The economy is changing and new job roles are being created thanks to the digitalization. We introduce you to the most demanded positions in the IT field and offer technical guides and other career guidance.

What does a UAT Tester do?


UAT Testers serve as the final round of testing a new product – be it software, an app, a website, or a device. They ensure the product is ready for final users by developing test plans and conducting thorough testing. Let’s take a closer look at the role:  What is User Acceptance Testing? UAT or user acceptance tests are tests that check...

What does a PACS Administrator do?


A PACS Administrator is an IT specialist in charge of the management and maintenance of PACS systems. But what is PACS and how is the day-to-day work of this professional? Read through the career and job profile of a PACS Administrator and how to successfully be one.  Role overviewResponsibilitiesSkillsBackgroundSalary What is PACS? The use of...

What does a NOC Engineer do?


A NOC engineer is responsible for the overall performance and maintenance of NOC systems. They perform a back-end role and have experience with servers, networking and IT work. Let’s take a closer look at the role of a NOC engineer!  Role overviewResponsibilitiesSkillsBackgroundSalary What is NOC? In a fully connected world, ensuring the quality...

What does a Ruby on Rails Developer do?


Ruby on Rails Developer(s) are IT experts who write, develop, test, and implement new software and web applications in the Ruby on Rails framework. But what exactly does a Ruby on Rails developer? Let’s see what it takes to become an RoR expert! Role overviewResponsibilitiesSkillsBackgroundSalary What is Ruby on Rails? Ruby on Rails is a framework...

What does an AEM developer do?


AEM developers are responsible for the design and development of services and applications using the AEM system. Wondering what an AEM developer does on a day to day basis? We take a closer look at the role!

What does a Mainframe Developer do?


Mainframe Developers work on large central computer systems, i.e., mainframes that are capable of running at high speeds and can perform large scale organization, calculations, and storage. Let’s take a closer look at the role of a Mainframe Developer.  Role overviewResponsibilitiesSkillsBackgroundSalary What is Mainframe Development? A...

How to find your niche as a Freelancer


It’s often better to be a master of one trade than jack of all. In freelancing, finding your niche can have an extremely positive impact on your career. If you’re very good in a specific field of your work which you also enjoy doing more than others, making use of this niche is the best way to take your business to the next level.

What does a Systems Engineer do?


Systems Engineers are essential to large scale IT projects and developments. Systems engineering focuses on how to design and manage IT systems over their life cycle. Read on as we dive into the role of a system engineer and their responsibilities.  Role overviewResponsibilitiesSkillsBackgroundSalary Think of a systems engineer as a conductor...

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