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What Does An AI Auditor Do? 

An AI auditor is responsible for assessing and ensuring AI systems and algorithms follow legal and ethical procedures. They assess systems and map out potential risks in its functionality and governance structure. Read on to find out more about the role of an AI auditor. 

What Does An AI Specialist Do?

An AI specialist is responsible for designing intelligent algorithms and models and using AI techniques to solve real-life problems. These experts have knowledge in tons of AI areas such as machine learning (ML), deep learning (DL), natural language processing (NLP), and computer vision. Read on to find out more about the role of an AI specialist.

What Does A Deep Learning Engineer Do?

A deep learning engineer is in charge of researching, building and maintaining algorithms that power Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning systems and applications. These professionals act as crucial members of the data science team and are usually involved in the work of various technologies including data science and Big Data. What does a...

What Does An AI Architect Do?

AI architects are responsible for designing and implementing AI infrastructure for databases, applications, and computer networks. They generally serve as the bridge between programmers, data analysts, administrators, etc. and organisation executives. What does an AI architect do?

What Does A Data Visualisation Developer Do?

A data visualisation developer is in charge of breaking down text-based data sets to create graphic representations. Their responsibilities include incorporating data quality considerations into visualisation planning, optimising reports to ensure responsive solutions, transforming and improving data, and more. What does a data visualisation...

What Does An AI Trainer Do?

An AI Trainer is mainly responsible for managing the data that represents the core knowledge of a chatbot or voice assistant. They teach these conversational interfaces to understand inquiries and how to provide relevant responses. What does an AI trainer do?

What Does A Big Data Developer Do?

A Big Data developer is in charge of managing data sets that are too big for traditional database systems to handle. They are responsible for a company's Big Data infrastructure and tools and have to ensure the integrity of the company’s data and data models. What Does A Big Data Developer Do?

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