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CIO | CTO | Capital Markets | Treasury | Greenfield | Innovation | Program Manager | M&A | Tech

Graduation: MBA in Entrepreneurship | BsC Computer Science
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I deliver programs withing Capital Markets / Innovation even in the most challenging situations. Extremely flexible and stress resiliant person with more than 20 years of experience in Financial Services working for major Banks in Switzerland and Scandinavia as well as within Research. 
Used to select and work with the best vendors for the task and to deliver results. Always up to date with the latest in technology. 
Cloud, VMs, ML, AI, APIs, RPA, Splunk, mainframe, Kanban, Excel, VBA, SDP,  SOA, Core Banking, CRM, ESB, CMS, Complex Event Processing, VMware Virtualization,

Project history

12/2016 - 12/2019
Head of e-FX & Head of Trade Processing
Nordea Markets

Managed all the technology, strategy, development, and operations teams for e-FX Front & Middle
office. Achieved the objective to become the best e-FX platform in Scandinavia. Built, led,
mentored, and developed 7 talented teams totalling more than 50 people, distributed over 6
countries to completely clean-up and build a state-of-the-art FX Technology platform. Implemented
several innovative service offerings like AutoFX and APIs.
* Stakeholder management on C-level
* Managed Technology Strategy, Operations, Software Development lifecycle and Infrastructure
* Built, led and mentored 7 teams and more than 50 people
* Responsible for more than 30 Business Critical applications incl. In-house developed and 3rd
Party: Broadway Technology, Barracuda FX, D3, ION, WallStreet FX, Murex, Refinitiv Electronic
Trading etc.
* All Front & Middle Office FX Systems (Markets + Treasury)
* Full FX trade lifecycle (Pre-, Trade & Post-Trade), cross-border and payment flows.
* Programs, projects, budgets, innovation, Vendor Management & Fin-Tech collaborations
* Responsible for aspects of: RPA, APIs (FIX Protocol, REST), Digital Channels, Liquidity
Aggregators, Price Generation & Streaming, RfS, RfQ, Trade / Order Management, Order Flows,
Execution and Distribution, Algo Engines, Customer Algo Execution, Real-time Position,
Liquidity & Risk Management, Auto hedging, Post-trade workflows, Cash Management, Payments,
Collateral, Positions, Risk, Settlements, Internal Interfaces & Web Portals ......
* Products: FX Spot, NDFs, SWAPs, Time Options, MM...
* Regulatory compliance (MiFID2, Global Code, PSD2...)
Major Achievements (extract):
* Rebuilt teams that were completely dismantled when I arrived, hired more than 20 new key
resources, and created several high-performing agile teams
* Successfully moved/implemented several key low-latency components to Hybrid-Cloud & Public
* First in the bank to be approved for intra-day releases (before: 1-2 month, after: several per
day) on business-critical systems by transforming the area to agile (SAFe) & DevOps
* Introduced: CI/CD, Containers, Microservices, SDN, RPA.....
* Factor 5 increase in operational stability of the e-FX offering in 9 months.
* Saved 20% of infrastructure costs while doing a total refresh of Hardware (140 Servers) and
new Datacentre.
* Successfully replaced 30 legacy low-latency components with new in-house developed
* In only 7 months successfully developed (greenfield) and Introduced the first Customer FX Algo
Execution Offering in Scandinavia (
starting the project 2 years after main competitor and going live at the same month giving the
bank an additional revenue stream
* Innovation: First in Scandinavia to offer FX APIs via Open Banking (PSD2)
* Innovation: Developed "AutoFX" for Corporate Cash Management (winner of innovation award)
* Reduced costs by 1M€/year and increased functionality by successfully replacing OMS in 6
* 8 times faster issue investigation times by Implementing (hands-on) Splunk for most FX flows
and systems.
* Successfully defined and implemented all needed changes for MiFID2 and Global Code in time.
Awards (extract):

11/2015 - 12/2018
Delivery Manager Murex - Securities and Treasury Ops IT
Global Finance; Credit Suisse

Team leader for Murex & Treasury IT Operations and Development for more than 40 people, both on
and offshore.
* Murex MX.3, in-house components, and Treasury system (mainframe)
* Lead: 2nd/3rd Level Support, BA, Development, Quality Assurance and Deployment Teams.
* Business stakeholder management on senior level
* Managing the overall program setup (BoW), scoping, structuring of delivery and execution
* Program Manager for regulatory change programs
* Products: Equity Derivatives, FX Options and PM Options
* Ensuring the continuation of the bank's systemically important functions in case of a
threatened insolvency
Major Achievements:
* 30% increase of the software development efficiency while at the same time increasing the code
stability by introducing Lean/Kanban and re-organizing the SDLC process.
* Replaced a multi-million project with an Excel sheet (incl. VBA code) in 1 day.

