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Managing Executive, Digital Transformation Program Manager, Program & Portfolio Manager

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Project, Program and Portfolio Management Professional | EPMO Establishment | Scrum Fundamental, Scrum Developer, Scrum Master and Agile Expert Certified Practitioner, Change Management, Resource Management, Vendor Management, Governance Risk & Compliance, Stakeholder Management, Benefits Realization and Transition Management, Implementation, Support and Operations and Mentorship, Business Finance Brokerage, Brokering Business Deals, Sourcing and Identifying the Right Investor for Specific Opportunities, Integrating Business Deals for Ease of Business, Identifying the relevant Individual in the Network for the Specific Requirement and Coupling them, Sourcing Finance for Start-up Businesses, Kick starting Businesses through Investor Capital, Sourcing and Arranging Equity Partners for Businesses

Project history

07/2019 - 09/2019
Portfolio Manager
Redbridge Management Services (< 10 employees)
Internet and Information Technology
  • Managing portfolios (groups of projects or programs).
  • Aligning programs, projects and operations to strategic objectives.
  • Measuring, ranking and prioritizing programs and projects in collaboration with executive team.
  • Effectively implementing business strategy utilising Portfolio Management.
  • Benefits Management inclusive of benefits sharing across an organisation.
  • Early Return on Investment. Transition Management, inclusive of Transition Planning.
  • Ensuring Portfolio Governance and structure in alignment with organisational corporate governance.
  • Identifying and aligning portfolio risk appetite in alignment with organisational risk appetite.
  • Ensuring the performance of assigned Programs within portfolio by managing gated reviews, overseeing Program Steering Committees, monitoring the health of the programs.
  • Applying the appropriate controls to improve the probability of the programs to deliver, on budget, on-time and to specification.
  • Preparing the Portfolio Charter and Scope.
  • Constant and Consistent Stakeholder engagement and management at executive level.
  • Understanding the various stakeholder roles and expectations and compiling reports in relation to expectations of the various stakeholders.
  • Vendor, contract and Procurement Management. Mentorship, coaching and training.
  • Portfolio resource management inclusive of people management. Portfolio risk and issue management.
  • Identifying potential in individuals and developing a “Personal Development Plan” and growing their competency and skill levels.
  • Identifying potential in individuals and developing a “Personal Development Plan” and growing their competency and skill levels.
  • Establishing and managing proper mentorship programs.
  • Develop the program roadmap (program plan) in consultation with business and IS management. The program roadmap identifies program initiatives and the specific business value they will deliver, dependencies between the program initiatives, delivery timelines, resource plan for the program, budget, risks, and program execution plan. The roadmap ensures optimal use of resources and budget to deliver maximum business value.

04/2019 - 06/2019
Portfolio Manager - for Group IT Services
Redbridge Management Services
RedBridge is a provider of certain niche software solutions and services, in the area of Data Aggregation, Analysis and
Monitoring, Risk Management, and Transactional Messaging.

Title: Portfolio Manager - for Group IT Services

Project: Setting up the Governance Framework and implementing Policies and Processes for the Project
Portfolio Management Tool.

Client: Tiger Brands

* Developing the portfolio roadmap (portfolio plan) in consultation with business and IS management
* Setting up the criteria for the Prioritisation of Investments for the Portfolio Management environment to
become optimally operational
* Setting the criteria for early Return on Investment in collaboration with business
* Developing the portfolio roadmap to align and meet with Groups Strategic Goals and Objectives
* Identifying and aligning portfolio risk appetite in alignment with organisational risk appetite
* Ensuring the performance of assigned Programs within portfolio by managing gated reviews, overseeing
Program Steering Committees, monitoring the health of the programs
* Identifying and aligning portfolio risk appetite in alignment with organisational risk appetite
* Ensuring the performance of assigned Programs within portfolios by implementing, gated reviews, developing
Program Steering Committees constitution; checklist for monitoring the health of the programs
* Introduced Benefits and Transition Management and allocated ownership of the transitioned
Projects/Programs so that business could have an easy transition into BAU from completed projects/programs

08/2018 - 03/2019
Managing Executive
Triple P Turnaround Solutions
Provide clients with the means to "turnaround" a Potentially Failed Project and enable and sustain the management
and delivery of their strategic initiatives through better skilled and more competent resources.

Title: Managing Executive

Project: Establish and implement Corporate Governance and align this to Strategic Goals and Objectives.

