The economy is changing and new job roles are being created thanks to the digitalization. We introduce you to the most demanded positions in the IT field and offer technical guides and other career guidance.

What Does A Deep Learning Engineer Do?


A deep learning engineer is in charge of researching, building and maintaining algorithms that power Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning systems and applications. These professionals act as crucial members of the data science team and are usually involved in the work of various technologies including data science and Big Data. What does a...

What Does An AI Architect Do?


AI architects are responsible for designing and implementing AI infrastructure for databases, applications, and computer networks. They generally serve as the bridge between programmers, data analysts, administrators, etc. and organisation executives. What does an AI architect do?

What Does A CRM Developer Do?


A CRM developer is responsible for gathering customer information for organisations and developing and maintaining customer relationship management (CRM) software. They also create reports about customer behaviour for business heads and help analyse data to determine the best course of action for an organisation. What does a CRM developer do?

What Does An Angular Developer Do?


An Angular developer creates modern and dynamic web applications using the Angular framework as well as other related technologies such as TypeScript, Node.js or Webpack. These developers collaborate with designers and back-end developers to bring the user interface to life and ensure a seamless user experience. What does an Angular (JS) developer...

Cloud Computing vs Traditional IT Infrastructure


Business entrepreneurs must make a multitude of crucial decisions. They have to think about recruitment, website names, expansion, legal considerations, and budgets, to name a few. One thing that should be high on every entrepreneur's list is their IT infrastructure, including the choice between traditional IT infrastructure and cloud computing. 

What Does A Cyber Lawyer Do?


A cyber lawyer is a legal expert who specialises in internet law. Because online threats are getting increasingly common, lawyers need training and digital understanding to combat crimes that arise on the network, such as malware, viruses, scams or phishing. Cyberlaw is a field with lots of opportunities and can be a good choice for freelancers...

What Does A 3D Printing Engineer Do?


A 3D printing engineer is in charge of creating prototypes based on business or consumer needs. They design, integrate, and support these prototypes and assist with the deployment of digital software to production. What does a 3D printing engineer do?

What Does A Stress Engineer Do?


A stress engineer deals with the assessment of stresses on complex objects when in use. They conduct analysis and assessments on structures and components to determine how strong they are. These professionals typically work in fields such as aerospace, nautical and medical. What does a stress engineer do?

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