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How To Master The Art Of Virtual Meetings As A Freelancer


Virtual meetings are part of most people’s work routines. However, in the case of freelancers, they are crucial. In many cases, agreements on scope, delivery dates, requirements, and even rates are the result of virtual meetings. Thanks to them, freelancers all over the world can offer up their services. However, if virtual meetings are not...

How To Automate Project/Client Acquisition


Project acquisition is an annoying prospect for many freelancers. Data from freelancermap’s Market Studies proves this, year after year. The search for new projects is one of the greatest challenges of self-employment which is why it is important to optimize the process. freelancermap offers the perfect solution for this: on our platform you can...

Accounting Tools for freelancers – FreshBooks


The term “accounting” is greeted by a collective sigh from freelancers across the globe. One of the most dreaded tasks by freelancers is the accounting and financial management of their business. Luckily, there are tools that were launched to help!

How To: Stay Motivated As A Freelancer


Motivation is crucial for any job. As a freelancer you have more freedom than most employees, but that freedom can turn into a disadvantage pretty quickly. If you find yourself postponing that thing you have to do or if you often just don’t feel like working, read on. This article gives you a few tips that will keep you motivated and help you...

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