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Software development or software management is the process of scoping, designing, building, testing and deploying software services of any type. The processes surrounding this role can be very complex and difficult to manage; this is why a skilled individual or team should manage the end to end process. It is an increasing trend in the IT-business to outsource software projects to individual developers, freelancers and offshore teams wordwide instead of a costly in-house development.
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From the software projects idea to the final software solution.

From the early stages of the software project idea, through requirements gathering and stakeholder identification, attention to detail is a must for any project manager overseeing such a task. The beginning derives the end with development work such as this; the planning and design will be driven by the early identified key requirements. Any software project should have clear goals and tangible benefits to be realized.

The steps in the software project cycle

Under any given software project there could be a variety of required steps, unless following a strict pre-defined approach. Broadly, the following elements would be included and the project manager should be well versed in what is required at each stage.

Requirements gathering: This is arguably one of the most important stages of the software development process. This is the activity that will engage key stakeholders of the software project, getting the real needs and considerations built into the scope at an early stage. This process will determine the fundamental elements within the design, which will follow soon after requirements gathering.

Design: The design of the software solution is driven by the requirements gathering stage. The outputs will be rationalized and formalized, and then a design professional will bring the requirements together into a design. It is usual that a cycle of review and rework of the design will occur; this ensures that the stakeholders are happy with the direction of the software project.

Modular development: Depending on the size and complexity of the software project, either a modular or overall development approach may be taken. Where a complex solution is the answer, the product will be designed and broken down into key components, with communication channels between being defined. This allows the distribution of the development work to be cast wider, allowing a bigger team to provide resource.

Testing: Testing comes in many forms; this could be technical testing, user acceptance, load testing, security hardening and usability testing. Depending on the type of product in the design, you may need to take up one, more or all of these testing processes. It is important that a testing strategy be defined at the early stages so that the key requirements can be incorporated into this.

User acceptance, deployment and project sign off: The purpose of the software project is to provide a software solution that is effective, usable and functional. To be sure these goals have been reached, it is important to confirm with your user base that they are happy with the product. Once they are happy, the company can plan and execute a deployment regime, putting the project solution into the live environment. Various cycles of review could take place at this point, hopefully leading to project sign off and a business as usual takeover.

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