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Last update: 17.11.2021

Senior Projectmanager / CRM Processes und Systems / Scrum Master

Company: ok-Consulting
Graduation: Diploma in Civil Engineering
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Languages: German (Native or Bilingual) | English (Full Professional) | French (Elementary)


Freiberuflicher Unternehmensberater mit Fokus auf Customer Relationship Management und alle angrenzenden Prozesse (z.B. Order to Cash oder Reporting). Allgemeine Schwerpunkte: Projektmanagement, Testmanagement, Geschäftsprozessmodellierung und Implementierung von IT-Systemen (Standard on Premise, SaaS). Über 18 Jahre Beratungserfahrung. Als angestellter Berater in Unternehmen wie KPMG, BearingPoint, Capgemini (12 Jahre) und über 7 Jahre als selbständiger Berater.
Geboren am 16.04.1969 in Heilbronn, 2 Kinder, zu Hause in Berlin.

  • Scrum Master (PSM I)
  • PM EM Level 2 (Capgemini based on PMI)
  • Projektmanagement (Standard Implementierung und Template Rollout)
  • Geschäftsprozessanalyse und –design
  • Testmanagement
  • Anfordertungsmanagement
  • Stratgie (CRM, IT)
  • CRM Prozesse (B2B, B2C, Callcenter)
  • Order-To-Cash

  • CRM (Sales, Marketing, MIddleware)
  • ERP (SD, MM)
  • BA (on HANA, BO Self Service Tools)
  • Solution Manager
  • S/4HANA (Implementierungsansätze - Green-, Blue-, Brownfield), zentraler Geschäftspartner, one Order Konzept
sonstige CRM Anwendungen:
  • Pivotal
  • Microsft Dynamics
  • SalesForce
  • SpringWireless
BA - Tableau
Testmanagement: HP ALM (HP Quality Center)
MS Office (Power Point, Excel, Word, Access, Outlook) und MS Project
Projektmanagement Tools: Atlassian (Jira, Confluence), Meisterplan, Projektron


