IBS Technology GmbH

IBS Technology GmbH

CRM Implementation Partner

  • Schwarzwaldstrasse 122
  • 65203 Frankfurt am Main
  • Germany
  • www.ibs-technology.com

Our customers are satisfied customers.

We focus ourselves on projects with CRM Software from Update, the leading CRM software provider in Europe.

We provide you a comprehensive consulting and technical expertise to successfully complete your CRM project requirements. 

  1. Defining your requirement
  2. Planning and budgeting the project
  3. Implementation phase
  4. Roll-out phase
  5. Improving and optimizing your business through the enhancement cycles

Through our experience with highly customized scenarios for small and large enterprises, we have gained the necessary know-how on implementing successful CRM projects, including the technical expertise and a deep understanding of CRM process customization to cater your distinct need.

We provide you with the state-of-the-art solution to give you a sustainable and scalable base for your further enhancements in the future.

Furthermore we also have the expertise to support you in special topics such as:

SAP Interfacing Integrating different data exchange with the SAP System
Web Service / XML interfacing Integrating different data exchange on web- and XML-based services with other external systems
Customized Reporting Generating a customized and programmed reporting system to enhance the usability of management and end-users, including an automated export to an excel template
Add-On modules Generating programs with unique features to cater your diverse technical requirements