Top 10 AI Tools For Freelancers in 2023


Artificial Intelligence has taken our business world, including that of freelancers and the self-employed, by storm. But does it also benefit us in our day-to-day work? In the following article we will explore which AI tools are absolute “game changers” for freelancers.

Development of AI

What was once only seen in science fiction films is now a reality – AI is mainstream. There are a whole range of AI-supported tools on the market that relieve a lot of work, especially for self-employed people and freelancers.

According to a report published by PwC, AI could contribute up to $15.7 trillion to the global economy in 2030. Freelancers and self-employed people cannot avoid using artificial intelligence if they want to compete on the free project market.

Role of AI in freelancing

With the ever increasing advancements in technology, newer job titles, such as AI specialist,  and opportunities have now arisen in the freelance world.

While people may think that Artificial Intelligence takes away jobs, because of the advancements provided by AI technology, there will be new jobs in the future that we haven’t thought of yet. 

AI can prove to be incredibly beneficial to freelancers and can also help them find ideal jobs while meeting expectations in an efficient manner. For example, AI can help freelancers with task automation, increase in productivity and service availability.

Which AI tools are the best for freelancers?

The best AI tools for graphic artists and designers

#1 Uizard 

This AI tool for freelancers helps transform hand-drawn ideas into practical, digital design files. The platform offers app developers and designers an efficient way to express their creativity. 

Uizard - AI Tools for Graphic Designers
Uizard – AI Tools for Graphic Designers

Uizard can speed up the prototyping process while maintaining the personal touch of hand-drawn designs. By digitizing sketches, freelancers can quickly and easily transfer their creative concepts from sketchbook to digital screen. 

This platform is a powerful resource that helps graphic designers bring their ideas to life. Uizard can initially be tested for free. For a paid version, Uizard offers various pricing plans that can be paid on a monthly or annual basis. Prices start at $19 per month.

#2 Luminar Neo

Luminar Neo is an AI-driven editing software that optimises photos and can be used by both newbies and experts. Among other things, the tool can be used to retouch images, remove objects and backgrounds or adjust the exposure. The AI ​​features focus, for example, on faces, highlights, color harmonies or the mood of the image.

Luminar Neo - AI Tools for Graphic Designers
Luminar Neo – AI Tools for Graphic Designers

Luminar Neo can be used either as standalone software or directly from common image editing programs. The full version can be used free of charge for 7 days. Full use costs around $11 per month.

#3 Dall E

Like ChatGPT, Dall-E belongs to OpenAI and creates completely new images in different styles based on text descriptions. Freelancers can use it to create new graphics and revise existing ones. Logos can also be generated with it. A pretty exciting tool for graphic designers and creative people. 

Dall-E - AI Tools for Graphic Designers
Dall-E – AI Tools for Graphic Designers

With Dall-E, 15 so-called “credits” are released every month. This means that 15 AI-generated ones are free per month. If more are desired, a total of 115 credits can be purchased for around 14 euros per month.

#4 Mid-journey

The text-to-image generator can use artificial intelligence to generate images that are controlled by a chat bot. The pictures look deceptively real. The best example of this is the photographer Boris Eldagsen.

Midjourney - AI Tools for Graphic Designers
Midjourney – AI Tools for Graphic Designers

 In 2023, he won first place in the “Creative” category at the  Sony World Photography competition with a photo created with Midjourney  . He created the award-winning image that he submitted as a photo using AI. In order to use Midjourney, the first thing you need is a Discord account. This is a type of chat tool and is completely free. To take advantage of all of Midjourney’s features, freelancers should expect to pay $10 to $120 per month.

The best AI tools for copywriters and social media managers

#1 ChatGPT

ChatGPT - AI Tool for Copywriters and Social Media Managers
ChatGPT – AI Tool for Copywriters and Social Media Managers

First up is the program that got the AI ​​hype rolling in the first place, ChatGPT. Everyone now knows the chatbot that generates human-like texts or solves complex tasks. It is currently one of the largest AI models available in the world. 

AI Based Tools and Software Freelancers Use - freelancermap Freelance Report 2023
AI Based Tools and Software Freelancers Use – freelancermap Freelance Report 2023

In fact, according to our report, 89% of freelancers primarily use ChatGPT for their work.

It can be used in various areas, such as brainstorming ideas, writing a variety of texts, answering (customer) questions, translating texts and even programming codes. The use of the chatbot is free of charge. With ChatGPT Plus, OpenAI promises faster and reliable access to the chatbot for around $20 per month.


