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Are you searching for new IT projects to complete remotely? No matter if you’re looking for SAP, software development, web design or engineering projects, you’ll find interesting opportunities at freelancermap. Are you still stumped? Don’t be! Take a look at what some of our professionals and freelancers say about us and join our global freelancing community if you haven’t yet!

Remote freelancing assignments can be found!

Dan Bite-Toma from Bucharest

It works very well!

YAN GORDON from Moscow

I hope I will get good offers here!

Antonio Cruz from Santiago de Cuba

freelancermap looks very interesting!

Stella Maris Pelagatti from Buenos Aires, Argentina

It is an excellent site for finding job opportunities!

Maria Silvia Domeniconi from San Luis

Easy to navigate and search for projects!

Sander de Wijs from Voorst

Great projects by serious clients!

Razvan Coca from Bucharest

Impressive project database!

Leonardo Soares from rio de janeiro

Better than other freelancing networks!

Jani Tarkiainen from Muurame

freelancermap.com is a great site!

Orlin Dimitrov from Varna

freelancermap.com connects the world

António Oliveira from Montijo

Find the best positions for your specific skills!

Ruben Exposito Marin from Puerto Real

Great idea, great platform!

Pasquale Ambrosini from Bari