Project history

below you find an excerpt of my latest projects, there are more before 2008 of course that I am happy to provide if needed:
System Implementation to support a new economical business process (Berlin)
Role: IT Senior Project Manager
Period: November ´16 – today
Industry: Professional Services / Automotive
The customer, a subsidiary of Volkswagen based in Berlin decided to redesign its business processes and after adjust systems according to these new processes. In addition to that user interface had to be completely reworked for the user group.
2 existing systems (Microsoft CRM and SAP ERP) needed to be redesigned and 4 further systems had to be added to the existing system landscape (Quote configurator [Encoway] as an add-on to MS CRM, SAP PO, SAP FIORI, SAP BA on HANA [Self Service].
After an intensive conceptual phase Oliver Krueger was asked to support the realization of needed system changes as the IT Project Manager. The project was the biggest project the company ever followed and had a very high management attention. 5 diferent IT suppliers with a total team size of more than 50 team members had to be managed.
The proejct needed to be managed by a hybrid methodology (agile and waterfall) to satisfy the customer needs and receive early feedback on the user interface even though the project having been started as waterfall.
CRM - Reporting Roadmap (360° view) for the Out of Home (OoH) Icecreme department (international, virtual team, 90% remote)
Role: Business PM, SME, Product Owner
Period: July - December 2016
Industry: FCMG
New designed template for reporting needed to be rolled-out to European subsidiaries, Oliver Krueger supported the project as business PM gathering local requirements using fit/gap analysis and manage the implementation. Major activities were found in data migration, change management and harmonizing local processes to fit into given template. The change from standard reporting tools into a self service model was the major value for the customers / end users
SAP Upgrade of 7 core SAP Applications (Denmark, virtual team, 40% remote)
Role: IT Senior Project Manager
Period: February - July 2016
Industry: Toys
The customer a well-known company in toys industry based in Billund Denmark regularly upgrades their core SAP system landscape. Oliver Krueger was asked to support this project for the 2 SAP CRM applications (TPM, B2B Webshop, mobile App Retail Exchange) and a BI system connected to the CRM suites.
Major Areas of this role contained planning, managing internal and external team members (45), coordination of 7 test managers with 30 testers working on 250 test cases and CutOver Planning for the systems. All the systems are regarded as business critical. Furthermore, Oliver Krueger supported the PM for the 5 other SAP ERP systems being upgraded in the same programme.
CRM - Reporting Roadmap (360° view) for the Out of Home (OoH) Icecreme department (international, virtual team, 90% remote)
Role: Business PM, SME, Product Owner
Period: July - December 2016
Industry: FCMG
Reporting requirements have increased massively after CRM system for sales representatives was implemented, new data sources were acquired (distributor’s data improved; new capabilities using new technologies – Google), therefore
reporting capabilities needed to be reviewed and re-designed
Oliver Krüger to support business as the interface to IT and support as an SME for the Out of Home business and major data source (CRM System). Tools used were Teradata and Tableau as self service BI tool.
Template Design and European Rollout of a mobile CRM tool to 13 countries (international, virtual team, 90% remote)
Role: Senior Project Manager, Design Authority
Period: November 2012 - July 2015
Industry: FCMG
The customer a large multinational corporation decided to support their sales force in the Out of Home area for 13 major European subsidiaries with a professional tool to gather high quality insights into their end customers that are not supplied directly but through distributors. To support this first a template process and system had to be designed. In a second step during rollout into the subsidiaries processes had to be haormonized as much as needed to find a comman basis. Oliver Krueger started as a Rollout manager to 6 countries (CH-AT-ES-DK-IRE-GR) and after was supporting design of further realeases as Design Authority for application to deliver business requirements. 
Further major activities were validating 3rd party supplier’s deliverables and Implementing IT change process management. The project team consisted of 2 business analysts, 2 consultants for interfaces from SAP ERP and up to 5 local business team members. Software was delivered as SaaS so the IT development team was managed in an own stream by the software supplier. 
Setup of a professional Test management Release-Upgrade Rollouts (Hamburg, Hannover - Germany)
Role: Project Manager
Period: Juni 2011 - December 2012
Industry: Utilities
After the implementation of a central retail system (SAP IS-U) the customer a large corporation in the utilities industry needed to design processes for maintaining the application. One area was the process of quality assurance and tests since the system by legal rules had to be upgraded semi-annual to support communication between market partners what required a 0 error strategy. Oliver Krueger was asked to support the project as a project manager and focus on design of new test strategy for the release rollouts of the implemented application based on the test strategy of the implementation project. To do this first a selection of adequate testing methodologies and tools had to be performed (automated testing). As a starting point a prototype based on processes in the call centre for consumers was designed and Oliver supported also the coordination of ongoing test phases in the area of Customer Relationship Management especially CallCenter processes.
Test management SAP Rollout of a regional energy supplier (Hamburg, Hannover - Germany)
Role: Testmanager
Period: January 2010 - Juni 2011
Industry: Utilities
