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UX / UI Designerin, Team Lead UX

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Melanie Vettel
User Experience (UX) Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop +7

Business-Analyst und Projektleiter mit Kreditexpertise u. IT Know-How

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Thomas König
Banking Services Business Analysis Credit Management +5

Consultant - Testing, Projects, Services

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Sanjin Gunic
partly available
IT Service Management Project Management Test Management +7

Agile Software Developer C/C++, Java, Android

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Bernd Jörg Sell
not available until 06/30/2023
Java (Programming Language) C++ (Programming Language) Kotlin +7

Berater im Bereich Datenschutz, IT-Sicherheit und Internetrecht, Projektmanager, Dozent

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Robin Hansche
partly available
Six Sigma Methodology Marketing Scrum Methodology +1

Scrum Master & Agile Coach

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Gereon Hermkes
not available until 08/30/2023

Project Manager and Software Engineer

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Kevin Veen-Birkenbach
Scrum Methodology Agile Methodology Cisco Nexus Switches +5

Project-, Program- and Productmanagement, Management-Consulting, ProductOwnerShipment, Interim

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Stefan Brätsch
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Product Management Management and Business Consulting Information Technology Consulting +7

Mobile- & Web-Developer | Flutter, TypeScript

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Pirmin Bahr
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not available until 06/30/2023

DevOps, Platform & Cloud Engineer, System Administrator

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Karsten Gorskowski
DevOps Cloud Engineering Cloud Computing +7
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