Import your projects automatically – Use your time wisely!

All features at a glance:

Individual interface

The freelancermap technical team will build an individual interface for you to import your job adverts automatically and periodically once a day. We just need access to your job offers database ideally in the form of a valid XML file, which should be accessible via an URL.

Save time!

Are you already using software for creating your job adverts? Why should you spend time uploading projects manually at freelancermap when it can be done automatically? Time is limited and precious! Use it efficiently in those valuable tasks for your business. What about acquiring high- skilled professionals?

Automated categorization

You will no longer need to care about picking up the right categories for your project. Our system will do that work for you to ensure your job offer is found when it has to! Our intelligent algorithm selects automatically the best keywords for your project considering the information provided in the job description.

No extra costs

And now, if you thought this couldn’t be any better: There are no extra fees! Both the interface creation and its maintenance are covered within our business membership.

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