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Last update: 06.04.2017

SAP HANA BW / BI / BO, SEM-BCS, System Analyst & ABAP Objects Developer

Graduation: B.SC.
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Languages: German (Native or Bilingual) | English (Full Professional) | Czech (Native or Bilingual)


HANA / BI data modeling, HANA Native development, Schema and meta data import, Attribute / Analytical / Calculation Views, Composite Provider, Advanced DSO, Smart Data Integration SDI / SDA, InfoProvider, InfoCubes, InfoObjects, DataSources, Transformations, Non-SAP system integration, Data extractors, Hierarchies, Analysis for Office, Bex Query Designer, BI-IP Integrated Planning, Analysis Process Designer, SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform, RSA1, Generic system wide master data & hierarchy harmonization and maintenance

IFRS Integration, Custom tasks for consolidation processes, Generic restatements and reclassifications, Intercompany reconciliation, UCWB, UCMON

Inbound / Outbound processing, Handing unit management, RF Framework,
Delivery distribution & monitoring, ITS Mobile, SICF

SAP HANA Studio, BW Modeling Tools in Eclipse, PlanViz, Native SQL Script, ABAP Workbench

SAP Design Studio, SAP Web IDE, SAP Lumira, Dashboard, SAP Fiori, SAP Build, SAP Control Framework, ALV Grid, Tree Model, SLIS, Dialog programming, Transactions, Dynpros, Reports, ABAP Workbench, Screenpainter, Web Dynpro for ABAP

SAP BI RSDRI API, SAP Java & .Net Connector, JCA, NetWeaver Gateway GW Services, OData, SEGW, SAPUi5, SOAP, BICS, REST-API, tRFC / qRFC, ALE/Idoc, BAPI, SICF, WebServices, Web Application Designer

Parallel & Mass data processing, Dynamic programming, Migration / Porting, Rapid prototyping, Performance tuning, Reverse Engineering, Debugging, Emergency fixing, SM66, ST22

Kernel, Database, Security, Transport management, STMS, SPAM, DDIC, DMO, SUM

In-Memory Data Management (2014) - Implications on Enterprise Systems
BI Clients and Applications on SAP HANA
Introduction to Software Development on SAP HANA
Next Steps in Software Development on SAP HANA
SAP Business Warehouse powered by SAP HANA

SAP HANA 1.0 / 2.0, SAP NetWeaver 7.0 – 7.5, SAP ECC 6.0, SEM-BCS 6.04
IBM Eclipse, Several Tools for UML & OO design and analysis
Microsoft Server, Exchange / ISA Server, Microsoft Virtual Server, Visual Studio 2000 – 2015
Unix / Linux, SLES11, XenServer 6.5, VM Ware Server, Sun Virtual Box
Oracle 10/11, SQL Server, SapDB, MaxDB, MySQL
Adobe Photoshop, Apache Web Server / Tomcat

ABAP/4, ABAP Objects, HANA SQL Script / XS, MDX, SAPUi5, C, C++, C#, .NET, JAVA, Node JS,
VBA, PHP, JavaScript, XML, JSON, HTML, BSP, jQuery, SAP Business HTML

