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I capaciously and effectively communicate with colleagues, convey my thoughts and perceive others. I realize that the other person has a different experience and in case of any disagreements it is necessary to smooth out the corners and find a solution, and not cling to «my truth»

I understand that teamwork should increase productivity and efficiency, that it is not the team leader who is responsible for this, but each member. Personal interests should be kept far from the interests of the project

Empathy for the user
I easily put myself in the shoes of others, thereby getting closer to understanding their perceptions and problems. I understand that for different target audiences the decision can and will be different and it is not at all necessary that it will be logical, from my point of view

I am able to form a search query and find the necessary information. Ready to generate and propose ideas if the team is looking for a solution. Take responsibility, provided that there is no risk to the main activity

Any activity must be carried out more efficiently. For me, there is nothing worse than doing the same routine tasks every day, without being able to optimize them, save time and effort

Ability to persuade
I convey the idea not only at the “what” level, but also “why”, both within the team and in front of the customer. I argue my position and do not consider it to be the ultimate truth

I am considered a creative person, but I am sure that any creativity is born at the junction of experience in different specializations, adjusted for education

Work on bugs
I separate myself and my work, I know how I treat criticism and that without it, development, at best, will be very subjective, but in fact it will simply stop

I quickly switch between tasks thanks to the guidance of the task-manager and five-minute meditations (not spiritual). I delve into the essence of the problem and look for a solution, but do not defend my views and put «crutches»


UX Research
I can analyze the usability of both the finished product and during the development process, taking into account the capabilities of the target user

UX copywriting
I write succinctly and clearly even in the process of interface design, since all sorts of "stubs" do not give an understanding of how the final product will look, and a professional copywriter will find it easier to work with a living ux-structure

Information architecture (Atomicity)
Understanding and using the principles of nesting, using styles and components to achieve a clear and convenient structure

I believe that a wireframe is required for an accurate understanding before starting the development of the design itself, if not in front of the customer, then within the team, as well as for the correct layering of styles and components on the frame. Fortunately, now there is even more than one cool plugin for these purposes inside Figma

I can make simple prototypes with standard Figma tools at this stage, but I don't see any difficulties in switching to more focused tools

Visual communication
UI is about design, but it goes through a visual experience. Understanding color theory, composition, etc. is the first thing I began to educate myself about after mastering the basic functionality in Figma


I use it professionally, I know all the useful keyboard shortcuts (subjectively, of course), what is where and how to work effectively without unnecessary clicks and jumps. Some hotkeys have been reassigned. I read announcements, follow updates and the community

I have been using it for more than 13 years at the user level, I can find the solution to the problem myself, I know what is where in the interface. What is not clear - I google and do it as an example

Opened, clicked - working with a vector is more convenient than in Figma, but the presence of plugins makes it smooth Figma. If necessary, I can google the solution of the problem and use it

I didn't like both the interface and its use. However, the existence of scripts for transferring the design from Figma to zero block smoothes out the unpleasant experience, since there is no need to perform the same actions with the mouse dozens of times. if constructor, i choose Webflow

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