Help and FAQs

What is

freelancermap is a tendering platform for IT projects and a presentation platform for IT freelancers and companies worldwide. freelancermap provides an orderly category structure that makes finding matching projects and experts very easy. Additionally, freelancermap offers a blog with the latest updates in the IT field and tips and interesting insights for freelancers.
What are the advantages of

freelancermap offers a fair concept without additional costs and a differentiated category structure. Providers use the project search and filters to quickly find the service they are looking for. Many head-hunters and project providers on freelancermap search for suitable freelancers and simultaneously post their projects on our project board. To get in touch with project providers freelancers can easily set up a profile in our freelancer directory. Our basic membership is free for all. With this, your profile is always available to searching companies. More advantages are:
  • Full transparency: A lot of project platforms do not display the name of the job-posting companies. freelancermap gives you a full view of projects and the people behind them – it boosts confidence between freelancers and project providers and helps you to know who you are dealing with.
  • Lots of projects: More than 3,000 projects every week make freelancermap one of the leading job listing portals. Over 200,000 members already decided to use freelancermap, so we can’t wait to help you getting a lot of rewarding projects, too.
  • Support: Our support team is looking forward to finding a solution for any question or problem you might encounter. Furthermore, your feedback and ideas are very helpful to us making freelancermap your number one choice for finding projects.
Are there any costs on freelancermap memberships?

freelancermap currently offers a basic, a premium and a business membership. The basic membership is completely free and unlimited in time. The premium membership adds a lot of useful features and possibilities to your account. Our premium membership starts at 13.00 USD per month (plus VAT). For project providers, we offer the business membership starting from 71.00 USD per month which will boost the recruitment process.

You can get an overview of our services and prices here:

- for freelancers
- for companies and recruiters
How can I sign up?

To sign up to freelancermap, please use the following link and complete the registration form. It’s free of charge.
I forgot my password / username. How do I get this information?

Please click here to request your forgotten password.
How can I log in into my account?

Please use the following link to login. You can save your login data in a cookie store to login automatically on your next visit. Please note that cookies must be accepted in your browser.
I can’t log in even if I already registered. Why?

That may be due to different reasons. Usually this is because your account hasn’t been activated yet. After registration, you will receive an email with an activation link that you need to click on. Once you have clicked on that link your account is active and you are all set to log in.

If you did not receive this email, please click here to request the link again and make sure you check your spam folder as it might have landed there.
How can I change my email address?

If your e-mail address has changed, you can update it in your account. You will receive an email with a new confirmation link. After you clicked the link your new address is accepted by freelancermap.
How can I change my personal data?

Please go to your dashboard and click on "Settings" on the right menu. Under "Personal data" you will be able to change your address, phone number, and further details.
Will I get an invoice when upgrading my account?

If you upgrade your account to a premium membership, you will receive a digitally signed invoice in PDF format that is accepted by any tax office. Kindly let us know if you prefer to receive a paper version of your invoice. Please note that a compensation expense of 2.00 EUR per invoice applies to the preparation of a paper invoice.
Where can I find an overview of my invoices?

You can find your invoices on the tab "Settings - Membership" on your account dashboard.
What payment options are available at freelancermap?

Companies and freelancers from all around the world can pay for their memberships by credit card or PayPal. Alternatively, you also have the option to pay by bank transfer. If you are interested in upgrading by bank transfer, kindly contact us here.
I received an email that my credit card was declined. Why?

The decline may have occurred due to various reasons: Your credit card may be invalid, not supported by our payment provider or the credit card coverage is not sufficient. If you received a decline notification, be advised that your payment was not authorized by your credit card issuer and therefore, the invoice is still unpaid. For privacy reasons, your credit card company does not provide us with details for the decline.
If your credit card was declined, there are two different options. Review your credit card details on your dashboard or retry entering a different credit card and let us know here when the changes are done so we can try the charge again. Alternatively, you can pay the amount by bank transfer or via PayPal.
How can I cancel the premium membership?

You can cancel your membership at least one month before the end of the payment period (or 14 days if you have a monthly billing cycle) directly in your account under "Settings - Membership". You will be downgraded automatically to the basic membership. You can send us your cancellation request by clicking here too.
How can I completely delete my account?

It’s sad to see you go, but you can delete your account completely by clicking here.
How can I create a project on freelancermap?

You can upload a new project directly from your dashboard or using this form to publish a new project on freeelancermap. In both cases, you'll need to be registered on the platform.
How can I know if freelancers contacted me regarding my advertised projects?

You will find all inquiries and applications from interested professionals in your inbox. As soon as a new proposal comes in, you will also receive an email notification informing you that you have a new message on your account.  
Can I also delete a project that I published?

You can deactivate posted projects on the Projects section in your account. You will get an overview of all your published projects there. To deactivate a project, click on the “Options” button and then on “deactivate project” in the drop down.
I can not find a suitable category for my project. What should I do?

If any of our categories is suitable for your project, freelancermap might not be the best freelancing platform for your project. Please keep in mind that freelancermap is a platform for IT professionals, developers, and SAP consultants.