03/2015 - 10/2015
Lykke AG

Co-Founded the FinTech Lykke ( to build a global crypto exchange utilising
DLT (distributed ledger technology) & Blockchain that would offer the possibility of issuing and
trading anything as an digital asset.
* Successfully raised the initially needed seed capital and setup company structure.
* Defined the initial business model and technical architecture.

07/2013 - 02/2015
Program Manager: Merger and Acquisition of Oslo Clearing ASA
SIX x-clear AG

Manager of the acquisition and merger of Oslo Clearing ASA (Derivatives CCP clearing) by SIX
x-clear AG (Pan-European Multi-Asset Clearing).
* Engagement with Board & C-Level stakeholders and chair relevant steering committees
* Led coordination of 12 different workgroups (Norwegian Team, M&A, Legal, HR, Accounting,
Reporting, IT, Tax, Client Relationship, Risk, Treasury, Invoicing), 16 direct and around 35
indirect reports.
* Management of regulatory permits (EMIR, cross-border licences, FINMA, SNB & Norwegian
* Merging of completely different technology infrastructures, move to Private cloud hosting
Major Achievements:
* Executed the Merger with approval by SNB, FINMA, Ministry of Finance (NO) and FSA on the 1st
of May 2015.
* Defined the technical strategy for the combination and use of the 2 vastly different clearing
* Founded a Norwegian branch of SIX x-clear and transferred all assets from the Norwegian
clearing house
* Successfully transferred all Oslo clearing ASA customers to the new legal entity
* Implemented Derivatives clearing offering for all SIX x-clear customers.

09/2011 - 07/2013
Program Manager: Cross-Asset Single Dealer Platform & APIs

Led the design and development of greenfield program for a Cross-Asset online (SDP) Trading
platform "eTrading Pro" for Structured Products, Forex and Securities. The futuristic platform
enhanced ZKB's B2B clients (Investment Banks, Cantonal Banks, and Asset Managers) digital
experience giving them access to the full spectrum of trading services via internet.
* Built & Lead 6 Teams of more than 120 people (Developers, Structured Products, FX, Securities,
Common Services, IT Infrastructure)
* Led the conception of a single cross-asset service organisation ("Change the Bank")
* Vendor selection, relationships, and management of external resources.
* Merge requirements from different asset classes and departments into one solution, broke
organisational silos.
* Managed budget
* Design of internal and external Business Processes
* Oversaw Operational Risk, Compliance, Legal, SLAs
* UX Design, Business and Client Requirements.
Major Achievements:
* Successful go-live on time and budget in April 2013.
* 30% shortening of the estimated program duration by being the first to introduce agile
* Managed to successfully execute and align the program cross 3 different competing silos.
* Rebuilt the full structured products backend, from a Request-reply to a streaming real-time
* Winner of a 2013 Water Sell-Side Technology award

