For service providers and agencies

Does your team have several IT experts with different skill sets and expertise? Our business membership is the perfect solution for you!

  • How it works?

  • Central profile management
  • Extra user logins for your employees
  • Unlimited applications
  • Get several projects
All features at a glance:

Central profile management

Does your company provide different services? Are those services provided by different experts? Would you like to find new projects for all of them? With our business membership you can create and manage several profiles for your freelancers and also give other colleagues access to manage those profiles for you.

Extra user logins for your employees

Create and manage new user logins for your colleagues and employees - all just from one account! Manage and coordinate your team efficiently to acquire new projects via freelancermap. Each user has its own login data and full access to all our functionalities to seek projects and freelancers.

Unlimited applications

Did you find the perfect project for your employee? Get in touch with the hiring client and introduce your company and the perfect candidate for their needs. You can do this as often as you wish - at freelancermap, you have unlimited applications!

Get several projects

Did you get a new assignment thanks to our platform? We’re happy to hear that, congratulations! Now, there is no need to continue using our system for your communications. Our goal is just to connect you with potential clients and we already did our job – all without commission fees or hidden costs!

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