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Help and FAQs

About freelancermap.de

freelancermap is a tendering platform for IT projects and a presentation platform for IT freelancers and companies worldwide. freelancermap provides an orderly category structure that makes finding matching projects and experts very easy. Additionally, freelancermap offers a script market to sell self-made scripts and a news section with the latest updates in the IT field and tips for freelancers.
freelancermap offers a fair concept without additional costs and differentiated category structure. Providers use the project search and filters to quickly find the service they are looking for. Many head-hunters and project providers on freelancermap search for suitable freelancers and simultaneously post their projects in on our project board. Freelancers can easily set up a profile in our freelancer directory to get in contact with project providers. Our general membership is free for all. With this, your profile is always available to searching companies. More advantages are:

Full transparency

A lot of project platforms do not display the name of the job-posting companies. freelancermap gives you full view of projects and the people behind – it boosts confidence between freelancers and project providers and helps you to know who you are dealing with.

Lots of projects

More than 3000 projects a week make freelancermap one of the leading job listing portals. Over 50000 members already decided to use freelancermap, so we can´t wait to help you getting a lot of rewarding projects, too.


Our support team is looking forward to find a solution for any question or problem you encounter. Furthermore, your feedback and ideas are very helpful to us making freelancermap your number one choice for finding projects.
freelancermap currently offers a trial membership and a premium membership. The basic membership is unlimited in time and for free. The premium membership adds a lot of useful features and possibilities to your account. The price of premium membership starts at 9.99 USD per month plus VAT. You can get an overview of services and prices here
The project agent will notify you via email as soon as new projects in your specified categories will be issued. Basic members can select up to 2 categories and will receive a daily notification, Premium members can selected up to 20 categories with instant notifications. Please click here to configure your project agent.

Registration and Login

Please use the following link to register.
Please use the following link to login. You can save your login data in a cookie store to login automatically on your next visit. Please note that cookies must be accepted in your browser.
You will get a digitally signed invoice in PDF format accepted any tax office. If you prefer to get your invoice on paper please to let us know. For the preparation of a paper bill we collect a compensation expense of 2.00 Euro per invoice.
You can find your invoices in "My Account".
We offer convenient payment by direct debit for German accounts. Companies and customers from all over the world can alternatively pay by bank transfer and credit card. You can find IBAN and SWIFT Codes at the foot of the invoice.
There may be different reasons. After registration you will receive an email with an activation link. Once you have clicked this link your account is active and ready for login. If you did not receive this email, please click here to request the link again and check your spam folders.
If your e-mail address has changed, please use this form to register a new one. You will get a new email with confirmation link. After you have clicked it your new address is accepted on freelancermap.
Please go to "My Account" and choose "Edit Membership".
You can close your membership one month before the end of the payment period. You will be downgraded automatically to the basic membership. You can start the termination process by clicking here.
Delete your account on freelancermap completely by clicking here.

Project Exchange

You can enter as many projects as you like on freelancermap and deactivate them anytime. You will find this function in "My Account" or by clicking this New Project link.
You find all contact inquiries from interested users in your personal P.O. Box. New contact requests will automatically be forwarded via email notification. You will find more information about the P.O. Box here.
You can delete posted projects in the "My Account" tab or follow this link. You get an overview of all your provided projects. To disable a project, use the link "disable" next to the project.
If you miss a category, please let us know or use the category "Other".
Use the project agent to get notifications via email about current projects in the categories you want to be informed. Click here to view the project agent configuration.
You are a project provider with an own database and you want your projects to be on freelancermap automatically? Check our import page to export your projects via xml port. Click here.
freelancermap has no impact on whether your request is answered or not. Please note that projects might have large number of applications and the project provider does not inform every candidate.
You can find all sent mails and applications in your personal pobox. Furthermore you can view all projects that you applied in your watchlist.

