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Last update: 26.05.2017

Mechanical engineer appraiser

Company: Avalúos BERNARDO FP
Graduation: The International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC). Panamerican Association of Valuation Associations (UPAV). Mechanical engineer. University Higher Technician in Mechanics.
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AVALÚOS BERNARDO F.P. As a result of my certification as an appraiser, I was able to obtain a series of contracts with SENIAT- Servicio Integrado de Administración Aduanera y Tributaria during the years 2008, 2009 and 2010, making appraisals of real estate whose tenure was own, leased, lent or donated And includes all the headquarters of customs and internal taxes at the national level, this allowed me to develop as an independent professional, the products and services that I offer as a personal signature, are:
  • Due to the current situation in the country, I created a new marketing and sales strategy in another area. It consists of expanding the portfolio of products and services through the business brokerage services area, Serving individuals, businesses, SMEs and large entities.
  • Technical survey (physical data on site, technical documentation, planimetric calculation) of fixed assets accounts; Buildings, Land, Improvements to land, Machinery and Equipment, Real Estate, Vehicles, Computer equipment according to requirements.
  • Valuation and Control of assets (Securities for insurance, securities for purchase and sale and securities for internal or financial management). Valuation of Machinery and equipment, furniture, molds and tools, scrap, vehicles and Aircraft.
  • Valuation for accounting and financial purposes through generally accepted international accounting and valuation standards: IAS, IFRS, IAS-SP, IVSC.
  • Valuation of Goodwill, Intangible Assets: Trademarks, product brands, software and product development, patents, among others. Business Valuation.
AMERICAN CONSULT, S.A. – Anonymous society with national capital, a subsidiary of AMERICAN APPRAISAL. ASSOCIATES Caracas – Capital District. Reporting to the Manager of Civil and the Manager of Machinery and Equipment.
  • Technical survey (physical data on site, technical documentation, planimetric calculation) of fixed assets; Buildings, Land, Improvements to land, Machinery and Equipment, Real Estate, Vehicles, Computer equipment and services among others.
  • valuation, useful and remaining life, cost of replacement to new, depreciation, adjustment coefficient, discordances, policies and procedures, valuation of Machinery and equipment, furniture, Molds and tools, scrap, vehicles and Aircraft..
  • Assistance in the management of investment projects (CAPEX). Definition of classification criteria for fixed assets.
  • Uses of internationally accepted accounting and valuation standards: DPC-10, NIC, IVSC.
  • Valuation and Control of fixed assets (Securities for insurance, securities for purchase and sale and securities for internal or financial administration).
  • Valuation and conciliation of inventories (warehouses of spare parts, raw material, intermediate products and finished products).
His most outstanding abilities are abstract and spatial reasoning ability, great organizational capacity, creative imagination, ability to draw, thoroughness and precision in database management, good adaptation to multidisciplinary groups, recursive, researcher, conciliator, Proactive, results oriented strategist.

Project history

To date they have been certified 319 appraisals for government and private entities with the following value objectives: successor value, banking or credit value, book value, financial value, market value in continuous use, market value for forced liquidation, market value For orderly settlement, insurable value, buy-sell value, goodwill value, brand value, the main customers are:
  • External Expert of the following entities: BBVA. making real estate appraisals for Centro Hipotecario del BBVA and values for your annual accounts. Banco Bicentenario, Circuito Judicial del Trabajo and the Concejo Municipal de Santiago Mariño.
  • Rico Pan 92, “Tintorería y Lavandería J.R., C.A., Familias Angulo y Santi, Don Pintura, C.A., Hostal Mi Mayita C.A., Solintex de Venezuela, S.A., Familia Santi, Ecogreen Construcciones, C.A., Grabados Nacionales, C.A., C.A. Ultimas Noticias, C.C. Diga Center, Agrinova, C.A..
  • Contracting with American Consult, S.A., the more relevants projects: Holcim (Technical data collection, digitization, valuation and plating - I was in charge of the valuation of Machinery & Equipment account And vehicles). Makro Tienda Los Teques (Technical survey and valuation - I was in charge of the Machinery & Equipment account, subaccount: industrial refrigeration and air conditioning systems), Clariant (Conciliation of maintenance assistant), Conelg Tubes (Inventory, digitization, Valuation and Labeling), Automotive Tecnoaragua (Inventory, digitization, Valuation and labeling - In charge of the general project), Panalpina (Inventory, digitization, Valuation, reconciliation And labeling), ONCTI attached to the Popular Ministry for science technology (Creation of the Manual for Fixed Assets and Inventory).

Time and spatial flexibility

Availability according to agreement between the parties.


Professional of the Engineering with academic formation towards the excellence in the quality, productivity and maintenance in the processes related to the Mechanical Engineering, using the resources of the computer science and management more updated in the market. Extensive and varied experience in sales, marketing, logistics and coordination of the installation of products and services in the field of Engineering - Software and Hardware CAD / CAM / CAE / CNC / FEA Design of Plants, 3D Printers, Conceptual design, preliminary calculations and selection of machinery and equipment, materials and accessories of self-supporting insulation system and cold industrial system for chambers, rooms, sheds and plants under ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Engineers), selection, logistics, coordination and asset management installed in institutional and industrial customers: hygiene, lubrication and product pumping systems - includes management and coordination of sales teams and multidisciplinary technicians, spare parts, accessories and materials warehouse. In the last 10 years, he has guided the profile to the financial area of fixed assets, appraisals and valuation projects according to The International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC) through the National and International certifications in the respective valuation guilds, such as The most important case, the Venezuelan Valuation Engineering Society (SOITAVE) and the Panamerican Association of Valuation Associations (UPAV), currently works as an Independent Valuation Engineer focused on the issue of valuation of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). 

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