The customer, a large corporation in the German and European Utilities industry has created a template of their Retail Solution (SAP IS-U) for sales and network services and implemented in the first pilot subsidiary. As next step a sequenced rollout into all German subsidiaries  was planned. First wave contained 2 local power supplier in Hamburg and Hannover.
Oliver Krueger was aksed to support the rollout to the local power supplier in Hamburg as test manager. Test concept was already present so focus in this role was set to management of functional and end-to-end tests with a team of 8 test coordinators each coordinating ~8-10 testers and approx. 150 test cases. Further Oliver a managed a team to administer the SAP Solution manager for testing, defect tracking and management reporting and trained testers and coordinators with test processes and tools. 
Case study Lean Administration within a typical SAP Rollout  (Vienna - Austria)
Role: SME (Project Manager)
Period: May - December 2009
Industry: Professional Services
Inhouse project were experienced Project Managers were asked to support a strategical project together with McKInsey with their insights to improve efficiency of (fix price) projects following the LEAN Management methodology. Analysis of administrative processes in several big SAP implementation projects and Identification of „QuickWins“ using LEAN analysis tools.
The project was helping the company to increase profit in these kind of projects by eliminating breaks and pauses.
pilot of process design for a SAP CRM implementation in the area of Sales and Marketing (Nuremberg - Germany)
Role: Solution Architect
Period: May - Decembr 2008
Industry: Automotive
The customer, No. 3 in cable & wire in Europe has decided to implement SAP CRM to support Customer Relationship Processes all over the company. It was obvious from the beginning that the one SAP CRM will need to be connected to multiple different SAP ERP (and other) Backend Systems. Due to this complex system landscape and no sufficiently harmonized processes we adviced for a feasibility study to draw actual processes, work on harmonization and re-design of these to fit into one single CRM system (Multiple Backend Integration). 
Oliver Krüger was asked to support to-be process design and ensure the definitions will be feasible to be implemented in chosen SAP CRM system. For that he managed a team of 3 consultants to prepare workshops, propose first solutions, calculated effort for business case and build a Roadmap for the planned implementation project.
Project Lead implementation of SAP CRM 2007 (Ramp-Up) with Multiple Backend Integration  (Lucerne - Switzerland)
Role: Project Manager
Period: May 2007 - July 2008
Industry: Aerospace  
The customer, a former subsidiary of Swiss Army was carved out and started a to go into market. A strategy was defined to make to company a "Customer Oriented Company". One component of this strategy was to implement a system that supports sales force. A project was started to define processes, build a high level business blueprint and based on that find the right tool.
As a SAP CRM system was chosen by the customer that was not yet available on the market at that time (SAP CRM 2007) , Oliver Krueger was asked to support a Ramp-Up implementation project with support from the supplier (SAP) as the IT Project Manager.
First the business blueprint had to be reviewed and a a functional specification created for the implementation of the SAP CRM and BI System. Due to complex system landscape the SAP CRM system had to be connected with multiple SAP Backend Systems. The latest SAP CRM product only was able to provide this feature and therefore 1-2 SAP consultants were supportinmg the project, a so called Ramp-Up project. 
The total team consisted of 1 process consultant, 3 SAP CRM and 3 SAP BI consultants and one change manager.
Roll-out SAP CRM Marketing & Field Sales  (Basel - Switzerland)
Role: Project Manager (Rollout)
Period: November 2007 - April 2008
Industry: Agrobusiness,  Chemicals 
The customer, a large multinational corporation in the agrobusiness industry has created a template for SAP CRM marketing and field sales (mobile) solution to support their sales force within Europe. After completion of the template without having rolled-out to any country, 5 subsidiaries had to be integrated into the system. 
Oliver Krüger was asked to support the project as programme manager for the wave of first 5 country rollouts: Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Greece and Netherlands. 
Major activities were to harmonize local processes to a minimun so that the system can work, run a fit/gap analysis to find local "must-have" requirements and work on data migration from the subsidiaries into the central database.
Every country provided a local project manager to prepare onsite workshops for the fit-gap that were held by central IT team and work with the local team in the countries onsite and serve as link to the central project with developers in Basel. So there was a team size of 5 country PMs plus the central team of 6 consultants / developers. 

Brief summary of further projects:
  • PM for a global project to implement SAP CRM 4.0 Sales Express (SAP pre-configzured CRM solution) with Atos Origin
  • PM for the tansition of an implemented SAP CRM system into service provided by an external Application Management supplier (E-Plus)
  • PM for SOx compliant process / system adjustments with BP
  • Sub-project lead for business blueprint to implement SAP CRM 4.0 with Südzucker
  • IT PM for the implementation of a SAP CRM solution to comply with SOx  with KPMG
  • Definition of a test strategy for a large project to migrate from SAP R/2 to SAP R/3
  • Implementation of Pivotal eRelationship with WILO
  • Implementation of Pivotal eRelationship with KPMG
previous jobs:
  • Consulting
    • 4 years Managing Consultant with Capgemini
    • 1,5 years "Head of CRM community" Atos Origin
    • 7 years Manager BearingPoint (formerly KPMG Consulting)
  • 2 years production manager with Steffen Söhner GmbH an automitve supplier in Dresden

Time and spatial flexibility

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Räumlich: 1-2 Tage / Woche
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