Dimitri Montano


Last update: 15.11.2022

Full Stack Developer

Graduation: Master Degree. Computer Science
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Languages: Chinese (Limited professional) | English (Limited professional) | Russian (Limited professional) | Spanish (Elementary)




Algorithm, Image Processing, AI, C/C++, C#, NET, Java, Python, Andorid, Kotlin, Flutter, Data Entry, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, React, Angular, Vue, SQL, Laravel, PHP, Contact, digital image processing, ML, DB Management system, MySQL, Web-scraping algorithm, frontend, backend, Flask, Django, ES6, ecommerce, AWS, MongoDB, bugs, Android, web applications, software testing, HTML5, CSS3, C++                

Project history

02/2018 - 06/2022
Senior Web Developer

Scalefast, Madrid
* Developed DB Management system with PHP, MySQL, Java.
* Implemented Web-scraping algorithm in Python, JavaScript, C#.
* Developed 10+ modern frontend and backend applications using
Node, Python, Flask, Django, React, Angular, Vue and ES6.
* Built ecommerce sites using Laravel(backend), Vue(frontend)
and AWS, MongoDB.
* Found and repaired over 300+ bugs on software systems and
improved 10% year-on-year growth of software efficiency.
* Participate Android App Development with Flutter, Kotlin, GoLang

06/2013 - 10/2017
Frontend Developer

Bizneo, Madrid
* Developed web applications and components using Bootstrap,
Angular, including software testing practices.
* Designed multiple dynamic and Responsive pages using HTML5,
CSS3, JavaScript.


Problem Solving

Local Availability

Only available in these countries: USA
I like remote working and I can work on EST or EDT time zone.
Thank you.


If you have strong basis and correct algorithm, then impossible is nothing.
I like to be challenged and keep trying new concepts, new ideas, and I am willing to learn and explore all new concepts, new ideas, so I have the ability to overcome all difficulties.
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