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Digital Nomad Visas 2024 – Countries, Income Requirements, Minimum Salary

Working as a digital nomad means you get to travel the world and work from wherever you like. However, most nomads work remotely on tourist visas - a practice that is illegal in almost all countries. This is where digital nomad visas come in. These visas allow you to work legally wherever you are and are perfect for nomads who are constantly on...

Top 10 AI Tools For Freelancers in 2023

Artificial Intelligence has taken our business world, including that of freelancers and the self-employed, by storm. But does it also benefit us in our day-to-day work? In the following article we will explore which AI tools are absolute “game changers” for freelancers.

Freelance Productivity Management: Tips, Techniques & Tools

Productivity and time management often pose a significant challenge for freelancers and self-employed individuals. Who doesn't know the feeling of asking oneself "Why has everything been left undone again?" just before the end of the workday? In this comprehensive guide, we will explore various aspects of freelance productivity, offering practical...

The Most Interesting Types of Freelance Insurance

As someone running their own business, insurance is definitely something you should consider. Whether you want to protect your equipment, your work itself or against any potential injuries, there are tons of freelance and self-employed insurance options out there. However, what do they all mean and do you actually need them?

A Freelancer’s Guide To Pension & Retirement

Being a freelancer may come with a lot of perks, but unfortunately, an automatic workplace pension isn’t one of them. While employees at a company can sign up for their company’s pension scheme, freelancers are in charge of arranging their own pension and putting aside money to contribute towards their future.

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