Interesting facts and data about the freelance market around the world.

  • Discover new insights into what challenges and motivates people choosing to work this way, and why people are increasingly turning towards the freelance life.
  • Freelance workforce statistics in the DACH region, Europe, and worldwide!
  • Download 2020 Freelancer study

  • 1,865 freelancers based in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria participated in this study from February to July 2020.

  • Freelancers answered 70 questions that shed light on freelancers’ financial situation, their work life, their struggles, their motivations, and more. Additionally, the study also analyses the impact of COVID-19 on freelancers.

Freelancer study 2020 (DACH)
  • 98 pages PDF
Freelancer survey 2019
  • 46 pages PDF
Freelancer survey 2017
  • 41 pages PDF
Freelancer survey 2016
  • 46 pages PDF
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