Freelancer Study 2022

A closer look into the global freelancing market: Financials, demographics and more.


Freelancers are innovation drivers in the economy. They play a key role in the digital transformation, and are shaping the Future of Work. Freelancing has grown quickly in the last few years. We once again analyse the freelancing market and highlight the importance of freelance work.

For the 6th time, freelancermap publishes their Freelancer Report. From March 1 to May 31, 2,610 freelancers from all over the world answered over 70 questions in our freelancer survey. They talked about their financial situation, and their life as highly-skilled independent professionals. They also shared their thoughts about the future of freelancing and how Covid-19 affected their businesses. Enjoy reading it and the insights!

Highly-skilled freelancers demand more

Companies of all sizes work with freelancers to benefit from their specific expertise. It’s not a surprise that experienced, highly-skilled freelancers are breaking records in terms of rates. In 2022, SAP freelancers are well-demanded and the top earners. On average, they increased their rates by $10 compared to last year.

More women, still a pay gap

The number of women entering the freelancing world has increased. We have also seen an increased number of women participating in our study (2% more than last year). However, women freelancers’s pay is still lower than their male counterparts. According to this years’ report, the gender pay gap is $16. Interestingly, the levels of income satisfaction are quite similar (64% women vs. 66% men). 52% of female freelancers are planning to increase their rates this year.


Freelancing is a global phenomenon

The shortage of talent and the impact of Covid-19 have accelerated the acceptance of freelancers. Companies worldwide demand skilled freelancers and this opens possibilities to independent professionals from all over the world, not only North America or Europe. Compared with last year, we have seen an increase of 1,000% in freelancer sign-ups from Africa and a 17% increase in sign-ups from LATAM countries.


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