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Last update: 06.09.2022

Plant Manager, Operations Director, Plant / Operations Manager

Graduation: Bsc Mechanical Engineering
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Languages: Arabic (Native or Bilingual) | English (Full Professional)


Pragmatic business leader with more than 20 years’ experience across plant operations, maintenance management, process improvement and leadership, primarily in the food manufacturing and can making industries. Qualified with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (USA Graduate) with strong knowledge and skills in ISO22000/HACCP documentations and audits. Travelled to OEM sites (Germany, France, Holland) to meet vendors and consulted with many specialised consultation firms (UK Engineering, Parsons and others) and Pepsi Cola. Instrumental in planning, developing and implementing strategy for operational management and development while coordinating resources to produce good quality products and efficiently manage all areas of operation. Ensures a lean cost structure with maximum efficiency levels and ability to identify and reduce waste in all respects while strengthening operating systems. Proven experience in developing agreements with industry distributors, suppliers and manufacturers. Detail-driven in overseeing logistics and supply chain functions to ensure timely distribution of products and optimise warehousing efficiency.

▪ Leadership and Overall Strategic Direction ▪ Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Compliance ▪ Wastage Controls/Cost Saving Initiatives ▪ Optimisation/Rationalisation Planning ▪ Contingency Planning ▪ Evaluating and Recommending New Projects ▪ Lean Manufacturing Strategies ▪ Mobilisation/Engagement of Employees ▪ Establishing Policies and Procedures ▪ Analysing Workforce Requirements ▪ Improving Production Output and Quality ▪ Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Development ▪ Sales and Business Development ▪

  • Quality Assurance/Operational Excellence/Risk Management/Health and SafetyPivotal in ensuring that business is conducted with the highest standards of quality and integrity. Monitoring, enforcing and continually improving on health and safety in workplace in accordance with legislative requirements.
  • Oman Refreshment Company – Pepsi Cola Oman–Implemented ISO22000 standards to address 8 unsatisfactory findings in AIBI audits and set prevention measures to prevent recurrence and continuously improve business.
  • Rexam UAC Can Manufacturing Co.– Transformed mind-set of existing workforce by adopting 6S methodology, aimed at restructuring factory through audits as well as removing all clutter, near misses, root cause effects of all previous incidents (hazards) utilising certain Kaizen events and consulting industry field experts. Re-trained staff, developed toolbox chats at possible sessions and developed near miss hunt focused on encouraging front-liners to come forward with own findings. Reduced LTAs and near misses and set a record of 1 LTA.
  • Business Transformation and Growth/Production and Sales Alignment Developing and implementing product, packaging and merchandising innovation and improvements to gain market competitiveness and improve revenue growth. Reorganised production in alignment with sales teams while optimising inventory and ensuring cash flow.
  • Oman Refreshment Company – Pepsi Cola Oman– Led project of re-designing plant layout, installing new equipment, relocating existing equipment for footprint optimisation and granting a safer workplace. Selected, negotiated and ordered equipment while overseeing civil works and water well drill, manning for new job openings, re-evaluating current structure to optimise cost and OEE. Started project with €2M less than originally budgeted.
  •  AHAB Gosaibi – National Beverage Co (Pepsi-Cola)– Gathered key plant managers and engineers and OEMs to determine root cause and solutions pertaining to throughput mismatch. Developed four different scenarios wherein a solution was selected turned into a project with KPIs to deliver results to improve plant productivity at the lowest possible budget ($1M with 3 months payback). Secured above 98% quality results and lowered rejects to obtain 99.7% yield. Improved market demand with lowered inventory cycle time at year-long to 5 days (from 15 days during winter) and lines efficiency – can line (80% to 92%); PET (from 65% to 80%). Enhanced sales and total revenue by 10% year on year.
  • Process Optimisation/Cost Control/Start-Up OperationsImplementing productivity metrics and developing incentive programmes to minimise costs and enhance efficiency. Coordinating with sales and factory teams as part of the start-up operations and planning process while overseeing after-sales and customer satisfaction.
  •  AHAB Gosaibi – National Beverage Co (Pepsi-Cola)– Developed plant standards and cleared audit to achieve 4th position (from 50th) by spending $0.5MincludingISO22000 implementation.
  • AlJomaih Beverage Co. Pepsi Cola– Championed operations while heading launch of new Pepsi operations – the acquired NBC. Developed new departments (supply chain, fleet, marketing equipment, procurement) and set KPIs for each staff member.

