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  • IT Project Manager

    Perth - Job type: on-site
    Listed: 11.04.2021 at 02:30

    Please only apply if you are based in Scotland and happy to travel to site 2/3 days per week.* The role will be to pick up 2 in-flight projects covering the technical upgrade of the platforms for two of our settlements systems. *...

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More web development jobs than any other freelancing site!

I created my profile at freelancermap.com recently because one of my colleagues highly recommended it to me. And I already see that freelancermap.com has much more job postings for web development tha...

Dusan Markovic

Wordpress web developer

Great long term projects at freelancermap.com!

The quality of the projects and work that are offered at freelancermap.com are amazing. I hope to get my first long-term project by the end of the year.

Antonio Carrasco

Web Design, Social Media, Training, Español

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