Project history

08/16 – today  Deutsche Bank AG, SAP BW 7.4 on HANA, SAPUi5 und oData Integration
Porting of a distributed excel application for cost restatements to a new architecture based on SAP BW and SAP BCS integration. Frontend development on SAPUi5 with oData services and planning enabled queries on plan DSO’s and InfoCubes.
  • Coordination of an international Offshore Team, SAP BW und BCS data modellierung
  • SAPUi5 Frontend  mit SAP Web IDE und NetWeaver Gateway oData Services
06/16 – 03/17 Deutsche Bank AG, SAP BW 7.4 on HANA, SAP BO 4.1, SAP Design Studio 16.3
Architecture and development of SAP BCS Group reporting dashboards based on SAP Design Studio and SAP Lumira. Responsive Geospatial Analytics Components with Crosstab Drill Through functions.
  • Configuration of SSO communication with BusinessObjects Information Design Tool. Deployment of mobile responsive group reports and partial porting of the SAP BO application into a pure SAPUi5 NetWeaver application with SAP Web IDE. Implementation of virtual InfoProvider, virtual Hierarchies and virtual master data access classes in SAP BW 7.4 for overall performance improvement of access times of SAP BO tools.
06/15 – 06/16 Deutsche Bank AG, SAP BI 7.0 to SAP BW 7.4 on HANA migration
Planning, migration and upgrade of an existing SAP BW 7.0 and SEM-BCS 6.04 landscape into SAP BW 7.4 on HANA 1.0 SPS10. Adjustment of all code bases prior to ABAP 7.4, migration of BW objects and data flows as well as custom developed BCS solutions. Offshore Team Coordination and distributed team development
  • Migration from SAP BW 7.0 to SAP BW 7.4 on HANA including SEM-BCS EhP6 using DMO and SUM
  • Implementation of a generic SAP HANA stress test suite for simulating hundreds of reporting users performing parallel query execution
  • HANA native development of a FX calculation engine to speed up the processing from 48 hours to 30 minutes
  • SAP Fiori prototyping with BSP JSON bridge for direct connectivity to SAP NetWeaver stack
02/16 – 08/16 SWB Energie und Wasser, SAP ERP, CRM, BW 7.4
Design and Implementation of custom integrated SAP solution for contribution margin accounting based on SAP CRM & SAP ERP mass data feeds into SAP BW 7.4 on Oracle 12c.
Implementation of following components:
  • The data model and the data flow for the SAP ERP and CRM source systems. A generic calculation engine for all dynamic key figures. Custom analysis process designer data flows and master data generation. Custom planning functions including cost distribution and process control
  • Custom SAP BEX Analyzer enhancement for master data maintenance. SAP Analysis for Office integration into a custom Excel Add-In including the planning application
09/09 – today Deutsche Bank AG, SAP BI 7.0 / SEM-BCS 6.04
Development & Support of a generic Excel plug-in for the global financial reporting and a web based reporting solution for downloading any data of Info Cube’s managed with a WebDynpro variant configuration and request monitoring frontend. Development of a mass data transfer web service for providing BI data to non-SAP systems. Following solutions were designed & implemented:
  • Global reporting frontend based on .NET Excel Add with SAP BI backend Integration using MDX & BICS for the daily use by more than 2000 analysts worldwide
  • Global commentary solution for reporting enabling collaborative documentation of key figures in real-time
  • Global InfoProvider mass data export interface to third-party systems, managed by a frontend implemented with WebDynpro for ABAP
  • Implementing of IFRS consolidation functions and custom frameworks for automated restatements in the consolidation workbench. Validation engine for reconciliation between the sub BI ledgers based on SAP BI RSDRI API
  • SAP GUI framework to enable displaying and editing of deep structured tables and for accessing BI, BCS & custom master data & attributes
  • Generic ABAP Objects method cache for faster processing of repeating method calls
  • Transport management tool for synchronizing quarterly code changes in a 5-tier landscape with approval process
01/12 – 12/13 Amprion GmbH, SAP BI 7.0 & SAP ECC 6.0
Development & Support of a customer specific solution for power plant consolidation and planning.
-              Implementation of a transaction for power plant information maintenance and integration into SAP the                 standard module PM including functional location generation and mapping of fields
-              Implementation of a parallel calculation engine for power plant data transfer to SAP BI 7.0

01/12 – 10/13 Fresenius SE & Co. KGaA, SAP BI 7.0 / SEM-BW 6.04
Development & Support of SAP BCS specific customer self-developed solution for financial data transfer and mapping between client source systems and the SAP BCS backend.
  • Implementation of a reporting solution for a worldwide business transparency of debitor and creditor payables and receivables using the SAP APD framework (Analysis process designer)
  • Implementation of a generic SAP BI master data maintenance transaction for Info Objects allowing mass data upload, Copy & Paste and hierarchy maintenance
  • Performance and code review of BCS specific customer developed solutions

09/09 – 09/09 X-CASE GmbH, SAP ECC 6.0
Performance tuning of SD/MM extractors regarding mass data processing and compatibility to R/3 4.6c

07/09 – 08/09 Alfatraining
Tutor for SAP certified courses:
  • APTEC Fundamentals of SAP Web AS, ADM940 SAP Authorization Concept
  • BC400 ABAP Workbench fundamentals, BC430 ABAP Dictionary
02/09 – 04/09 Dematic GmbH, SAP EWM 5.1
Integration of customer processes within the SAP EWM landscape based on ITS Mobile & RF-Framework
  • Implementation of customer specific RF dialogs for Symbol 3090 handhelds
  • Customization of SAP standard RF dialogs, Internet service installation

08/07 – 11/08 Ford AG, SAP SCM / EWM / ECC / NetWeaver 7.0
Project ERP Clearing House, Implementation of different Interfaces and ABAP Proxies inside an EWM, SCM, ERP landscape. Integration of customer specific handling unit management solution in EWM.
  • Integration of SCM and ERP components in customer specific processes related to spare parts management, mass data & parallel processing of millions of records
  • Support in BW data modeling and loading scenarios, as well as connection of customer specific third-party systems, KPI Reporting for acquisition efficiency
  • Implementation of customer specific RF dialogues for EWM processes based on                   
    ITS Mobile & RF-Framework

