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Freelance Profile: What to Include, Tips and Examples


Your freelance profile plays a key role in your client acquisition strategy. More often than not, it’s the first thing potential clients and recruiters will see, so it needs to make an impression. What should you write in your freelancer profile and how can it help you set yourself apart from other freelancers? Continue reading to find out!

Freelance BIO: Your Freelance Profile Description + Bio examples


A freelance bio is an important part of your freelance profile and is crucial when it comes to introducing yourself to clients. Not only can it help you show up on relevant search results for freelancers, it can also tell your clients a lot about you. Continue reading to learn how to write a good freelancer profile description and find examples...

Nodejs vs Laravel: How To Choose The Right Framework


Web frameworks are very important as they ease the development process. They contain many in-built tools and features for a web development standard. Frameworks reduce the time of development, and because of this, the production stage takes place earlier than the estimated time. So, the choice of a framework directly influences the success of a...

Recruiting KPIs: Top 20 Metrics to Track & KPIs Examples


Recruiting KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are an effective tool for measuring and evaluating the recruiting process. Thanks to recruitment KPIs and metrics, recruiters can find the potential for improvement in their tasks, leading to a highly optimised hiring process. Besides obvious KPIs such as the number of applications per year or per...

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