Oracle OCI Architect (IAM Policies, Compartments, Networking)

Rome, Latium


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We are seeking a highly skilled Oracle OCI Architect with expertise in IAM Policies, Compartments, and networking to join our team. As an OCI Architect, you will be responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining secure and scalable Oracle Cloud Infrastructure solutions.
Part of the responsibilities will be:
-Design and implement Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) solutions based on industry best practices and customer requirements.
-Develop and implement IAM policies and access controls to ensure proper security and governance within OCI.
-Design and configure OCI networking components, including VCNs (Virtual Cloud Networks), subnets, security lists, route tables, and load balancers.
-Conduct performance tuning and optimization of OCI services to maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
-Troubleshoot and resolve issues related to OCI networking, IAM policies, and compartment configurations.
Document technical specifications, architectural diagrams, and operational procedures related to OCI deployments.
Skills and experience required for this position:
-Proven experience as an OCI Architect, with a deep understanding of IAM policies, compartments, and networking within OCI.
-Hands-on experience with IAM policies, roles, and user management within OCI.
-Proficiency in configuring and managing VCNs, subnets, security lists, route tables, and load balancers in OCI.
-Familiarity with networking concepts, such as TCP/IP, DNS, VPN, and firewalls.
-Strong troubleshooting and problem-solving skills in the context of OCI deployments.
We are only looking for ITALIAN speaking consultants. The roll is mainly remote based
Start date
6 months
(extension possible)
DWI Consulting Limited
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Martin Harvey
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