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Women in technology: Challenges & Opportunities


In today’s rapidly advancing day and age, one might think that gender should no longer play a role in work these days. Far from it – this view of technology being “male” centric is a notion that continues to persist in this day and age and prevents many girls and young women from even considering the exciting professional field.

IT Freelancing Trends & Insights 2020


Traditional forms of work are becoming less and less popular. Instead, remote work and freelancing have taken over as more powerful alternatives and are quickly shaping the future of work with more people starting their own businesses. So what can freelancers expect in 2020? Our freelancers spoke up: “The biggest trend will pertain to further...

Brexit for Freelancers: What changes and How to Prepare


Brexit is now official - with the UK finally leaving the EU on January 31st, 2020. It’s been a painfully slow and tumultuous process that finally has come to fruition. A process that effects and will affect several various aspects of the lives of those within the UK as well as citizens of EU countries. But how exactly?

Where Do Freelancers Work Best?


When you run your own business, it is up to you as a freelancer, to decide where you work, and this is a phenomenal opportunity. You know yourself best and choosing the working environment that suits you perfectly can not only make your job more productive but more pleasant as well.

World’s Biggest Cyber Attack Hits over 100 countries


The ransom-ware “WannaCry”, already labelled as the world’s biggest cyber attack, gave us a glimpse of how vulnerable the always-connected world of the future is. As around 100 countries were targeted: hospitals in the UK, trains in Germany, FedEx in the US, phone companies in Portugal and Spain and many more were victims of blackmailers.

Facebook Reveals Brand New Brain-typing and Skin-hearing Technology


On its annual developer conference, F8, Facebook shared some pretty amazing technology that the company has been working on. In particular, its Research and Development division has been developing interface that lets you type “with your mind” and ways to hear from your skin. Sounds crazy? It is. But it’s also real, so keep reading…

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