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Last update: 19.08.2021

Sales Manager

Graduation: not provided
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Languages: English (Full Professional)


About company
ITCAPITAL is an international innovative company - for the development of modern Internet technologies.
We help businesses create a digital face and operate effectively in this space by automating and digitizing business processes based on IT solutions.
Our mission is to create and develop technologies that will change the world.

Why choose us?
  • We are a reliable international company whose clients work with us from all over the world. Thanks to this format, we provide support 24/7.
  • Guarantee for all projects, with each customer enter into a formal contract, which prescribes the TOR and the term in which the project will be completed.
  • All solutions are developed systematically using Scrum and Agile technologies, so the projects are ready on time and with clean code.
  • The flexibility of our services will allow you to choose the perfect technology for your budget for the project.
  • Website development. Comprehensive site development of any complexity (Corporate, one-page sites, multi-page or online stores).
  • iOS and Android. Development of mobile applications for iOS and Android systems.
  • Marketing. SEO settings, contextual advertising in Google.
  • Software development. Development of large and complex software.
  • AI - technology. Creating solutions based on artificial intelligence.
  • VR / AR - Technology. Creating various solutions with virtual and augmented reality functions vr / ar
Advertising (SEO, contextual) :
- Customization - $400+
- Monthly maintenance - $400+ / month 

Website development:
- Landing page from $500+
- Multi-page sites from $1000+
hourly pay from $40+

Mobile Apps (iOS / Android) :
- Hourly pay from $50+
- Medium app from $7000+

Laravel (lumens), Vue.js, OpenCart, WordPress, Golang, Angular, Flutter Laravel, ReactJS, React Native
+ PHP CMS, PowerScript, C / C ++, JavaScript, Python

Project history

Local Availability

Only available for the countries Ukraine

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