Client: Aetos Health
* Aetos was a start-up and I developed the framework for their Corporate Governance
* Researched King III and King IV and set up their initial company board
* Developed the Board Governance and Constitution
* Led the team to develop "Virgin" Policies and Processes which were industry specific for the health sector
* Developing the initial Job Profiles for CEO, COO, CIO, Head of HR and having these signed off and approved by
shareholders and the board
* Developed an International Best Practice Document for Project, Program and Portfolio Management. This
document aligns with the PMI Portfolio Management discipline. Almost all the programs I worked on included
alignment of the Project/Program to the Organisational Strategy as well as benefits delivery and sustainment
of the benefits for Business Continuity

05/2018 - 07/2018
Digital Transformation Program Manager
ABSA Collections Department
Absa Group Limited, formerly Barclays Africa Group Limited, and originally Amalgamated Banks of South Africa, is an
African based financial services group, offering personal and business banking, credit cards, corporate and investment
banking, wealth and investment management as well as bancassurance.

Title: Digital Transformation Program Manager

Program: Implementation of Digitisation in the Collection Space

* Taking the first EDC Invoicing Digitization Solution live successfully with commendations from executive
management. Arrived on the Program on 16th May and delivered on the 5th June
* The previous Program Manager left the program without a notice period and the team was left demotivated
and did not believe they would deliver the first Project. My first task was to provide leadership and direction
thus motivating the team. I set a governance framework so that the team understood the parameters within
which they needed to deliver as well as their roles and responsibilities. They worked with me to deliver a "Go
Live" within two weeks, which none of the stakeholders or team members believed they would achieve. The
role includes line management responsibility with matrix management of project managers as part of the
delivery of the Digital Transformation Program responsibilities.

02/2018 - 04/2018
Program & Portfolio Manager
Mowana Properties
Mowana Properties is a property management company registered that manages two large portfolios worth a total of
R40 billion.

Title: Program & Portfolio Manager

Project: Evaluation of Existing Project Management Processes and Corporate Governance in order to transition
the environment to a PMO. The organisation was struggling with the team utilising and working with
uniform processes. The requirement was to facilitate a workshop with all relevant stakeholders to
obtain buy in and develop a proposal and business case for the implementation of a PMO.

* Gathering information from relevant individuals to prepare for the workshop
* Reviewing the last Projects Audit to ascertain where the issues lay

* Unpacking what the typical successful project governance framework would involve together with integrated
controls from the project level to the organization level.
* Providing input and building report on focused Program and Project governance, execution and assurance
* Identified needs at the Portfolio, Program and Project levels, inclusive of Governance & Oversight to manage
and deliver successful projects and programs
* Revisit and review of the Procurement Stream resulting in the following:
o The Evaluation & Implementation of identified Systems, Tools and Technology to enhance collaboration
within the organization
o Defining a "Mowana Methodology" in alignment with Policies and Processes in alignment with International
Best Practice and Standards
o Evaluation of the Establishment of ISO Compliance and Certification

05/2017 - 10/2017
Program & Portfolio Manager
MTN Group Limited, formerly M-Cell, is a South African multinational mobile telecommunications company, operating
in many African, European and Asian countries.

Title: Program & Portfolio Manager

Program: Summer Campaign for Consumer Business Unit and Front of House ATO Project

MTN had a new set of executives steering the company forward. With the change of leadership, there
was restructuring throughout the business. Initial task was to deliver the Front of House Program
which entailed the delivery of the Interim ATO (alternate transaction order) Solution as well as the
Long-Term Oracle Solution.

The Summer Campaign was in an unhealthy situation and with my success in the Front of House
Program, I was tasked to "pull" together all the programs within the Summer Campaign and deliver 5
programs within the Summer Campaign Portfolio. Reporting directly to the Consumer Business Unit

* In my personal capacity I brought extensive project, program and portfolio management experience to ensure
the highest practical level of project/program performance. The effectiveness of my role was measured by the
successful and predictable delivery of new business capabilities
* Identifying dependencies, risks, issues and impacts in order to close the gaps and thereby deliver the FOH
Program on 1st October
* Ensuring Governance and Oversight by developing the governance and structure documents
* Conducting stakeholder interviews and completing stakeholder analysis and completing the stakeholder
power matrix
* Applying the appropriate controls to improve the probability of the programs to deliver, on budget, on-time
and to specification. These programs were delivering revenue streams to the business that were critical to the
organisation's competitiveness
* Responsible for overseeing multiple top tier systems integrators, consultants, and contractors who are highly
specialized in their respective fields

04/2016 - 05/2017
Program & Portfolio Manger
ICT Works
As an Information, Communications and Technology company based in South Africa, our focus is on tailoring worldclass
solutions and services to meet African challenges and driving service delivery through technology.
Title: Program & Portfolio Manger

