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What Does A Graphic Designer Do?


A graphic designer is someone who creates visual concepts for organisations and uses design elements to communicate ideas. They design everything from advertisements and brochures to business logos and reports by use of a computer program. What does a graphic designer do?

What does a Data Artist do?


A Data Artist visualises data streams in the Big Data area and is an expert in graphic design and information technology. They understand business objectives and processes and are able to implement them in the form of storytelling and graphics such as graphs, charts, infographics and other tools that can help people understand complex information...

What Does A VFX Artist Do?


A VFX artist is responsible for creating visual images, animations and special effects to enhance film, television and online and console gaming. They create simulations and mockups and are in charge of creating digital assets that look almost real. What does a VFX artist do?

What Does A Multimedia Designer Do?


Multimedia designers are in charge of creating content in the form of graphic content and animations for digital platforms and media advertisements. They design and develop the production of said content and use their creativity and skills to make the most impact on an audience. What does a multimedia designer do?

What Does An Industrial Designer Do?


Industrial designers are in charge of developing concepts for manufactured products. They design, develop and document industrial, commercial or consumer products and then make prototypes to test the design to be considered for production. What does an industrial designer do?

What Does An Interaction Designer Do?


An interaction designer is responsible for creating interaction concepts between a user and a product or service in a holistic way. They draw upon user data and research to make sure that digital applications work in the hands of a user. What does an interaction designer do?

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