Freelancer Directory

In our freelancer directory freelancers and experts present their profile and can be found by project providers. Our hierarchical category structure and lots of filter functions make it easy to find a perfect match. Each profile can be positioned in several categories.
If you want to create or edit your profile, use the the Edit Profile link in the "My Account" tab.
Premium members are listed with photo in the freelancer directory. Basic members only receive a text line entry.
The freelancer list shows premium profiles before listing the basic profiles. When you create a new profile as a basic member, your profile will appear behind the profiles of the premium members.
Your photo should be uploaded in JPEG/JPG or PNG format. Please upload your photo in highest resolution, but do not exceed the file size of 4-5 MB. The platform then automatically calculates the thumbnail sizes. Your photo is will be interpolated into the following resolutions: 100x140, 77x105, 26x36 and 10x12.
The "New Profile" box is filled with premium members profiles in rotation. The contents of the "New Profile" box will change several times a day so that every premium profile is displayed once.
Premium members can add numerous attachments (not exceeding 20 MB) to their profile.
You can tag your profile with several categories. Premium members can create up to 5 categories, basic members only up to 2 categories.
You will automatically receive a notification via email as soon a new contact request comes in.
If you want to hide your name and email address in your profile, just activate the checkbox "Anonymous Profile”. Please do not forget to delete all personal information within the text and description, too.
In our freelancer directory, in the box titled "New" box on the homepage (if you are a premium member) and next to each forum post.
We would be delighted if your profile directly from your website. As a link to your profile, please use /profil/VornameNachname If your first and last name and it happen several times to name conflicts, you can also your customer number. indicate also: /profil/12345
Use the link profile views in "My Account" to get an overview of recent visitors to your profile. This option is only available to premium members.
To aggregate queries to freelancer s, use the Clipboard. In Freelancer directory you will find next to each entry a checkbox. Select the freelancer that you saved to your wish list and click on the link "View Clipboard add. The Clipboard will receive when you log off and log on again later. To request a collection to send your call list with the link "View Clipboard" on. You will then be the contents of your clipboard and you can then once again look at the profiles individually. Above you will find the link "send multiple request" on your request form and send it to. Please note that the shipping of your collection request to many recipients, take some time may be.
You have two general options to search for freelancers. You navigate through the category structure or use the advanced search. The category structure is hierarchical. Freelancer at home you will see both bold and all major categories including printed slightly smaller number of sub-categories to the appropriate main category. In the lower area you see the Freelancer profiles each of the selected category. Select above example "Database Development" which appear just below the freelancer to your profile also in this category set. Ordering is by default set so that first premium profiles, and then the profiles of the sample members appear. Within each group are the profiles after creation date descending order.

Script Exchange

In the script exchange you can buy and sell scripts.
Yes, you can offer numerous scripts at the same time.


Channel are thematic areas in which news articles are displayed.
Yes, at this link you will find an overview of our RSS newsfeeds.
Yes. If your articles are interesting to our audience, we'd like to make a channel for you. For the set of articles, we offer two options: If you have an interface, we can automatically your articles in our database, change your articles often, we can also do several times a day. Otherwise, we provide an item-collecting mask available with the article online or edited.

Discussion Forum

In our forum you can discuss with other freelancers or project providers about various topics. Our forums are working thread-based, so for each post there are an unlimited number of answers and replies. You can either open a new thread (= a new topic) or join discussions on specific topics.
Basic as well as premium members are allowed to post in the forum.
Just click on the link "Create New Thread". If you want to reply to a thread, please click "reply" on the corresponding post.
Yes, just use the "Private Message" function.
Basically you are completely free to post in the forum. For some subjects different forums are already available. Posts against the law (criminal law, civil law, competition law, etc.) are not allowed. Each user is responsible for his contributions personally.
Please this contact us. We will consider your suggestion and ggfl. a new forum set up for you.

P.O. Box

The P.O. Box is your personal mailbox. All contact requests via the contact form at your profile or in your projects will be addressed to it. You also find private responses to forum posts there. In the P.O. Box there are 3 folders: Inbox, Sent Items and Deleted Items.

Advertising on freelancermap.com

Yes, under "My Merchandising" in "My Account" you will find a listing of your advertising material including statistics (impressions and clicks).
freelancermap gives you the opportunity to upload banners by yourself. You can get an overview of our prices here. For more marketing solutions please check our media data (german language only) or contact us.
Yes, please contact us so that we can offer you an individual can create.
Yes, click "publicity" in the "My Account" menu for comfortable banner administration. There you can upload or manage new or existing promotional or advertising material. Uploaded files are active at once.
Your advert will appear on every page in the left screen block.
Your advert should not exceed 150KB and be converted into JPEG or GIF format.
Yes, we support animated GIF files.
No, Flash files are currently not supported.
Yes, by clicking "My Merchandising" in "My Account" you can find an option to pause your advert and restart it anytime.

Privacy Policy

The data transmission is protected through SSL encryption before it is accessible to other members on freelancermap.
Once you have a profile you can specify what data is visible to others. Your name, website and your zip code will be published if you don´t choose your profile to be anonymous. If you have a project, your company name will be published. If you contribute in the forum your name, your photo and your website will be published.
We don´t give away your personal data. Please note that in case of a judicial decision we can be forced to pass the information to the specific authority.


Please click here to get in touch with us.
Your statement should include a short title (2-3 words) and a maximum of 2-3 short sentences. Your statement is rotating in the statement box and linked to your profile.