Program: Recruited to establish and manage the ePMO together with the establishment of the Resource
Management Functional Area

* Established and managed the Enterprise PMO (EPMO) and oversaw the delivery and execution of multiple IT
and Business projects at ICT Works and developing the waterfall processes from Portfolio into Program and
Project Management. This was inclusive of Benefits Management, Transition Management and Planning into
BAU as well as early Return on Investment
* Established the Resource Management functional area inclusive of a Talent Framework in alignment with HR
* Instrumental in introducing and initiating Portfolio Management at ICT
* Identifying and evaluating relevant Resource Planning/Scheduling Tool

06/2013 - 05/2015
Program Manager - Group Strategic Services
Liberty Life Holdings
Liberty provides investment, insurance and health offerings to individuals and businesses.

Title: Program Manager - Group Strategic Services

Project: Implementation of PoPI Across Group Strategic Services

I used Agile Methodology to implement this over a two-year period and included 29 Functional Areas
within GSS. The previous program manager struggled to deliver any tangible deliverables over a twoyear
period, and I was brought in to change this situation.
* I used the Agile Methodology to achieve quick wins on this project. The team were struggling to deliver prior
to my coming on board. The executive team requested a 3-month window to see how integrating Agile and
Waterfall Methodology to implement PoPI worked and it worked very well, and we continued with this until
the end of the project.
* I worked with 8 Project Managers and 4 BA's. It meant daily coaching, mentoring and training outside of work
hours and my entire team grew and developed, learning Agile together with me.
* Delivered:
o My team and I successfully delivered a centralised Processes and Policy Repository
o Successfully implemented PoPI with a Compliance Checklist for each Functional Area within GSS. The
program was signed off and delivered on the 25th May 2015

02/2013 - 05/2013
Senior Project Manager
ABSA Financial Services
Absa Group Limited, formerly Barclays Africa Group Limited, and originally Amalgamated Banks of South Africa, is an
African based financial services group.

Title: Senior Project Manager

Project: Implementation of ABSA Financial Services Admin Back Office for the Financial Advisors
Primarily recruited to turn a "Red Project into a Green Project" as this Project was three months
behind schedule. ABSA Financial services wanted to automate the Admin Work for the Financial
Service Advisors and this Admin Back Office was the Solution.

* Delivery of "As Is" and "To Be" Processes and Gap Analysis Report, together with the AIFA Best Practice and
Standards and the Industry Benchmark Standards by 19th May 2013

03/2012 - 07/2012
Global Program Assurance Officer - Governance and Structure Program Manager
KPMG is a multinational professional services network, and one of the Big Four accounting organizations, along with
Deloitte, Ernst & Young, and PricewaterhouseCoopers.
Title: Global Program Assurance Officer - Governance and Structure Program Manager

Project: Global SAP Implementation

The global SAP implementation was rolled out in Latam, Ecuador, Columbia, Poland and South Africa.
The Delivery of Global Program Assurance by KPMG was to ensure that each Release and Stage Gate
was passed prior to moving to the next Release and Stage Gate. My role as part of the Program
Assurance team ensured that all aspects of the Program adhered to Program Governance and
Structure to ensure the success of the Global Program.
Client: SABMiller

* Developed the program governance and structure in alignment with the SABMiller Group Corporate
Governance ensuring the Operating Model for the program
* Interacted and conducted interviews with executive level stakeholders to compile the Stakeholders Matrix at
Global Level
* Travelled internationally to introduce and walk through the governance and oversight structure with the
Global Teams
* Developed the Program Assurance Audit Kit in collaboration with my colleagues and obtained sign off from
* Extensive international travelling to complete Program Assurance and implementing corrective actions where
required. Revisiting corrective actions to ensure no repetitions occurred

08/2011 - 12/2011
Program Manager
Eskom is a South African electricity public utility, established in 1923 by the government of the South Africa.

Title: Program Manager

Project: Integrated Access Control Program (Eskom wide project as well as an Exco initiative)

The objective of this program was to ensure that a uniform and adequate security system was
implemented throughout Eskom.

* Critical Business Impact and Risk Analysis for Eskom Disaster Recovery for Eskom to upgrade their Disaster
Recovery Environment
* Set up and Hosting of a Test Factory (Testing Tool) for Eskom Located at Eskom College:
o Achieved satisfactory hand-over with the appropriate publicity
o Coordinated and managed the program debriefing; developed a program close-out report
* The scope for DRA was implemented at Kendal and Duvha but designed for Eskom wide

11/2008 - 06/2011
Program Manager
SABMiller; Coca-Cola.
SABMiller plc was a multinational brewing and beverage company until 2016 when it was acquired by Anheuser-Busch
InBev. Prior to that date, it was the world's second-largest brewer measured by revenues and was also a major bottler
of Coca-Cola.

