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Stefania joined the international team at freelancermap in 2020. She loves marketing, the digital world, foreign languages and meeting different cultures. She moved from Italy to Germany thanks to an exchange program at the university and worked as marketing manager for several startups. Now she focuses on helping freelancers and IT professionals to find jobs and clients worldwide at

Digital Nomad Visas 2024 – Countries, Income Requirements, Minimum Salary

Working as a digital nomad means you get to travel the world and work from wherever you like. However, most nomads work remotely on tourist visas - a practice that is illegal in almost all countries. This is where digital nomad visas come in. These visas allow you to work legally wherever you are and are perfect for nomads who are constantly on...

Different Types of Invoices for Freelance Work: A Helpful Guide

As a freelancer, you’ll come across lots of different types of invoices that you can use to bill your clients. Initially though, invoicing can be a challenge for many self-employed people. In this article, we’ll cover the various important ones, from classic outgoing invoices to specialised small-value invoices, that will help you in your...

What Does A Chief Remote Officer Do?

A chief remote officer, or CRO for short, is responsible for the overall remote working strategy of a company. They develop strategies, tools, and processes to ensure that remote working is successful. The role of a CRO is still pretty uncommon in most companies but is one that is quickly growing. 

8 Key Tax Deadlines For Freelancers in Germany [Update 2024]

Deadlines and due dates can get easily lost in a hectic freelance life. Knowing when and how to manage them can be the difference between achieving your desired results or falling short of them. This article will provide an overview of the most important due dates and tax deadlines for freelancers working in Germany, which will help you stay on...

What Does A Video Editor Do?

A video editor is responsible for converting raw clips and footage into a final piece of film or video. They use specialised software to create high-quality videos by editing, trimming and arranging raw video sequences. These professionals take note to create a finished product that will represent the best of the company and their skillset. What...

What Does A Penetration Tester Do?

A penetration tester, also known as a pen tester, is in charge of examining systems and digital assets for any weaknesses and security vulnerabilities. They launch mock hacks or attacks on systems to check for any issues that may occur. These professionals use a variety of different tools to spot weak spots in a system's defences which attackers...

What Does A Cloud Security Consultant Do?

A cloud security consultant, also sometimes known as a cloud security specialist, is in charge of creating and implementing cloud security strategies for an organisation. They plan and monitor security measures for the protection of computer networks and information. What does a cloud security consultant do?

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