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What does a Scala Developer do?


A Scala developer is an expert in the object-oriented and high-level programming language, Scala. They design, develop and test technical solutions and components for organizations and build enterprise applications on the cloud.

What does a Kotlin Developer do?


A Kotlin developer is a software developer who specializes in Kotlin - a modern, statically-typed programming language. He/She has experience with functional programming, web service concepts and is familiar with Android libraries.

What does a Data Architect do?


Data architects are responsible for the design and construction of a holistic data management framework. They hold a key position in the field of data governance and are required to work in tandem with the organization’s data engineer and other team members to create and develop data-centric solutions.

What does a Laravel Developer do?


A Laravel developer is an expert specializing in the Laravel framework. They use the PHP programming language to build and maintain innovative and functional web-based applications that elevate user experience as well as ensure the consistency of HTML, CSS, and shared JavaScript across applications. What does a Laravel Developer do?

What does a NOC Engineer do?


A NOC engineer is primarily responsible for setting up, managing and monitoring a network from any centralized location. They perform a back-end role and have experience with servers, networking and IT work. Let’s take a closer look at the role of a NOC engineer!

What does an Informatica Developer do?


The primary role of an Informatica developer is to develop, debug, maintain and test Informatica software applications that support the business needs of an organization. This includes creating solutions for databases that align with the needs of a company or organization. What does an Informatica developer do?

What does a Shopify Web Designer do?


A Shopify web designer’s primary role is the design and development of an online store. They customize the User Interface of a store based on the corresponding brand standards and style guides and implement system integrations for various components. What does a Shopify web designer do?

What does a Business Intelligence Developer do?


A Business Intelligence Developer designs and develops strategies and solutions for processes that are relevant to a company's business. They develop and maintain business intelligence tools and interfaces and create and present data request queries with the help of visualisation and reports.

What does an IoT Engineer do?


A specialist in connected objects, an IoT engineer develops innovative services that help users to receive, control and manage information. They are also in charge of developing and managing a vast array of IoT devices, platforms, software, hardware and systems through a combination of data, technology and research.

What does a Configuration Manager do?


Configuration managers are in charge of coordinating and directing configurations of all kinds of products. A configuration is the sum of interrelated features of a product, both physical and functional. What does a configuration manager do? Role overviewResponsibilitiesSkillsBackgroundSalary What is configuration management? Configuration...

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