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8 Key Tax Deadlines For Freelancers in Germany [Update 2024]

Deadlines and due dates can get easily lost in a hectic freelance life. Knowing when and how to manage them can be the difference between achieving your desired results or falling short of them. This article will provide an overview of the most important due dates and tax deadlines for freelancers working in Germany, which will help you stay on...

Client and Project Management For Freelancers

Client and project management is crucial when it comes to growing your business and organising your work. Without a proper strategy in place, it can get chaotic and difficult to balance your ever-growing workload. Which is why we’ve put together a guide to help you manage multiple clients and projects, all without the risk of burning out.

Top 10 AI Tools For Freelancers in 2023

Artificial Intelligence has taken our business world, including that of freelancers and the self-employed, by storm. But does it also benefit us in our day-to-day work? In the following article we will explore which AI tools are absolute “game changers” for freelancers.

Freelance Productivity Management: Tips, Techniques & Tools

Productivity and time management often pose a significant challenge for freelancers and self-employed individuals. Who doesn't know the feeling of asking oneself "Why has everything been left undone again?" just before the end of the workday? In this comprehensive guide, we will explore various aspects of freelance productivity, offering practical...

The Basics of Remote Project Management

Around the world, companies have started working with freelancers on a grand scale. Engaging with self-employed is one of the best ways to make remote work a possibility in your organization. However, it can be difficult to manage projects effectively if this is the first time that you’re implementing these types of changes.

Business Risks IT Freelancers Should Be Aware Of

Running your own business, particularly in the IT sector, comes with inherent risks. Legal violations, professional negligence, and cybercrime can have severe consequences that can significantly impact your business. In order to assist you in mitigating these risks, we have compiled a comprehensive article that outlines the major threats to your...

The Most Interesting Types of Freelance Insurance

As someone running their own business, insurance is definitely something you should consider. Whether you want to protect your equipment, your work itself or against any potential injuries, there are tons of freelance and self-employed insurance options out there. However, what do they all mean and do you actually need them?

Credit Note Template For Freelancers [Freebie]

It often happens that an invoice you issued to a client is wrong and needs to be canceled or amended. Editing, canceling, or refunding an invoice can be a pain, but credit notes make this process simpler. Find out when you need to issue a credit note, what you should consider and download a free credit note template we’ve created for you.

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