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A software developer is an expert at developing solutions for businesses and other organisations to help provide more efficient processing. There are a large range of expert streams that a software developer can take. A software developer could come under a number of specialisms, they could be a SQL database professional, feeding other applications with streams of secure data, they could be a web developer, designing informative portals for customers or they could be an application developer providing data driven application for business functions.
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Wide range of software solutions

There are a range of technical solutions and technologies available today that are able to solve organisational issues; with this large range available, there becomes a need to have a similarly diverse range of experts to design, manage and develop their implementation into an organisations infrastructure.Let's have a look at some funtional roles of Software Developers-

Software Developer roles

As with many technical roles, there are various streams of software development, each with their own purposes and specialist requirements. We will discuss some of the more common ones here.

Web developer - This is probably one of the most popular development roles around; this category of software developer allows not only the demonstration of technical ability, but it also gives an opportunity to show off an artistic flair. There are very few organizations active these days without a website, and with the changing technologies always evolving, companies will regularly update and further develop their sites. This is a skilled, responsible but exciting role for the right individual.

Application developer - This type of software developer would work in house or as part of a software development consultancy to produce Windows, Linux or IOS designed application. These could be to enhance productivity, streamline processes or simply provide a more efficient and robust recording system. This form of software developer could be tasked with any type of project, and so this role provides an ever changing landscape, maintaining interest in the role.

Database developer - Although this is not the most fashionable of roles in the development industry, the role of a database developer is a very important one. Many systems rely on the underlying databases and data warehouses to function. This is a very skilled role, with many sub areas of expertise underneath it. One key area that has become very popular is the 'Data Warehousing' function.

Data visuals developer - This is probably an extension of the database developer role, where complex queries and functions are designed and implemented to give business leaders a visual guide as to the organisations productivity, operation or function. These KPI driven systems can really make a difference in the performance an organization delivers. This role does require a skilled data analyst, with design capability and a keen eye for valuable figures.

How to fill your software development role?

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