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What Does a Content Manager Do?


Ever wondered what the role of a Content Manager entails? In this edition of our Career Insights series, we go into the role, capabilities, skills and typical salary for a freelance content manager, and what you need to do to become one!

What Does An Automotive Engineer Do?


An automotive engineer is responsible, in part, for the design, development, manufacturing and testing of vehicles and their subsystems. They work in every area of the automotive industry and create new technologies that make vehicles more efficient. What does an automotive engineer do?

What Does A Data Modeler Do?


Data modelers are responsible for building an organizational structure for a company's data. They design computer databases that translate complex data into usable systems and work with data architects to create data models that meet organizational needs. What does a data modeler do?

What Does A Computer Engineer Do?


Computer engineers are responsible for the entire IT area of ​​a company. Their responsibilities include the selection and installation of hardware and software, maintaining the company's internal computer network, and programming and optimizing software solutions. What does a computer engineer do?

What Does An Inventory Analyst Do?


Inventory analysts are responsible for an organization’s purchasing inventory. They manage inventory items and help businesses make good decisions regarding inventory purchases. These analysts primarily work in warehouse and office environments and are a part of a retail/manufacturing organization's operations staff. What does an inventory analyst...

What Does A Mechanical Engineer Do?


A mechanical engineer is typically tasked with designing, building and testing mechanical devices, power-producing machines, and power-using machines. These engineers play an important role in many industries including automotive, computer and electronics, aerospace, and manufacturing industries. What does a mechanical engineer do?

What Does A Data Analyst Do?


Data analysts evaluate a wide variety of data, present it to their colleagues and superiors and develop concepts and recommendations for actions based on the data. These analysts are needed in organizations where a lot of data is generated. What does a data analyst do?

What Does A Database Administrator Do?


Database administrators (DBAs) are primarily responsible for the maintenance and administration of database management systems (DBMS). They monitor applications, save relevant data and keep the databases up to date. What does a database administrator do?

What Does A SAP Business Analyst Do?


A SAP business analyst is generally in charge of designing, implementing and configuring SAP software programs and systems for businesses. They evaluate business needs and customize SAP programs in order to perform specific functions and processes.

How To: Freelancing In Greece


Thinking of Greece automatically conjures up images of sandy beaches, ancient buildings and volcanic islands. It should come as no surprise then that this Southeastern European country is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world - and the perfect place for freelancers who would want to work from abroad. Continue reading to learn...

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