If you miss a category within the IT field, please let us know.
I have posted a project but I didn’t receive any reply. Can you help me?

freelancermap can’t ensure you that you will receive matching proposals. Our registered users might have missed your project advert. You could book our “featured project” service to highlight your project on our homepage and other relevant listings. Check out further details about our featured projects and how can this service can help you.
I am a project provider. Are there any opportunities for cooperation?

If you have many positions to fill and your own project database, we could import your projects via an XML Feed. You can read more information about our project import here.
What is the quickest way to find the freelancer I am searching for?

You can use the keyword search and the advanced search with its 6 filters (geography, rates, category, etc...)for narrowing down the results.

You will find also the current top categories on the right side.By clicking on any of these categories, you will filter the list for that particular skill. For example, if you click on PHP, only freelance profiles that selected this category will be shown.

The order is by default set so that premium profiles are displayed first, the basic member profiles appear below. Within each group, the profiles are sorted by creation date in a descending order.
Can I send multiple inquiries simultaneously to multiple freelancers?

Yes, you can contact multiple freelancers at a time with our mass inquiry feature. Therefore, go to our freelancer directory and select those freelancer profiles that you are interested in. By clicking on the pin next to each profile, you'll add it to your watch list.

You can access your watch list by clicking on the symbol in the top menu. Hint: Your watch list will be saved and available all the time even if you log off and log in again later.

Now, go to your watch list and mark all those freelancers you will like to get in touch with and click on the “send mass inquiry” button. A new contact form will be opened and then it’s time for you to write your personal message. Please note that sending a request to multiple recipients might take some time.
What is the freelancer directory?

Freelancers and IT experts can offer their services and present themselves to our international community by creating a profile in our freelancer directory. Profiles should include relevant keywords so that project providers can find freelancers when looking for someone with their skill set.

Our hierarchical category structure and our filters make it easy to find a perfect match. Please note that each profile can be listed in several categories.
How can I create / update my profile in the freelancer directory?

If you would like to create a new profile or edit it with new skills or experience, please login into your account and click on "My profile" in the top menu.
Why are some profiles shown in the listing with a photo but not mine?

This is an extra feature for our premium members. While premium profiles are listed with a photo in our directory, basic members only receive a default image.
Why is my profile not listed at one of the upper positions?

Our freelancer directory shows premium profiles before listing the basic profiles. When you create a new profile as a basic member, your profile will appear after the profiles of premium members.
In what format should I upload my profile photo?

Your photo should be uploaded in JPEG/JPG or PNG format. Please upload your photo in the highest resolution possible, but do not exceed the file size of 4-5 MB. The platform then automatically calculates the thumbnail size. Your photo will be interpolated into the following resolutions: 100x140, 77x105, 26x36, and 10x12.
Can I enrich my profile with attachments (such as Word, PDF documents or images)?

Yes, every freelancer can add attachments as CV to their profile (not exceeding 10 MB). You will be able to easily attach these documents to your applications when getting in touch with new clients.
Can I tag my profile with several categories?

Yes, you can add up to 3 categories to your profile.
What if I don’t want my name to be shown on the listings?

If you'd like to hide your name, you can create an anonymous profile. Your name and last name will not be displayed. If you want your profile to be completely anonymous, please make sure that you delete all personal information within the profile too.
Where does my profile appear?

Your freelancer profile will be listed in our freelancer directory and all matching freelance listings. You can find a direct link to your profile in your dashboard under "Link to profile" tab on the right sidebar.
Can I directly access my freelancermap profile from my website?

We would be delighted if you would link to your freelancemap profile on your website or your blog. You can link to your profile with a logo or a text. If you want to configure a widget and get a code to place on your website, please contact us.
How can I check who visited my profile?

Go to your dashboard and click on“profile statistics” on the right side use directly this link. You will get an overview of recent clients and professionals who showed interest in your profile and downloaded your attachments. Please note that this option is only available to premium members.
What is the fastest way to find a project that I am interested in?

You can easily filter the search results using our advanced search or set up a project alert according to your skills and interests to receive new matching opportunities directly to your email.
What is the project agent?

The project alert will notify you via email as soon as new projects in your specified categories are published. Basic members can set up an alert and receive a daily notification directly to their inbox. Premium members can set up several alerts. Please click here to configure your project alert.
How to activate / deactivate the project alert?

If you would like to activate/deactivate your project alert, login into your account and click on the “Project agent” tab in your account menu. There you will have the option to activate and deactivate your alert as well as the possibility to edit or completely delete it.
How can I apply for a project?

If you would like to be considered for a particular project, you can directly contact with the hiring client using the contact form that you will find below the project description.

Write a personal and detailed inquiry and hit the submit application button. Your message will be immediately sent to the project provider. After that first contact, all further communication will be done via the freelancermap mailbox but you will be notified in your personal email whenever a contact request comes in.

Please note that the freelancermap team doesn't intermediate or filter any of the applications and that we are not involved in the hiring process. Every application goes directly to the hiring company or project provider.
Where do I find my applications?

