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How to Build Strong Relationships With Clients That Last


For many freelancers, securing strong, long-term relationships with clients is the key to building a successful business. With strong client relationships, you can spend more hours actually working (and earning money!), and less time endlessly applying for new jobs each month. The question is, how do you get to this point?

Writing a Freelance Project Description – Tips & Examples


Finding the right person for a project is not entirely straightforward. The hiring process is hard when looking for full-time employees and hiring freelancers is no different! In order to attract good talent, you need a meaningful project description with clear requirements and as many details as possible.

How To Work Remotely From Home: Tips & Strategies


Working from home has many benefits: you dictate your own hours, no time is wasted commuting to the office, there’s no one watching over your shoulder. And, best of all, you’re home to receive the mail – goodbye trips to the post office! However, working at home also comes with its own set of challenges: it can be overwhelmingly solitary, the urge...

SAP and SAP Modules: A Complete Guide


Have you always wanted to know what SAP is about but can’t find a short and complete explanation? You’ve come to the right place! This article answers the questions about SAP and SAP modules from the perspective of a freelancer!

Women In Technology: Challenges & Opportunities


In today’s rapidly advancing day and age, one would think gender no longer plays a role in work. Far from it - this view of technology being “male” centric is a notion that continues to persist even today and prevents many girls and young women from even considering the exciting professional field of IT.

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