Titles: Program Manager (April 2010 - June 2011)

02/2009 - 03/2010
Program Manager - Manufacturing Department
Projects: Master Data Management Project (Migration of existing data into the New SAP System)

BI Reporting Manufacturing and Supply Chain Project (Sub-Project which included all the Reporting
and Analysis Requirements for the Manufacturing and Supply Chain Business Areas)

Credit Intelligence Project (Implementation of a "Realtime" Online Credit Information System for the
Owner Truck System)

Project Management of various SAP Projects in the MS & D BIS Departments:

Project Sawtooth (software required for the analysis and recommendations of pricing and marketing
of brands and products for Consumer Insight)

Project JDA Space Planner (software which allows the building of shelves, 3D views of stores with
products in, allows rate of sale date and allows volume and forward sharing, specifically for retail)

Project Synovate Temple (Liaison with business and technical resources to complete a technical
architecture document and models)

Project Garmin (designed to improve SAB's ability to manage the performance of vendors, linked to
KPIs and market execution measurements)

Project Mahlasedi (Training planning, management & reporting for Tavernier training program)

Project Basis Archiving (The archived documents were to be migrated to SAP in order to be viewed in
SAP as per legislation for archived documents)

* Master Data Management and Migration of Data for SABMiller Supply Chain Division
* Implementation of a new Filler Management System for SABMiller which became the template for all the
Breweries on the African Continent

Summary of Career History over 10 years ago

(Detail can be provided on request)

07/2008 - 10/2008
Program Manager

02/2008 - 06/2008
Senior Project Manager
Lonmin Platinum Mines
Project: Service Level Management Program

10/2007 - 06/2008
Senior Project Manager
Projects: Implementation of GIS System for MTN as well as a Sub Project

Sub Project of the Branded Channel Project: Distribution and Planning Work Stream

03/2007 - 09/2007
Senior Project Manager
Microsoft SA
Projects: Implementation of SharePoint Server 2007 for Gauteng Provincial Government

Infrastructure redesign for Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality

Implementation of ILM for Standard Bank Limited

08/2004 - 05/2006
Program Manager
Programs: Security and DR Program

Oracle 9i Upgrade Project | Security Upgrade Project

Business Impact and Risk Analysis for Disaster Recovery

Implementation of Test Factory (Testing Tools Project)

09/2001 - 05/2003
Program Manager
Project: NMC/ISC (Network Management Centre / Integrated Support Centre) Project

Client: Department of Justice

07/2000 - 04/2001
Program Manager
South African Revenue Services
Project: Implementation and Rollout of Project 3 Billion

I was Project Manager from the Implementation department on the Cape Port System, E-Filing and
five other Customs and Excise projects:

Cargo Management Systems | Central Registration | Refunds for Customs and Excise

Integration with Inland Revenue | Accredited Client | Warehouse Inventory Management System

Export Capture and Processing

Project Manager - Implementation of Outbound Call Centre with Predictive Dialler


±20 years of diverse, dynamic, versatile, flexible, adaptable and hands-on experience in Project Program and Portfolio Management; Certified in PMP & PgMP, Scrum Fundamental, Scrum Developer, Scrum Master and Agile Expert Certified, with commitment towards continuous improvement in people and process to drive, deliver and sustain business outcomes. Extensive experience in successfully planning and managing, implementation, transition and operations of strategically focused initiatives. Resourcing Projects, Programs, Portfolios and other Operational Initiatives across Business Units, to ensure the correct skills fitted the relevant projects/programs and operational work and responsible for cross pollinating skills, skills transfer and skills development. Expert in Project, Program and Portfolio Management, delivery of benefits towards strategic organizational alignment, business process redesign/reengineering, solution delivery within IT and Business domains across diverse companies namely IT (Microsoft), Government (South African Revenue Services, Eskom - African Electricity Utility Provider & Department of Justice), Mining(Lonmin Platinum Mines), Telecoms(MTN, Cell C, FMCG(SABMiller), Media & Digital Satellite (Multichoice) and Financial Services Industry(Liberty Life Holdings and ABSA Financial Services). Identified by senior management to lead Multi Million Rand projects and programs; Lead a team size of 20+ staff; Improved performance in people, projects & programs through consistent Governance and Structure adherence, as well as formal mentorship programs

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