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IT is such a wide capturing area of work, and equally so is programming. Due to the popularity and the diverse set of technologies and purposes, there is a need to specialize within an area to become a real expert programmer. There is a great deal of job satisfaction from programmer roles; this is true to the fact that the product of a developer is a working product, usually to provide some tangible benefits to an organisation. Seeing this come to life is a positive factor for any programmer. In the following sections, we will discuss some of the more popular areas and look at some of the benefits of being involved in these areas.
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What areas can a programmer work at within the industry?

IT programming can come under any number of more specific disciplines, but no matter which this is, the individual conducting this work should be focused, precise and well organized. Programming can be a problem solving exercise, one which many can get great fulfillment from.

There are many areas within the programming industry, we will look at a few of the more common ones and describe what function they perform.

Different types of programmer roles

Web Programmer: Due to the increase in popularity in the industrial, commercial and social worlds, this area of programming has taken off like a rocket. This area combines programming skills, database connectivity and query, dynamic content and some design and accessibility requirements. This is a great way for a programmer to build up and well established portfolio of work to demonstrate their skills.

Windows Application Programmer: Windows development programmers would be involved in creating business focused applications, usually developed in order to fulfill a function within an organisation. This could be to streamline a current process, move away from manual processes or simply to improve efficiency. This is a fulfilling role and allows the manipulation of a number of technologies, depending on the scope of the project.

Communications Programmer: Again, in the ever growing world of online presence, communication through Internet media is becoming more and more popular. Companies and organizations of all sizes are looking for new was to engage with their clients and workforce. This could create the need for a seasoned programmer to design and implement communications channels that meet their organisation needs. Keeping on top of new technology is the key here; a simple email will no longer suffice, when the social media space seems to be the more prevalent communication channel.

Games Programmer: Who could forget this area of development? The games industry is a massive industry, turning over billions every year. Although for a programmer, this can be quite a niche are to get involved in, the rewards for proving your worth and being able to work on that next hit title will really reward your dedication.

Where to find a programmer or developer online?

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