You can find all sent mails and applications in your personal inbox. Go to "Sent mails" and you will get all messages and applications that you sent through freelancermap.
How will I get paid when completing a project?

freelancermap do not take part in the payment process between freelancers and hiring companies. That means if a client decides to work with you, you will need to negotiate the payment process and further payment details individually with the client.

As we are not involved in the payment process, there are no final commission fees to be paid and you will get the 100% of the rate you charge the client.  
I applied for a project but I didn’t receive any reply from the hiring client. Why?

freelancermap has no impact on whether your proposal is answered or not. Please note that clients might receive a large number of applications and that project providers do not always get back to every candidate.  
Will I be notified about new contact requests?

Yes, you will automatically receive a notification via email as soon as a new contact request comes in.
What can I find on your blog?

You will find interesting news, interviews, checklists and tips for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and IT professionals. These articles are not just created by the freelancermap’s content team, but also by international experts and freelancers with a great experience under their belt.

You can also contribute to our blog, if you are interested please check out our
guidelines for guest post at freelancermap.
Is this content available in an RSS-Format?

Yes, you can find an overview of all our RSS feeds here.
Can I get an article published on the freelancermap blog?

Of course! We would love to have your know-how and experiences on our blog. Contact us and submit a guest post to You can find our guidelines for guest posts here.
What is the mailbox?

The mailbox will allow you to manage your received and sent messages in your freelancermap account. You will find all contact requests that you receive via the contact form in your profile or due to a posted project in there.

The mailbox has 3 different folders: Inbox, sent emails, and deleted emails.
Why am I unable to read all messages in my inbox?

As a basic member, you have restricted access to your inbox. You are able to read replies to your sent applications but not direct messages from a client. To have full access to your mailbox, please upgrade your account here.
What’s the difference between a premium and a business account?

The premium membership is our paid version for single users; that’s perfect for freelancers, independent contractors and those doing all the work on their own. The business membership is a multiple user account, which is the best option for agencies or companies that have a team of employees or contractors. With a business account you can add and manage up to 10 profiles and logins for your colleagues.

More information:
What does: "Profile statistics" mean?

In the profile statistics section you will see who has visited your profile, who downloaded any of the documents available in your profile and which keywords they used to find you in the first place.
What does: "Full access to your mailbox" mean?

With the basic membership you can’t read direct messages from project providers if you didn’t contact them first. With the premium account you can read all messages without restrictions.
What does: "Priority listing of your profiles" mean?

As a premium member, your profile will be listed with priority above profiles from basic members. Your headshot photo and selected keywords will be displayed in listings, too. Premium profiles are visited approximately three times more frequently than basic profiles.
What is the difference between the premium and business membership?

With the business membership you have no limitations in the number of projects that you add (just 2 projects per month with the premium account) and you can use our automated import to publish your job ads automatically. Not to mention you can give individual login access to 10 colleagues who can then use the business membership as well.

More information:
What does: "Download profile attachments" mean?

With both premium and business accounts you will be able to download CVs and further attachments available on a freelancer’s profile, such as portfolios and certifications, directly to your computer.
What does: "Set up an automated project import" mean?

As a business member, you have the option to import your vacancies automatically to our job board, instead of adding all of them manually. This happens via an XML feed or crawling your site. We periodically check your project vacancies and make sure all your new openings are added to our job board or updated if something changed. This save you a lot of time and work and more importantly, ensures your job vacancies are always up-to-date.
What does: "Receive applications directly via e-mail" mean?

If you activate this option with your business account, you will receive new applications and messages directly to the provided e-mail address – you don’t need to login to your freelancermap account!
I’m interested in advertising with freelancermap. What advertising formats are available?

We offer several possibilities to advertise at Banners, standalone newsletters, spaces on our regular newsletter, etc. You can find a complete view of all available formats and prices in our media kit.

If you don’t find there what you’re looking for, do not hesitate to contact us at With great pleasure, we will design an individual marketing package for you.
I have a perfect product / service for freelancers. Are you open for partnerships?

We would indeed love to hear about your product! We welcome partners with amazing products or services that can provide value to our freelancers somehow and help them thrive in their business.

It may address directly their work or their lifestyle. Please contact us at and tell us about your product!
Is my data secure?

The data transmission is protected through SSL encryption before it is accessible to other members on freelancermap.
What data will be published?

Once you create a profile, you can specify what data is going to be visible to others. Your name, website, and your zip code will be automatically published if you don’t choose your profile to be anonymous.

If you are a project provider and you publish a project, your company name will be published then.
Will my data be shared with any third parties?

We do not forward user data to third parties for any purpose. However, please note that in the case of a judicial decision we might be forced to pass the information to the specific authority.

For more information about data privacy and security, refer to our data privacy statement.
My question was not answered here. What should I do?

Contact the support team, we’re always happy to help!
How can I send a statement for the statement box?

You can send us your feedback directly to Please note that your statement should include a short title (3-5 words) and a maximum of 2 to 3 short sentences.

Your statement will be listed in our testimonials section, will rotate in the statement section on the homepage and will be linked to your profile.