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• Model Deployment and Management:
o Deploy and manage machine learning models using Google Cloud's Vertex AI.
o Work closely with the teams in charge of data engineering and software development to make sure that data processing and analytics systems are deployed and run in a cost effective, efficient manner in production environments.
• MLOps Automation:
o Develop and maintain automated pipelines for model training, testing, and deployment.
o Implement version control and continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) processes for machine learning models.
• Infrastructure and Scalability:
o Collaborate with DevOps teams to ensure the scalability and reliability of machine learning infrastructure.
o Optimize and monitor model performance in production.
• Monitoring, Troubleshooting, Security & Compliance, Documentation :
o Implement monitoring solutions for tracking model performance and data drift.
o Respond to and troubleshoot issues related to deployed machine learning models.
o Ensure that machine learning operations comply with security and regulatory standards.
o Implement security measures to protect sensitive data used in machine learning models.
o Document MLOps processes, configurations, and best practices.
o Communicate effectively with cross-functional teams, including compliance analytics, software engineers, and stakeholders.

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6 months
(extension possible)
N Consulting UG
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Kirubanandam Swayamprakasam
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