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What does a SOC analyst do?


SOC Analysts work to ensure cybersecurity for large organizations and firms. They analyze security measures and implement cybersecurity strategies to protect data from hackers and malicious attacks. Let’s take a closer look at what they do. What is SOC and what’s the role of SOC analysts? An emerging phrase in the cybersecurity world...

What Does An Inventory Analyst Do?


Inventory analysts are responsible for an organization’s purchasing inventory. They manage inventory items and help businesses make good decisions regarding inventory purchases. These analysts primarily work in warehouse and office environments and are a part of a retail/manufacturing organization's operations staff. What does an inventory analyst...

What does an HRIS Analyst do?


HRIS Analyst – a specialized role combining aspects of HR and IT to manage employee data and maintain the Human Resources Information System (HRIS) within an organization. In today’s Career Insights Series, we explain the role of an HRIS analyst, main responsibilities, and job description. Role overviewResponsibilitiesSkillsBackgroundSalary...

What does a Functional Analyst do?


Functional Analysts are responsible for analyzing processes within a company looking to fulfill customer’s needs. They act as the link between users and the technical team in charge of developing the application. Let’s take a closer look at the role of a Functional Analyst.  Role overviewResponsibilitiesSkillsBackgroundSalary Job Overview...

What Does A Cryptographer Do?


A cryptographer is responsible for creating systems that have the ability to encrypt sensitive and private information. They write the encryption code needed for data security and use exceptionally complex and advanced encryption algorithms that keep cybercriminals at bay. What does a cryptographer do?

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