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What Does A Chief Happiness Officer Do?

A chief happiness officer (CHO) is, as the name suggests, an executive in charge of making sure employees in an organisation are happy and satisfied with their job roles and the overall workplace. They usually operate in the HR department and collaborate with leaders and managers to implement programs that cultivate employee happiness and well...

What Does A Chief Remote Officer Do?

A chief remote officer, or CRO for short, is responsible for the overall remote working strategy of a company. They develop strategies, tools, and processes to ensure that remote working is successful. The role of a CRO is still pretty uncommon in most companies but is one that is quickly growing. 

What Does A Cloud Security Consultant Do?

A cloud security consultant, also sometimes known as a cloud security specialist, is in charge of creating and implementing cloud security strategies for an organisation. They plan and monitor security measures for the protection of computer networks and information. What does a cloud security consultant do?

What Does A Chief AI Officer Do?

A chief AI officer, also referred to as the CAIO, is in charge of an organisation’s overall AI strategy and deals with the development and implementation of AI technologies. These C-suite executives have a deep understanding of business and AI processes and are vital to any company using AI to grow their business. What does a chief AI officer do?

What Does A Chief Automation Officer (CAO) Do?

A chief automation officer is responsible for developing and deploying an automation strategy within a company in an effort to scale automation and build it into a vital strategic competency. Their main goal is to seamlessly integrate automation within all relevant aspects of everyday operations. What does a CAO do?

What Does An Agile Product Owner Do?

An agile product owner is responsible for overseeing a development team's tasks and making sure that the value of the products that said team builds is maximised. These professionals work with stakeholders to create a vision of products they wish to create and communicate that vision to team members. What does an agile product owner do?

What Does An Audit Manager Do?

An audit manager is in charge of overseeing the overall audit process of an organisation including controls, processes and practices. These professionals make recommendations on policies and ensure that auditors follow the rules and regulations set by the organisation. What does an audit manager do? 

What Does A Cyber Lawyer Do?

A cyber lawyer is a legal expert who specialises in internet law. Because online threats are getting increasingly common, lawyers need training and digital understanding to combat crimes that arise on the network, such as malware, viruses, scams or phishing. Cyberlaw is a field with lots of opportunities and can be a good choice for freelancers...

What Does A Chief Risk Officer Do?

A chief risk officer is a high-level executive responsible for the assessment and mitigation of significant threats to an organisation’s capital and earnings. These threats may be competitive, regulatory or technological in nature. These professionals are essentially responsible for managing the overall risk profile of an organisation.  What does...

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