Jasper is currently one of the best text generators for the marketing sector, specialising in more than 50 copywriting skills. Including blog post outline, blog post intro, product descriptions, emails, Google and Facebook ads, Facebook ad headlines, as well as social media posts and YouTube video descriptions. - AI Tool for Copywriters and Social Media Managers – AI Tool for Copywriters and Social Media Managers is the easiest way to automatically write high-quality texts. The perfect tool to help copywriters or social media managers. Jasper can be used free of charge to a limited extent. So that all functions can be used without restrictions, you should expect a price between $39 and $99 dollars.

#3 Copysmith

Copysmith helps you create compelling copy that uses advanced GPT-3 Artificial Intelligence to generate incredible quality content.

Copysmith - AI Tool for Copywriters and Social Media Managers
Copysmith – AI Tool for Copywriters and Social Media Managers

Many self-employed people spend far too much time on this, which is not paid for. Copysmith offers a wonderful opportunity to automatically create content using AI. 

Copysmith has 2 plans that are either $19 a month or $49 a month.

The best AI tools for programmers

#1 GitHub Copilot

An AI tool that software developers should keep in mind is GitHub Copilot. Just like with Neuroflash or, GitHub Copilot helps improve your software development workflow. In addition, it can not only create new codes, but also revise existing ones. 

GitHub Copilot - AI Tool For Programmers
GitHub Copilot – AI Tool For Programmers

However, it should only be used by more experienced software developers in order not to lose valuable practice time. The GitHub Copilot subscription is available on a monthly or annual billing cycle. The monthly subscription is $10 per month.

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#2 TensorFlow

Machine learning is very complex. To simplify the implementation of this, there are now essential resources. This includes Google’s TensorFlow framework. TensorFlow is an open source numerical computing and machine learning library that is compatible with the Python programming language. 

TensorFlow - AI Tool For Programmers
TensorFlow – AI Tool For Programmers

This platform simplifies the process of collecting data and training machine learning models. Freelancers can use it to create deep neural networks for handwritten number classification, image recognition, lexical plinking, recursive neural networks, and much more.

#3 DeepL

The translation tool that translates (almost) like native speakers. It is said to be even better at translating than Google and is currently available in 31 languages. If desired, entire files such as PDF, Word or PowerPoint can even be translated at once. 

DeepL - AI Tool For Programmers
DeepL – AI Tool For Programmers

DeepL is perfect for freelancers who also work for clients abroad and therefore not only have to translate documents, but also communicate in a foreign language. In principle, DeepL can be used free of charge for private and business purposes. However, if data protection is important when entering the texts, we recommend using the Pro version for $8.74 per month.

#4 is a website builder that self-employed people can use to build their own website super quickly and easily. The powerful AI tool is perfect for starting and growing freelancing. The whole thing is free of charge for 90 days. After the trial ends, prices start at $12 per month.

Durable - AI Tool For Programmers
Durable – AI Tool For Programmers

Time management with AI

Many routine tasks are often annoying to freelancers and take up a lot of time. With the help of artificial intelligence, many of these can be outsourced and automated easily and can save freelancers a lot of time.

Freelancermap Survey 2023 - Benefits of AI
Benefits of AI according to freelancers – freelancermap Freelance Report 2023

According to our report from this year, 66% of freelancers who use AI see an improvement in their productivity and efficiency –  both of which can help with time management. 

Project management with AI

AI is changing the way freelancers are managing and approaching projects. By automating tasks associated with project management, AI is allowing freelancers to focus on the development and training of new skills or on achieving a new work-life balance.

AI can also help freelancers with project management by providing valuable insights and optimising resources.

New chances and challenges with AI

41% of freelancers use AI-based tools and software in their job - freelancermap Freelance Report 2023
41% of freelancers use AI-based tools and software in their job – freelancermap Freelance Report 2023

Less than half of all freelancers (59%) actively use AI tools according to our freelancermap report. This opens up new opportunities for many freelancers and self-employed people for expanded business areas and increased productivity. 

But not everyone agrees with AI and its impact on the freelancing world. Apart from the fear of being replaced, many freelancers (56%) think that errors made by AI is the biggest risk associated with it.

40% of freelancers are also concerned with security risks when it comes to AI.

Freelancermap Survey 2023 - Risks of AI
Freelancermap Survey 2023 – Risks of AI


Artificial intelligence not only changes work, but also the life of everyone who comes into contact with it. AI tools such as ChatGPT or are therefore only the beginning of modern AI. 

Freelancers and self-employed people also have to get used to the use of AI and work with it in the long term in order to be able to keep up with the free project market. 

Artificial intelligence can facilitate many work processes and significantly increase the effectiveness of daily work. Nevertheless, as seen above, the currently high error rate needs to be taken into account when using artificial intelligence.

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