Project history

05/2015 - 07/2020
Plant General Manager
Pronto- Deco
Design) , KSA.
* Responsible for establishing and leading a new joint venture Italian company specialized in joinery and wooden works
production to supply large projects (Malls / Hotels / Compounds/ Major governments residential housing projects)
Direct reports: Sales and marketing, Finance, Production, Projects, Technical, Estimation, Procurement, HR, QA and Warehouse
Managers (Team of 100+)

11/2014 - 07/2020
Plant Manager
Rexam United Arab Can Making Co
Beverage Cans and lids of different sizes).
* Led plant of a JV between Rexam & UAC, looked after Production, Engineering, QA, Continuous improvement and safety. In
cans and end making.
* Direct reports, Production, Projects, Technical, Procurement, Warehouse, QC, QA and continuous improvement Managers
(Team of 220+)

01/2014 - 07/2020
Operations Director
Al Jumaih Beverage Company - Pepsi Cola
Product Range: Distribution of CSD (Cans, Glass and PET Bottles, Juices in soft
packs, Aquafina water(300ml, 600ml, 1.5ml - wrap around cartons, trays, and
printed/plain shrink films)

* Led operations of Pepsi in the east, covering supply chain, fleet, PAM, marketing equipment and safety.
Reported to the General Manager while leading a team of +200 (Direct reports QC/QA ,Supply chain Manager, Warehouse
Managers, PAM, Procurement, Marketing equipment Managers)

02/2011 - 12/2013
Plant / Operations Manager
AHAB Gosaibi-Operations National Beverage Company; Pepsi Cola
Pepsi Cola, Al Khobar, KSA
Product Range: Making CSD (Cans, Glass and PET Bottles, Juices in soft packs, Distribution o Aquafina water(300ml, 600ml, 1.5ml
- wrap around cartons, trays, and printed/plain shrink films)

Reported to the General Manager while leading a team of +300 (Direct reports: production/ QC/QA/ Maintenance/ Technical/
Supply chain Managers)

* As plant manager took over a 60-year old plant in Saudi, beset with problems.
* Leading team while heading plant as per defined key performance indicators.
* Developing site as a leading soft drink production facility and optimising bottling operations to match market needs.
* Driving plant operational efficiency and overseeing HS&E as well as food quality and safety improvements projects.
* Optimising site logistics while maintaining high housekeeping standards.
* Developing, implementing and managing operating plans, processes and procedures.
* Analysing business requirements to develop appropriate operating plan for the factory, bottling operations, warehousing and
* Ensuring plant operations are within legal, environmental and emission requirements and in compliance with standards and
* Managing certification processes as per national and local legal requirements for food factory operations.
* Measuring, monitoring and reporting plant efficiency, safety and quality targets while meeting objectives.
* Developing site operating and site CAPEX budgets in line with business requirements.