10/2009 - 09/2011
CIO | MD, Head of Corporate Solutions & Head of e-Trading

Hired to build-up the Corporate IT team from scratch and shortly promoted to additionally take
over the responsibility for the e-Trading Technology group becoming responsible for the whole IT of
the Bank.
Successfully led, initiated and managed an extremely challenging list of concurrent and correlated
programs to build the complete IT of a bank from the ground up under extreme time pressure.
Reporting directly to the COO and part of the Executive Management, main Link between Business,
and IT
Monthly FX volume of > 60 Billion CHF
* Masterminded the companies trading technologies and guaranteed the delivery of
state-of-the-art applications as well as to manage and coordinate deliveries with external
* Responsible for all aspects of Trading Technology in Front Middle and Back-office.
* Identify and develop a global technology strategy for all solutions and projects needed as
part of the overall corporate strategy. Define the platform Roadmap, plan, and software
* Scaled up, trained, and led more than 70 people both onsite and offshore
* Led the support, operations, infrastructure, and development teams
* Designed and established projects and implementation plans, progress reports and
recommendations for improvement of processes, definition of PMLC & SDLC
* Assured that technology infrastructure, applications, security, and the related processes
where fit for purpose, define the technology stack
* Created and proposed outsourcing strategies, RFQs, selection and management of vendors /
providers, contracts, agreements, SLA's, Vendor relationships
* Management of Prime Broker and Liquidity providers, Liquidity Management, and exposure
monitoring / automatic hedging.
Major Achievements:
* Scaled up the team from 2 to 70 people in 1 year to accommodate the banks expansion.
* Active support in the process of obtaining a Swiss Banking license making MIG the First Forex
broker to have obtained one by FINMA as well as a Securities Dealers License.
* Built and maintained a stable FX environment for >60'000 Clients (across the globe) and
>240'000 FX tx / day
* 30% Increase of profits by developing a real-time Exposure & Risk management system for FX and
* Increased Liquidity providers from 4 to 16, Introduced a 2nd Prime Broker, introduced CFDs
* Introduced an automated FX Liquidity management system
* Introduced a mobile trading app as well as Currenex & Integral as additional trading platforms
* Developed FIX Protocol & RESTfull connectivity APIs and introduced Customer FIX Post-trade
* Developed a SOA platform for the real time integration of all trading platforms (4), Liquidity
providers (16), Core Banking system, Exposure Monitoring, CRM & ECM, Risk Management,
* Successfully Implemented a Core Banking System (FIS Ambit) from scratch in record time (<1
* Introduced: CRM, OMS, e-Banking solution, SWIFT, KYC, ESB, MIS, e-Banking, CMS, RPA, Online

01/2009 - 09/2009
Consultant: Technology Strategy

CxO level consultant for MIG Investments (MIG Bank SA) regarding Technology Strategy, Trading
Technology and IT Infrastructure, Change, best practices.

01/2002 - 12/2008
Advanced Integrations AG

Led the development of a product line offering for Front, Middle and Back-office Systems as well
as professional services around electronic Trading Systems, stock exchange and Broker
* Built, led, and mentored the development team
* Built, led, and mentored the consulting teams.
* Joint ventures and strategic partnerships including FIS Front Arena, Ullink and Cameron FIX.
* Provided Professional Services and Consultancy at various Swiss Banks for:
* Our own products (Advanced Integrations)
* FIS Front Arena
* Trade and Order Management Systems, Market Connectivity, FIX Protocol
* M&As, RFPs, Program Management & Business Analysis
* Product Owner for all products
* IT Infrastructure, Network Design, Technical architecture
* Inhouse developed solutions (Equities): Service bus (SOA) for the Front to back integration of
financial systems; Complex Event Processing; Global order monitor; Connectors for Data, Back,
Middle and Front office systems; OMS; EMS; Internal market for systematic internalization
Major Achievements (@customers):
* Successful Greenfield implementation of the biggest FIS Front Arena (Equities) system of its
* Developed various FIX Protocol & native market connections
* Implemented a systematic internalization solution for equities (AIMS/AMAS)
* Re-designed the complete trade-order management system for a Bank
* Re-designed the Equities Trading Technology and RFP/vendor selection for Tier-2 Swiss Bank
* Merged 2 Equities Trading Platforms due to a bank merger
* Designed and built a new Datacentre, optimized for VMware Virtualization. (ItGo)

01/2001 - 12/2001
CIO & Co-Founder Tech Start-up

Entrepreneur with the objective to bring the first "Brain Computer Interface" (A system to control
a computer by brain activity) to market (Demo Video). The system was using ML and AI and far ahead
of its time.

09/1995 - 06/2001
Project Manager and Researcher
European Commission - Joint Research Centre (JRC)

Project Manager and researcher at the nuclear research plant of the European Commission at ESTI
(European Solar Test Institute) and ISIS (Institute for Systems, Informatics and Safety).
Major Projects & Achievements (extract):
* Developed a device that can control a PC by brain activity (ABI - Adaptive Brain Interface)
with several Patents. Prototype demonstrated live at several conferences and TV article on CNN
& BBC.
* Designed and built an extremely high precision Laser Beamed Induced Current Photovoltaic cell
scanning system with a precision of under 5 µm.

10/1991 - 07/1993
Manager - Customer Services

Responsible for the customer services department during the build-up and opening of the new IKEA
store in Milano.
* Implemented the first home delivery service of Ikea.

Local Availability

Open to travel worldwide
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