Sanmay Ved who owned for a minute got 12,000 dollar for it


You might remember the story of Sanmay Ved who managed to buy Google’s domain name for twelve dollars back in September. The company now reveals that they initially wanted to give him 6,006.13 dollar (spells Google numerically). Once they found out Sanmay was donating the money to charity, they doubled the amount...

Programmer automates his job with hilarious scripts


This is a story of a programmer who wanted to automate anything that takes more than 90 seconds of his time. His code is being shared on GitHub, covering stuff like dealing with his wife, a co-worker he didn’t seem to like a lot and even brewing coffee.

Snapchat ads crazy animated selfies and $ 0.99 replays


Snapchat, the popular ephemeral app where your messages disappear after being viewed by the receiver, just added a couple of interesting new features. “Lenses” scans your face and lets you record crazy selfie videos and paid replays, which mark the first in-app purchase possibility for Snapchat.

Do freelancers need Social Media? – A survey among independent IT-experts


In former times, freelancers and contractors were using non-digital sources and instruments to ping a clients’ attention and land gigs, such as cold calls, personal networking or even letters. But things are changing fast and nowadays freelancers find themselves in a world full of new digital instruments, sources and channels for their marketing...

Scrivere offerte come freelancer – consigli e stratagemmi


Freelancer e liberi professionisti devono scrivere spesso delle offerte per ricevere dei progetti. Lo stesso succede qui su Preparare e scrivere delle offerte a volte può essere complicato: per questo avere un paio di consigli a mente può cambiare l´approccio a questo tedioso compito e, cosa più importante, il modo in cui i...



A lot of mixed feelings remain after the launch of the new console generation. Due to the quite unspectacular tech-specs and lack of breathtaking games, the obligatory next-gen-hype seems to be missing this time. Obviously hardcore gamers will continue to break 3DMark-Scores, frame rates and up scaling records with their old-fashioned, but still...

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