* Identifying opportunities for supply chain optimization, covering material management as well as warehouse and
transportation management.
* Identifying projects that add value to the operations and making appropriate recommendations.
* Executing projects in close collaboration with engineering department as defined by senior management.
* Involving all stakeholders in the project to maximise buy-in.
* Analysing team workload while adjusting individual workload in accordance with skills and capabilities.
* Managing daily activity while monitoring departmental activities to meet targets.
* Assigning appropriate resources and planning to undertake necessary training and development.
* Played a critical role in developing robust plant operation strategy and improving manufacturing processes. Revived an old
factory of PepsiCo.
* Interfaced with international inspector and fulfilled AIB international consolidated standards for beverages in 2012, scoring
850 in the consolidated scoring system, thereby climbing from last position to a creditable top 5 position among all Pepsi
plants in the GCC and Saudi Arabia.
* Initiated performance tracking system for people (knowledge and work attitude) and acted as catalyst for changing existing
work habits.
* Led a team of FSMS to qualify for all food safety needs in the plant and passed all preliminary ISO 22000-certificationaudits.
* Improved operational efficiency, productivity and cost optimisation thus establishing plant as a centre of excellence.
* Secured huge savings through new technology implementation.
* Created a 5-year business plan for PepsiCo while streamlining processes, organising site repairs and future expansion plans
as well as improving plant gross margins.

02/2001 - 09/2010
Plant Manager/Operations Director
Reported to the General Manager/Managing Director while leading a team of +200
(Direct reports: production/ QC/QA/ Maintenance/ Technical/ Supply chain

02/1999 - 02/2001
Production and Maintenance Manager
Reported to the plant manager and led a team of 120

01/1997 - 02/1999
Maintenance Manager
Reported to the plant manager and led a team of 25

01/1995 - 01/1997
Maintenance Engineer
Reported to the maintenance manager and led a team of 6

Role as Operations Director

* Provided engineering support as per defined key performance parameters.
* Executed yearly manufacturing plan and maintained target deadlines for modification of production lines/factory premises
and rolled out product batches on schedule.
* Managed plant operations and work flow while overseeing equipment maintenance and ensuring adherence to hygiene,
security and safety requirements.
* Conducting management review meetings to meet or exceed customer satisfaction requirements.
* Managed entire production floor for all matters concerning processing, packaging and handling raw/finished products.
* Maintained overall quality and manufacturing standards, inventory of raw materials, audited usage and observed wastages.
Placed orders to ensure continual production with minimal idle stock.
* Undertook analytical study to increase can volume.
* Reconciled audited stock reports with accounts department.
* Conducted management review meetings, reviewed QC reports and maintained documents and procedures.
* Started analytical study for feasibility in introducing water production to plant (local brand) but plan shelved due to launch of

* Involved in maintenance of plant and machinery at Muscat and streamlining processes to optimise plant productivity as per
defined key performance indicators.
* Directed, monitored, coordinated sectional processes, evaluations and plans to guarantee standard running conditions of all
* Wrote qualification protocols and set instructions to drive continuous improvements in manufacturing process.
* Managed spare parts inventory and ensured availability of all required spare parts.
* Ensured adequate training of maintenance technicians and motivated them to accomplish assigned tasks.
* Initiated steps in plant face lifting, implemented machine overhauling, & improved equipment efficiency to raise standards
up to benchmarks set for Pepsi.
* Promoted from the post of maintenance engineer to various senior positions including maintenance manager, production
manager and currently as plant manager/director operations.
* Built FSMS team and acquired certification for ISO 22000 food safety management system within seven months.
* Travelled to Manila and hired 30 employees. Recruited talent from two out of business juice factories.
* Conducted staff training and implemented best practices using GMP and SSOPs to reduce production costs.
* Installed new juice line from IPI international and implemented continues improvement processes.
* Managed HSE training and ensured record yield of minimal LTAs.
* Negotiated and bought Sidel's 50K cans line, 17K water line, Tetra Pak line and a new water treatment from Chriwa.
* Revamped design engineering to improve productivity and initiated cost cutting.

03/1994 - 12/1995
Maintenance Engineer
Coca Cola Jordan Producing; Cans, PET
NRB)), Cans, PET
Reported to the maintenance manager while leading a team of 6 members

07/1987 - 08/1990
Drilling Engineer
Kuwait Drilling Co. (SF Drilling International)

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Profileimage by Taiseer Ashouri Plant Manager, Operations Director, Plant / Operations Manager from Industrial Plant Manager, Operations Director, Plant / Operations Manager