infrastructure into terraform

01/2022 - 02/2023
Cloud Platform Engineer
L'oreal (Other, >10.000 employees)

  • Create dashboards to analyze mongo billings via Datastudio, bigquery to store the data, cloud run to fetch data from mongo API billing and format it.
  • Build and maintain APIs to add, delete and list members from a group in Cloud identity
  • Create a Disaster Recovery architecture design in GCP for the whole data section of l'Oreal
  • Presented a REX about mongoDB, its pros and cons for the loreal organization
  • Create a global service that grant permission in the GCP l'oreal organization in a zero trusted way with APIGEE and ecology-awared
  • Design and build a reporting system on GCP that analyse all the org policy in the organization, register them in Bigquery and then create a report via Cloud Datastudio. The services used were: Bigquery, cloud run, IAM, Datastudio
  • Design and build an alerting system at the organization leven that send an alert whenever forbidden IAM roles are granted
  • Implement a service account key rotation through the whole organization via an automated process
  • Design and build an application that grant people temporary access to a GCP group or GCS bucket and expose it as an API via APIGEE. The API has been design with a zero-trust mindset.
  • All the application has been build with terraform, python cloud function / cloud run, with cloud build as a CI/CD pipeline and Github triggers.

10/2021 - 12/2021
DevOps Engineer
Eulerhermes (Insurance, 5000-10.000 employees)

  • Architecture and build a new prometheus stack on AWS with HA in a single region. The stack was build with AWS Fargate, EFS, Docker, S3, DynamoDB, terraform and gitlab CI. This stack was used to monitor the whole fleet of application hosted by our team on AWS. In this stack we used blackbox, snowflake exporter, cloudwatch exporter, pushgateway and alert manager.
  • Management of a shared CI/CD pipeline used by other devops teams to facilitate application deployment for other teams.

11/2020 - 10/2021
Cloud engineer
LVMH (Other, >10.000 employees)

  • Created an automated process to bootstrap GCP projects depending on their type of workload (data, classic application or customs). Each type of processes will be created with its own sets of standard groups and their IAM permissions, terraform service accounts for each environment, the required APIs enabled and a bucket in which the teams working on the projects will store their terraform state and variables. The same process was implemented for Azure Cloud as we automated the creation on a landing zone which includes: subscriptions, resource groups, key vault, virtual networks and their subnets, user defined routes, network security group, application security groups, backup vault and a log analytic workspace
  • Automated the orchestration within virtual machines in azure via Ansible with a zero-trust approach. All the projects that required VMs on azure are created via terraform, hosted on projects on Gitlab with a gitlab-ci.yml file. Each time a commit is done the pipeline will be triggered. I Created specific gitlab runners on azure that have a managed identity. This managed identity will have restricted permissions to open/close network flows. When ansible run within a CI/CD pipeline, the runner will open the flow, run the ansible playbook on the targeted VMs, then close the flows.
  • Applied a tag policy within each of the terraform module to enforce the billing's insights
  • Created a serverless application on Azure which enables to transfer VMs from one subscription to another with Azure functions (python), Storage accounts and Backup Vaults
  • Create a transverse composer (orchestrator for the data team) that will be able to fetch datas from different data lakes and warehouses then process them
  • Teached best practices to use Terraform, create documentations within the companies to help people to understand better what Infrastructure as Code is
  • Participated in the migration of almost 60 website within 20 VMs from an old hosting platform to GCP and create all the required network architecture within GCP for those website. I had to secure the flows between applications, create multiple VPN connected to other projects or on-premise datacenter, create a VPC peering and a custom proxy that NAT ip address at the source and the destination

11/2019 - 10/2020
Cloud engineer
SOPRA STERIA INFRASTRUCTURE & SECURITY (Internet and Information Technology, >10.000 employees)

* Architecture and development of a cloud solution with aws lambda,
dynamodb and s3 to create CSV files periodically from data stored in a
SaaS product. Then migration of the application to GCP using cloud
function, GCS and BigQuery. The goal is not only to create these files
but also to process the data, enrich them and store them for the long
term in a data warehouse for further analytics.
* Creation of a web application with VueJS, API Gateway, DynamoDB,
SES, Gitlab and Terraform. The application enable users to
create, view and save a bucket. After the registration the user receive
an email automatically
after registering the basket
* Setting up an automation pipeline on Gitlab CI using ansible to
deactivate an agent present on AWS instances
* Create several terraform modules on aws which can be reusable in
the organization
* Redact recommendations to automate the accounts creation
processes on AWS
* Design a replica of an existing aws architecture for gcp

07/2019 - 10/2019
Devops & Cloud engineer
Metal Leader (Industry and mechanical engineering, 10-50 employees)

* Design and build a cloud solution for the application by using cloud
run (at first it was kubernetes with gke but I switch to cloud run),
cloud sql, gcr and gcs via Terraform
* Design and build the CI/CD pipeline in gitlab by following a
DevSecOps steps: unit testing, security checks on the source code
(leaks of passwords, credit cards...), coverage test artifact, container's
build, check the container security with the open-source tool Clair
and generate a report as an artifact, and push to the GCR.
*Create two microservice for the backend application with graphql
API, Django and a Test Driven Development approach
* Design and create the database schema
* Create a dev, test and prod environment for both microservices
* Generate mock data to fill the database for dev and test
* Create a docker-compose file to enable the developers to run an
entire microservice on their computer

02/2018 - 06/2019
Fullstack Developer
Tictactrip Paris (Transport and Logistics, 10-50 employees)

* Builded a REST API in NodeJS for the company's partner
* Deployed new features the test and prod environment with AWS.
* Scrapping, cleaning and enrichment of data via Python before saving
them in a PostgreSQL database
* Developed a new backend with Golang by using the clean
architecture, TDD and pair-programming.
* Add new backend's features with NodeJS
* Participated to the containerization of our application with Docker.
* Usage of Gitlab CI and a CI/CD pipeline to deploy to AWS ECS.
* Added new feature to the homepage with AngularJS
* Designed and created new tables on PostgreSQL

07/2017 - 10/2017
Fullstack developer
Webengineering Paris (Other, 10-50 employees)

* Rebuild the entire back office.
* Cleaned and refactored the codebase.
* Administration of the MySQL's database.
* Added UI/UX features.

09/2016 - 10/2016
Front-end developer
Aupasdecourse Paris (Consumer goods and retail, 10-50 employees)

Added new features to improve the UI/UX

Local Availability

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Available in the whole "Île de France", state around Paris. Open for some travel per month.
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