Konrad Hinze not available until 01/01/2021

Konrad Hinze

Fullstack Entwickler und DevOps Engineer

not available until 01/01/2021
Profileimage by Konrad Hinze Fullstack Entwickler und DevOps Engineer from BadenWuerttemberg
  • 73037 Baden-Württemberg Freelancer in
  • Graduation: Elektrisches und elektronisches Ingenieurwesen
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  • Languages: German (Native or Bilingual) | English (Native or Bilingual)
  • Last update: 30.05.2020
Profileimage by Konrad Hinze Fullstack Entwickler und DevOps Engineer from BadenWuerttemberg
  • C #, Python. Java, .NET-Core, ASP.Net, NodeJs, Javascript, SQL, NoSQL, Angular Js, Angular 7, Web-API, WCF, SOAP-Services, Rabbit MQ, Powershell, Yaml, Azure Dev Ops.
  • Web Service and Web Application Development using .NET Web Api 2, .Net Core, Python (flask) Angular 7, AngualrJS, node js, WCF, MVC, SOAP Services.
  • Experience in using (ORMs) Object Relation Mappers – Entity Framework and SQL Alchemy. Also using the code first approach. 
  • Application Integration and Inversion of Control. (Autofac and Unity) 
  • Domain-Driven Design, Micro Services und Service-Orientated Architecture.
  • Knowledge in distributed development using messaging. (NServiceBus), Request-Response, Publish / Subscribe, Sagas.
  • Agile Software-Methodologies such as Lean, Kanban und Scrum. Experience in using project management tools such as Jira. 
  •  (DevOps) - Infrastructure as code, Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment using tools such as TeamCity, Jenkins, Octopus Deploy and Ansible.
  • Source Control (Git, tfs) 
  • TDD (Test Driven Development), BDD (Behaviour Driven Development)
  • Knowledge on Cloud Services such as Azure and AWS.
  • Knowledge in containerized application (dockerkubernetes)
  • Hybrid Mobile Application Development.
  • IOT-Applications, Raspberry Pi und Arduinos
  • Knowledge in using message brokers such as Rabbit MQ, Active MQ using protocols mqttor ampq.
  • Application Development on Windowsand Linux
  • Linux- Server configuration
  • Web Application – Dashboard for displaying smart grid reading information. 
  • Web Application, Background Service Development – Dashboard for configuring smart grid devices in the field. 
  • Clothing Capture Program
  • Vending Machine for wine and beer – (IOT - Innovation)
  • Trading platform for cryptocurrencies – (Crypto)
  • Greenhouse Controller – (IOT - Innovation)
  • Mobile application for creating reports for vehicle verification, valuation and credit checks. – (Fleet Management)
  • Web Service development in Jersey for a start-up bank – (Banking)
  • Web application for managing a customer rewards.
  • Web application to capture orders from Vodacom. – (Telecommunications)
  • System that handles correspondence with policyholders. – (Insurance)
  • 2018/07 – until today,  Freelance Consultant, Fullstack developer and DevOps Engineer, (Germany)
  • 2015/07 – until today,  Datatracker (Pty) Ltd, Founder, (South Africa)
  • 2015/01 – 2015/07,  Tangent Software Solutions, (South Africa)
  • 2012/01 – 2014/12,  Synerics Software Solutions, (South Africa)
  • Überall in Europa