08/06 – 06/07 Commerzbank AG, SAP BI 7.0 / ECC / NetWeaver 2004s
Projekt HR Cockpit, support & modelling of content like InfoCubes, DSO, DTP, process chains, DB-Connect, generic extractors in main areas of the SAP HR module. Implementation of a HR cockpit, based on the BI 7.0 Web AS and integration of BI Queries into SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.0 with iViews & WebDynpro for ABAP.
  • Implementation of distributed master data management solution for a 3 system landscape.
  • Implementation of dynamic calculation rules for key figures during processing of InfoCube update rules.
05/06 – 06/06 LanXess AG, SAP BW 3.5
BW support & modelling, extension of data processing for companywide internal business volume elimination. Implementation of a generic interface for data extraction from specified SEM data pool.
09/05 – 12/05 Audi / IBM, SAP BW 3.1
Responsible for BW Support and Query design with BEX Analyser for KPI reporting on divisional sales figures. Development of a transaction for master data maintenance and distribution in a classical three system landscape.
  • Functional maintenance of InfoObjects and their hierarchies, based on ABAP Objects with RFC function modules
02/05 – 08/05 Wintershall AG, SAP BW 3.1
Support and development in SAP BW projects referring to a global authorization concept, modelling and reporting of oil industry BW applications. Extension of an individual transaction for project tracking like standard SAP PS.
  • Development of a transaction for authorization maintenance of Info-Objects and their hierarchy‘s
  • Extension and modification of customer specific extractors
04/04 – 10/04 Volkswagen Financial Services AG, SAP R/3 4.6c
Analysis, migration and porting of „evivax BON!“ from SAP Basis release 6.20 downward to 4.6c
  • Adjustment of the SAP JCo interface information provider’s Java API for IBM AiX 5.1
  • Adjustment and patching of the SAP 4.6c standard

09/03 – 03/04 T-Mobile Deutschland GmbH, SAP BW-SEM 3.0b
Concept design and implementation of a customer needed planning system MCP (Multi Channel Planning). Integration of a third party project system for the subsidiary in Austria. Web reporting development based on the standard SAP BW Web-API.
  • Implementation of extractors for data migration from SAP R/3 4.5b
  • User interfaces design for authorization maintenance based on Web Objects
  • SAP Web objects extension for customer reporting needs
  • Design and implementation of an administration Interface based on ABAP Objects
05/03 – 09/03 evivax IT Consulting GmbH, SAP R/3 4.6c, SAP IDES 4.70
Integration of different interfaces from third party information providers called Creditreform, Bürgel and Schufa into the credit check product „evivax BON!“ based on ABAP  & Java
  • Development of a Java based server component which was responsible for parallel request processing
  • Implementation of a load balancing component for all RFC server threads
  • Integration of various online request services (Address verification, company profiles, credit assessment check, consumer check)
  • Implementation of a monitoring component to track all communications
02/03 – 05/03 TEVES Continental, SAP R/3 4.6d
Transaction development for project maintenance similar to some parts in the standard SAP PS module.
  • Graphical User interface design and implementation, based on SAP GUI Controls
04/02 – 01/03 evivax IT Consulting GmbH, SAP BW-SEM 3.0a
Setup and migration of demonstration system scenario between SAP BW, SAP IDES and SAP CRM for a customer’s workshop targeting following topics: InfoCube design, Data staging with ODS objects, portal web reporting with customized business content for CRM
  • Concept, installation & configuration of SAP BW/SEM 3.0B with demonstration of SAP Enterprise Portal integration
  • SAP migration & transport management
  • RAID configurations for some SAP migrations, backup maintenance
  • Modelling of InfoCube’s and entire data load chains
12/01 – 07/02 Conrad Electronics, SAP CRM 2.0c
Implementation of SAP CRM 2.0c Internet Sales based system landscape combined with SAP R/3 and SAP BW. Partial development and major changes in delivered Templates with integrated online credit check component for customer specified risk management decision processes.
  • Process analysis & design of SAP R/3 and SAP CRM integration
  • SAP CRM Internet sales changes in look and feel, navigation and logical flow components to process huge amounts of various consumer products, based on SAP Business HTML templates 
  • Change of SAP Internet sales core functionality for allowing the user to browse the shop in more than one browser windows
  • Integration of payment check information provider working with CGI based request processing by InfoScore based on SAP JCO 2.0 Framework
  • Development of a monitoring tool for transaction trace and fall back scenario’s
  • Development of a demo shop solution for SAP CRM 2.0 and SAP BW 2.0B
Euro(€) currency migration with integration into the standard SAP CRM Internet sales solution
01/01 – 11/01 evivax IT Consulting GmbH, Intranet administration
Intranet design, support and maintenance used for internal development. Setup of SAP system landscapes for different SAP scenarios. Product development of a SAP tool called “evivax BON!”, a platform independent connector for different credit Information provider, based on SAP JCO API and ABAP Objects.
  • Process analysis, design & implementation of interfaces and core application
  • Design & implementation of User interface, workshops and training sessions
  • Installation of active directory with Microsoft Server 2000, Exchange 2000,  ISA Server combined with Samba
  • Intranet security maintenance, Setup of LAN, WAN and VPN solutions based on mixed Linux distributions like Debian and RedHat
  • Installation and upgrade of SAP R/3 4.6A, SAP R/3 4.5B, SAP R/3 4.6C

01/00 – 11/00 evivax IT Consulting GmbH, Web design and administration

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Profileimage by Anonymous profile, SAP HANA BW / BI / BO, SEM-BCS, System Analyst & ABAP Objects Developer SAP HANA BW / BI / BO, SEM-BCS, System Analyst & ABAP Objects Developer