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Matjaz Kranjc


Last update: 06.09.2022

Senior Java developer

Company: LunaLabs
Graduation: not provided
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Languages: German (Elementary) | English (Full Professional) | Sinhala (Native or Bilingual)


Organisational skills

I can quickly figure out which skills are dominant for a person and adopt the tasks accordingly to assist them strive to their efficiency.

Inside group I genuinely like to give research opportunity to those that shows the most interest in it and that wish to willingly share achieved knowledge with others. I am extremely capable of working in groups of up to six developers but I can manage up to ten as well.

Job-related skills

At work I commit my attention to issues that must be solved. I enjoy the complex challenges the most. Groups with "lazy" team members represent challenge for me because I want everyone to do its best. I keep my head calm in risky situations and do not bend under pressure, instead it reminds me that not many people can resolve such situations and it gives me even more enthusiasm. If the xEOs do not want to hear the sometimes harsh reality then they should avoid asking me.

I learned that solving issues is the best by not taking shortcuts but to take time in investigation and learning. This approach proved to me that every following similar issue is much easier and faster to solve. This is especially practical for software development, where core of the issues is not as obvious as it seems at first sight.

Such approaches help me to learn and advance faster then big majority of colleagues and also aid me when I find myself in an unknown environment.

Communication and interpersonal skills

I got most of my communication skills in my time at police academy. Interaction with people under stressful situations or any other pressure is crucial in such fields of work.

Explaining the situation to people with no background knowledge is not something I would have issues with. I can sense their perspective and limit myself to non-technical language which makes me good in communicating with people that are not software developers. Companies usually used me as a proxy between developers and management/customer.

Other skills

I would describe myself as a team player with skills in geographical orientation, survival in nature, basketball, football (European), different athletics disciplines, knowledge and playing of many other sports, teaching/coaching others what I know.

Good driving skills on road and off road with cars, quads, bikes and motorcycles.

Different building skills. I have built our family house mostly on my own.

I am aware that this is usually not directly required for the job I am doing, but it does show my wish to learn and improve myself.

Project history

10/2020 - Present
VITO Austria
The Austrian Federal Computing Center (Internet and Information Technology, 10-50 employees)

Senior java developer on backend system for customs and transport. I am one of three seniors, that are working on spring boot based architecture and business logic. Goal is to connect Austrian national system with EU, Russian and Chinese systems with concentration on high availability web services. Integration also contains Java EE for customs officers interventions.


Some major technologies in use:

  • Spring boot
  • JPA
  • Hibernate
  • Tibco JMS
  • Camunda BPMN
  • PostgreSQL
  • Jenkins
  • Git

10/2019 - Present
Customs Decision Austria Services
The Austrian Federal Computing Center (Internet and Information Technology, 10-50 employees)

Senior Java developer on project Customs Decision Austria.

  • Java code generator
  • JavaEE
  • Oracle db
  • WSDL
  • Maven
  • Jenkins
  • Confluence

I am still working parttime on early life support and customers change requests.

02/2016 - Present
LunaLabs, Matjaz Kranjc, s.p. (Internet and Information Technology, < 10 employees)

  • Software development of backend services in Java
  • Java Swing desktop app architecture and development
  • JavaFX desktop app architecture and development
  • Mule ESB Integrations in Java
  • SQLServer, Oracle, MYSQL and PostgreSQL database architecture and administration
  • Spring and SpringBoot based development

09/2010 - Present
Software solutions for small businesses
Freelancer (Internet and Information Technology, < 10 employees)

I searched for companies that didn't have software solutions established yet or wanted to upgrade it, to help them in decision making or to develop custom solutions depending on their needs. This included web site development, simple program solutions, instructing users to work with latest technologies, data converting, developing solution and implementation for whole company work flow, business logic implementations, etc.

01/2014 - 10/2016
Java developer
Irose d.o.o. (Internet and Information Technology, 10-50 employees)

  • android business applications development
  • constructing and writing APIs that are used inside company for speeding up repetitive tasks
  • developing server side back-end integrations with different ERP vendors from Slovenia and abroad
  • coordinating development processes inside company
  • finding solutions for businesses for better work efficiencies​
  • teaching co-workers best practices for java and android development

Local Availability

Open to travel worldwide
No limitations, but I prefere remote working when it's not mandatory to attend meetings on site.
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