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Stefania joined the international team at freelancermap in 2020. She loves marketing, the digital world, foreign languages and meeting different cultures. She moved from Italy to Germany thanks to an exchange program at the university and worked as marketing manager for several startups. Now she focuses on helping freelancers and IT professionals to find jobs and clients worldwide at

How To Work Effectively: Tips for Beginner Freelancers


Due to unforeseen circumstances, a majority of people worldwide have now become freelancers. The workforce was forced to learn how to work remotely, which, surprisingly, helped both employees and employers. Working from home as a freelancer means you don't have to waste time picking clothing in the morning, getting stuck in traffic or spending...

How To: Work As A Self Employed In Spain


Spain is one of the most unique countries in Europe and is particularly famous for its architecture and artistic culture. More and more freelancers are looking to move to Spain - mainly due to its excellent healthcare system, rich culture and general quality of life. Read on to discover how you can move to Spain as a self employed!

What Does A Mechanical Engineer Do?


A mechanical engineer is typically tasked with designing, building and testing mechanical devices, power-producing machines, and power-using machines. These engineers play an important role in many industries including automotive, computer and electronics, aerospace, and manufacturing industries. What does a mechanical engineer do?

Work And Private Life: How Freelancers Can Achieve The Perfect Balance


Harmonizing your work and your private life is what work-life balance is all about. However, in our increasingly interconnected lives, the process of separating the two is becoming more and more difficult. In this article, you’ll learn all about what a good work-life balance is and how you, as a freelancer, can achieve this balance.

What Does An LMS Administrator Do?


An LMS administrator is responsible for maintaining, implementing and developing an institution’s learning management system (LMS) They are in charge of virtually every aspect of the LMS implementation process and are required to create and execute a detailed plan for LMS growth and improvement. What is an LMS administrator?

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