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What does a Mud Engineer do?


Mud engineers, also known as Drilling fluid engineers, are responsible for mixing, controlling and testing drilling fluids, also known as ‘mud’, which is used in the process of drilling. They typically work with other engineers and geologists on oil and gas rigs and are well versed in drilling practices. Role...

What does a Hardware Designer do?


A Hardware designer or a Hardware design engineer is in charge of developing, testing and building hardware systems like computer processors. While different hardware designers may work on different types of hardware, their primary roles are generally similar. These include identifying hardware needs, working with a development team, and...

What does a Data Artist do?


A Data Artist visualises data streams in the Big Data area and is an expert in graphic design and information technology. They understand business objectives and processes and are able to implement them in the form of storytelling and graphics such as graphs, charts, infographics and other tools that can help people understand complex information...

What does an SQL Server Developer do?


An SQL server developer is in charge of designing, developing and maintaining SQL databases as well as designing applications that interface with SQL databases. They are often responsible for analyzing a company or organization’s data management and input needs and design systems that organize, store and access that data for them.

What does a Linux Administrator do?


A Linux System Administrator is responsible for components from the Linux area, which they maintain, develop and support. They work with both, the client-side and the server-side applications. What does a Linux Administrator do?

What does a Test Engineer do?


Test engineer(s) check the quality of the products throughout the production cycle to make sure it matches the needs and expectations of the customer. Depending on the product, different criteria are used to check the quality, e.g, functionality, durability, safety and speed. Experienced test engineers may also be responsible for training and...

What does a Performance Engineer do?


Performance engineers design and develop computer software and applications using performance engineering strategies. They help improve system performance and reliability and also analyze performance issues and provide solutions for correction. What’s the role of a performance engineer?

What does a Hadoop Developer do?


Hadoop developer - the role involves creating apps that help manage Big Data for a company. They are tasked with the programming, design, and development of Hadoop applications in the Big Data domain. What does the Hadoop developer do?

What does an Innovation Manager do?


Innovation Managers drive technical innovations within companies and ensure competitive advantages on the market. They not only develop new solutions but also improve existing processes, products, and services. Let’s explore the role of an innovation manager.

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